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Will you be playing live? Or just at home?

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seems like you want a different sound to me. a 336 is a far cry from a tele and the marshall is very different from the fender. what exactly are you going for soundwise?

I don't necessarily want a different sound. Just a variation on my sound. Or more diversity I guess.

edit: though to answer your question, my sound is pretty ranging from rock, to blues, to jazz, to "indie" whatever that actually means, and a lot of stuff in between. Let's just say "alternative rock" to be general. Probably should have specified that in the first post...
I'd go with the 50. 200 watts for a guitar is insane in my opinion. 50 watts is plenty. Honestly you can gig with a 20w amp considering most places will mic your amp anyway.

Granted I've played neither so I don't actually know the tonal differences.
^just to upgrade my gear. Having a better quality of each respective thing. Marshall because I love that amp, I've played it a bunch and it sounds perfect to me. Gibson because it's a great guitar I love the sound and feel. Not much else other just upgrading gear.
Turn the mids up some. Guitar is a midrange instrument. Weird that your treble is so low cause reading your first part about competing with the cymbals, I'd have thought your treble was too high and in the same frequency range as the cymbals. Though lower the gain might help that some.
I'll go straight to the point. I'm saving up for a new amp or guitar and can't decide which one to get first. Between a Marshall JTM 45 and 4x12 cab (~$2800 new) and a Gibson CS 336 (~$3500 new). I'd try to find each used if I could, but that's not really what's important.

Gear right now is a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, a Fender Telecaster standard, upgraded Epi Les Paul, and a bunch of pedals.

So yeah, which one would you say would be more beneficial. I'm sure many will say new amp, so if you do, take a minute to explain why. I see pros for both of them. Thanks.
Fulltone OCD is a great overdrive. Very versatile.
57's are great. If you put one pointed at the 12th fret and another one pointed at the body kinda behind the bridge, that should get you a pretty good sound when combined.
I've got a decision between upgrading the pickups in my squire strat or getting a mexi tele. It seems the obvious choice would be the tele, but I'm so partial the the sound of a strat. Yes, I understand that just upgrading pickups in a squire isn't going to make it the best guitar around, but it'll still make it a decent guitar.

Which would you choose? Upgraded squire strat or standard mexi tele?
Did you have the MXR chorus or the MXT analog chorus? Cause the analog chorus is much better and gives a lot more controls/options.
used Hot Rod Deluxe. Do it.
I run mine first in my chain. For me, it gives me more of the characteristics of the volume knob on my guitar. When I have overdrive on, turning the volume pedal down a little cleans it up. I ran it at the end of my chain and it lowered the volume more than cleaned up the tone.
Big Muff is mostly a fuzz. It's just another type of distortion. Really depends what you're playing. Could be perfect for what you want, could be a terrible match.
I'm sure if you have a half stack in your room, room mates/neighbors would probably be concerned. If you have a small 1x8 combo amp that's smaller than your suitcase, I don't see reasonable people throwing any red flags. Hence the reason I suggested keeping the stack at home and buying a small combo amp to bring to school.
I never had a bad experience having an amp in my dorm room. And I lived next to my Residnce Director and two doors down from my RA. I think it really depends where you are.

really point is he doesn't need to sell his amp necessarily. unless he wants to i guess...
Why not just leave the stack at home, and buy a small practice amp at take that to college? Ideally one with headphone jack so you can play silently. No need to sell your halfstack, that's just silly.

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Do not bring ANY AMP AT ALL to use in a college dorm, even if it is quiet and has a headphone jack. Period.

Disagree. Maybe you had a bad experience or something. If you like to play guitar, it'd be stupid to go the 8-9 months your going to be away at college without playing.
I love Elixir's nanoweb acoustic strings. They're a bit pricey, but they sound awesome.
I've been looking at getting one of these as my power supply. All my pedals are 9v, except a Deluxe Electric Mistress which is 24v. It has an AC power chord attached to it like such:


The PP2+ has the power chord output to power it, and it has an AC outlet. Could I plug the power chord for DEM into this outlet in the pedal power?
roll down your tone knob?
Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well. Haven't been here it a really long time.

to all!
Sorry if this has been done before, I'm sure it has. I have a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe that isn't turning on. I was playing it, and it just cut out. Light doesn't turn on, no signal. I checked the fuse and it looks fine. I don't know a ton about tube amps, but if a tube is blown, wouldn't it still turn on? I've tried several other outlets and it's not that. I take care of it, turn it on, leave it on standby to warm it up, let it cool a bit before turning it off, all that jazz. So I'm not sure what exactly it is. I plan on taking it into a shop this weekend.

Any thoughts? Thanks.
I found this quote earlier and I thought I'd share it...

Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end."
why do i feel like i have no one to talk to? i have plenty of people to talk to. several close friends who i can share anything with. but i feel alone.

i'm really not fulfilling my promise of keeping up with this thread. i'm sorry.
I'm playing 3 shows in the next two weeks. I feel professional. Woo! hahaha

Third one is actually gonna be a big show. I'm really pumped.
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Actually just got into this. I am reading a book on Metallica and Philosophy. It was the first of it. Yes, it is right up my alley.

Also, Tabitha said yes, so I am engaged mofos.

**** YEAH!
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On Saturday I went on a date with this girl I know. She is amazing. We both have the same outlook on life and we both care about school and work. We both play guitar and love classical music. But there is a problem. She is religious and I'm an athiest. I'm worried because I don't know how much of an obstacle that is going to be. And as always, s for all. I love every single one of you guys dearly, I wouldn't be where I am right now without you

possibility of just taking it how it is, and seeing what happens? if it's not a big deal, which hopefully it won't be, then you're good to go. if it turns out to be a problem, then it's just not meant to be.
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I'm just sitting alone, listening to dubstep, missing her.

Ridiculous bass kinda fills the hole in my heart, but it also just reminds me of the crazy dubstep show I took her to not long before she left.

Damn this.

sounds like a cool line to a song.
i hope everyone is doing ok. i've got a sh!t ton of work on my plate this semester. added an ensemble, so that's two, plus my band, which has a huge show coming up that we aren't entirely prepared for. plus a 3-4 page paper every week on a musical piece. due tomorrow is a paper on a Sonata by Scarlatti.


hugs for all
is stuck in the past. Still has a santa hat on thine avatar.
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It may not seem like it, but this is not the end of the world. It's a bummer, but really not too much more than that. I think you're overthinking everything, though understandably. Not like most everyone else hasn't been there before. But it'll pass and there will be more girls. Might not be what you want right now. Right now, you probably just want to stay hung up over this girl, but you will get passed it and find another girl. Just takes time.

Dunno if that was helpful at all for you, but I hope it was.

Sorry about the whole situation man

So I just got a show for my band in 3 weeks opening for two bands. It's gonna be big. I generally don't judge a band's popularity by Myspace profile views, but the first band has 44,000 views, and the headliner has 250,000. The headliner opened for Third Eye Blind last semester. The drummer of that band actually goes to my school and I've hung and talked with him before.

But anyway, it's pretty ****ing intimidating. I mean, it's a sweet opportunity and it's gonna be damn fun. I love playing shows. But it's gonna be big. I need support hugs....and i'll definitely be back in 3 weeks for more...
hello all! hugs for yall. rhyme bonus.

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I was in the same place, and still kind of sort of am. But I figured it out, and this may be your problem it may not be. I had lots of friends, but no one I was close to. If you had asked me, at the time, what some of my friends enjoyed doing in their free time, favorite bands, etc. I couldn't tell you, and personal life was just something I knew nothing about. I'm not a stalkerish creep now who knows everything about all of his acquantiances (I can't spell that word at ****ing all), but I've got 3 or 4 friends I can really talk to about whatever. So just ask yourself, how many friendscould you really open up too. How many friends do you have that, hypothetically, you could tell you're a pedo to and they'd still hang around you? Who are you so close to you can say anything to them and they won't judge you. I guess that's what I'm saying. I hope it makes sense.

i've got a fair number of really close friends i can really open up to. like a dozen or so. i mean, i'm definitely loved and i love a lot of people. i'm really not terribly concerned about friends. it's the romantic side of my life. i just feel down on it sometimes. i contradict myself a lot. i'm young and am in no way looking for a marriage type partner, but at the same time, i'd like a legit relationship. but then again, at the same time, maybe a legit relationship isn't what's best for me right now. i don't know, i want something...
i hate the feeling of being alone, but especially when you know you arent. so the feeling of selfishness is added onto the feeling of being alone.

not to sound like i'm being a cocky asshole, but i've got a lot of really close friends, and even more acquaintances. i've been told by a lot of people that everyone loves me. i do my best to get people to like me and to make people happy. I try to be nice to everyone, but without being too overbearing. i seem to do pretty well at it.

but i feel like i'm alone relationship-wise. well, cause i am. i was about to have a thing with one girl, but nothing happened and now she's with a friend of mine. i hooked up with a girl i like a few times and now she says that she is afraid of having anything with me. we're still friends, but nothing is happening with us. it just seems like nothing is going my way in my love life really. i'm being pretty selfish, i know, but i honestly don't really care.

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DO NOT tell people she cuts. talk to her about it. tell her you want her to stop. just have a mature conversation about it.
for everyone. i'm trying to be around more often. workin on it...