I know how to tap but I dont think I'm doin it right, so I'm needing some tips.
At first the white stripes sucked ****, but now there ok.
I can tap and slap and play harmonics but not that well.
Swinging over the head is kool, and playing behind head is cool, but thats all I can thing of. Are there any others???
Hes great...check him out on youtube
Hey go check out mattrach on youtube. canon rock
I heard bout him long ago. Just decided to ask bout him
So many. Im the best but I was just wondering if there was anymore out there.
Go check out his style of playing and his awesome Harmonics
Some of the best Bass Guitarist I've ever heard. Anyone agree?
Whats the best kind of bass thats smooth and have appeal?
Why are people playing Canon Rock on Bass Guitar? Playing that on bass makes it sound like crap besides its ment for six string any ways. Canon Rock does not sound good on bass guitar, unless I play it.
Why are people trying to play Canon rock on a Bass Guitar. Playing Canon Rock on bass guitar makes it sound like crap. Its ment for six string unless I play it.
I had some much fun a Turner Falls Camp One it was AWESOME
Anyone here been or is goin to camp here.