Google "businesses in rochdale lancashire", I found one like that:

John Whitaker International Ltd
Smallbridge Business Park
Riverside Drive
OL16 2SH
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i hope you're trolling him.

Buy an Acer! They rock!
Depends. Casual listeners can; decent musicians and music lovers can't because they end up concentrating on the song as they can hear nuances that casual listeners ignore. It's the details I think that cause us to focus on music, because a casual listener isn't hearing them and they can study while they listen.
Do a silly funny one, like the ads on GTA radio stations. You're being judged on your use of technology and processing, not your actual PSA. Sounds like you're in one of those "serious" kind of MT classes so be different and go the jovial route.

Some people have such a totalitarian attitude on drugs. Big deal if he does them, a lot more people than you realise do too and they are fine, just more discreet. The only drug I haven't done is heroin and I turned out way better than most people I know, I have a place at uni, top grades most my life and just got a high-demand job at the DoubleTree Hotel.

You found him because he is a musician you enjoy playing with. And he's a cool guy to you. So where's the problem really?
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I agree, but I think it's a special situation with Kyuss, what with the generator parties and all. Even Homme said he liked the fact that no one knew about them or really understood them.

Spot on. Plus music is special, and you know when you have that special thing you don't wanna share it, you want it to yourself.
How so many people know Kyuss now.
Always trim, never shave. This goes for guys, girls and in-betweens.
When I started playing bass at 14 no one gave a ****. No one cared when I was getting lessons and became my teacher's best student. No one could care less as I started to nail songs people with way more experience couldn't.

Until I got my first band. I was never truly happy in that band, because as much fun as it was it was essentially just a Green Day/Blink 182 cover band, BUT that's when girls started paying attention. At that time that genre was very much in where I lived, and when I played live for the first time...I think it's just being on a stage above everyone else, being watched and being special...after that show I couldn't believe how many girls were talking to me, girls older than me, girls I didn't even know.

You wanna impress people, don't just play. Play live. Get a decent band together, play live at a party, discounts for girls (hotel parties). Trust me, that night was the catalyst that made me grow up and start having a life.
Just get your head to the times which made you angry. Since you always write angry songs I guess that's all the time. You know, like SCHOOL and PARENTS and MIZZUNDERSTOOD and ONE DAY THEY'LL SEE

Damn, I'd love to try one of those with my bass amp.
Of course we have, you think we have the balls to paint on our guitars freehand? Bro, I thought I couldn't **** up my first bass with a few stickers and some spraypaint and in the end I was waiting for something to **** up so I could get my second one asap.
Yeah nice one guys, thanks for buying her albums like lemmings, now they've put her in the game.
Pretty cool actually, I thought it'd be really cheesy. Watching women have seizures on stage makes my pants pretty cramped
Dara's great, and I love Mock The Week it's funnier than QI. But Stephen Fry wins overall because of his sketchwork with Hugh Laurie in the early 90s.
I believe I'm better than everyone else. Saf is the only demographic that matters.

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Are you suggesting we feed fat people to starving Africans?

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There's just a dude named Sav who this girl Mia obsesses over...... I just thought you misspelled his name.

Sounds like my life though!

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You mean like......... people?
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No I meant animals.

lol dude you must be some hardcore feminist if you missed that. WHY DO FEMINISTS EXIST? Guys hate them, girls don't go out with them, and they're too pussy to make sure their needs are met.
Fat people should be sold to Africa. That way the fat countries get healthier, have less medical expenses, and are more aesthetically pleasing.

And the Africans won't need all that aid anymore!
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*Looks at username*
Ooooooooooooooh...... I thought it was a Degrassi reference.

Tell me what happened on Degrassi?
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Do I win?

No, lots of people have 0 results for full name.

But yes there has to be a winner. And that's me of course.

Pretty sure I'm wrong but first thing that came to my mind was Magnesium. It burns intense white in a flame, atleast.
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Started using UG pretty much as soon as I got my first bass, Sept '06. Signed up later so I could be silly online too
Who cares if you're a bit fat, get some confidence and just swim like you say you can. It's 2009, I'm pretty sure there's atleast one other fat **** in your swim team.
No. "Established" guitarists focus on one genre. Amateurs tend to try everything out before they find their forte.

Remember "can play" doesn't necessarily mean "can play well", only then is it rare to find a musician talented and versatile enough.
Saf is a mindblowingly amazing individual.
Try searching for proxies and how to access hidden sites here
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I don't think minors are listed on the site, for those of you who can't find yourself.

Good point.
They want Saf. Mmmmm, even I want Saf. Saffffffffffffff.
Post if you're playing here. How much income do you need to hit level 4 btw?

I'm Saf1 on there. Bought most of the streets that mean something in my life, and a few streets where I will go in the future

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WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! Scene girls love long hair. Even the normal girls at my school love my long hair.

**** scene girls. And normal girls were checking me out a LOT more when I got a haircut. It's great to have long hair for a while for the experience and just get rid of it and be carefree and get attention.

Do it itstheman, and give the hair to charity.
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So, how did Grumpy die?

She broke up with Dopey so Happy Sleepy and Sneezy threw her off a cliff (Bashful just watched)

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Now that nothing is holding the moon in place....see where it goes.

Best answer!

Mum, are we there yet?



Ironic how my old computer took 5 minutes to open Word, 2 minutes to open Hotmail, but a couple seconds to open most porn sites.

As for your query: deleting history may convince your mum, but not the FBI.
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7,507 people with my first name
26,543 with my last

0 Results for my first and last name together. Beat that, bitches.
My First name is also a mode of the major scale, figure it out

Sup Dorian?

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Well my name is Joe but I live in London where everyone's named Mohammed. So pretty rare.

Hahaah good one!