thats pretty weird, ive never herd of that happening.

would you give a black guy a blowjob tjust to be the best guitarist in the world
there isnt even any blood.
vids or it didnt happen.
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omg, y arnt u playing halo 3, u loser emo fag, u suck, go eat **** asshole

Dead Rising is the most fun IMO, Battlefield got the best reviews, Saints Row is just plain awful.

Reported. Just cause i feel like being a twat.
i have halo 3 and i hate it.
dead rising
saints row
battlefield 2: modern combat

i cant decide =/. there all pretty old.
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If he's an underground rapper on myspace, then you're not gonna be able to find his music anywhere. Especially if he's unsigned.

Idk. It seems like he has an EP or an album or something.
i think hes somewhat famous though. I cant get any of his music on limewire. Do you have any other suggestions of where i can get it?

and please, im not looking for ignorant rap comments.
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i couldnt really care less,its the music,not the image thats important

your username made me lol.
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I don't give a rats ass, personally. It doesn't affect me in any way. I don't listen to metal to feel like I'm really underground, or to make me feel badass or cool or what have you. I listen to metal because I like it. I don't care if anyone I know likes it or not, because what I get out of it is all I care about.


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Yay for having QI on the laptop when i took this

xbox 360 ftw.

Find me one person who doesnt know who metallica, black sabbath, iron maiden, slayer and judas priest are.
ps2 ftw
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if he's a guy, money is a decent gift... but if Seinfeld has taught me anything... don't give a chick money as a gift... especially one your dating.

seinfeld ftw!
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You could get him 2100 microsoft points (to buy stuff from XBL arcade) if he's into that... Costs 30 bucks I think.

thats actually kind of a good idea. but im going over his house at 2 and best buy is kind of far.
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Saturday Night Fever on DVD, I'm sure he'll love it.

the strings idea is boring. would you like it if your good friend came over your house and your expecting a cool gift, and you open it and its a pack of guitar strings?
any suggestions? i can spend 20-30 dollars. hes into xbox 360, bass and sports.
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put the ip address of your router in the address bar to get into the router settings. Depending on your router - the ip tends to be something lik or (its on the bottom of your router). Once you get in, go to security and set a password.

they give me a bunch of options..

128 bit WEP
64 bit WEP
WPA(with radius server)

which do i do?
dont i have to put my subnet mask into my address bar or something? im not sure.

im not sure if im allowed to do this in the pit, but im going to anyway

anyway, i need some new songs/bands.

i like everything from old hardcore to new hardcore, metalcore, punk, indie, alternative. And pretty much anything you think sounds good.

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My mom sets up a haunted house thing every year and I always help her.

This year one of my friends from high school is coming over to help scare kids. She just so happens to be the only girl at school I like. She already has a boyfriend and likes other guys.

A night with the chick you like that barely likes you as a friend. Sounds like a blast.

is she hot
You will not get caught.
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No, I live in a little town named Belleville.
Not exactly sure how far away from Newwark it is. I'll ask my mom.

Oh well mcr is from newark, ya know?
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Halloween is my birthday!
I'm going as (I almost hate to say it, i know I'll get flamed.) Gerard Way/Frank Iero from MCR when they were touring their second album...
I have the same hair that Frankie use to have.
And I live about 4 minutes from where a Mrs. Donna Way resides.
Maybe they'll intvite me in.
And I'll randomly pull my guitar and amp from my pocket, play some tunes, and get a record deal.

No but seriously. I'm going as Frankie Iero. I have the same guitar and everything.
(it's an awesome guitar. =D)
And I DO live about 5 minutes away from where Gerard/Mikey Way grew up.
I'm going to that neighbourhoog to get my free candy.
I might carry a red watergun painted red.
Hmm. Idk.

you live in newark?
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i'm not looking into halloween

i fucking love halloween. just the whole fall feeling.
I cant wait!

what are you guys doing on halloween? and what are you dressing up as?
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suck my dick if you dont like it

and if you dont like it why the **** did you watch it and im a noob cause i dont waste my life on a computer..

hysteria's pretty hot.
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Not true, newbie.

hey may not be able to post WHATEVER he wants. but he can definitely post a video of a song he likes.
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its not my fault your a lesbian and you dont like guys with out shirts...

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Great great great... so they're gonna get worse...

it only hurts really bad the first time.
lol @ the noobs who use nortons.
yeah idk why death proof sucked so much^