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Nick, is everyone on the same coast now? And Hi Chris

It is a matter of days
I'm looking at housing today! Yay!

How are you Nutter?
could one get the colored stone bleach done on just the swamp ash wood? I love how that looks more than i do the front, especially the blue jean look of the light blue bass.
Man, you don't want Behringer. They cover up mistakes in sound with muddiness, are built to be very fragile, and they lie to make their amps look better. They have notorious customer service and should always be chosen after Acoustic, Ashdown, Peavey, and co.
I rather liked fitz. He promoted ballsiness. The rampant arguing and heatedness was an unfortunate byproduct however.
Good to see you again!
I prefer Bocote myself. Classy stuff.
A 32" E-C Warwick intrigues me. I would most certainly try it out. What models are you planning to do this with? Thumb? Corvette? Dolphin?
It does tend to trend like that.

No I was here but I was not impressed.
^it's not even hot here what are you talking about? Definitely super grey but as long as I'm not getting stuck in bad weather I'm ok. Where are you at?
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I'm proud of you Nick. You're working to be a great dad and husband It must be hard to be on the opposite coast from your family, though!

It's hard but I'm gonna move them over here into my own house! Yay! It'll be on base housing to so works gonna be maybe 5 minutes drive at the most in no traffic. For a Californian that's huge.

What is new around here?
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What possessed you to do that? I'm not trying to be a dick but for gods' sake why?

(According to Facebook he's already at a Navy Bootcamp so he isn't going to be replying any time soon.)

It was one thing when I was soon to get a full time workable job. But it never came. My daughter was getting older, and the day she asked "when is daddy coming over?" like I was some kind of f***ing uncle was the straw. No. My girl deserved a husband with a job and my daughter deserved a dad who was not just trying, but succeeding. I did my research and the navy was the branch where many of the ratings did not see combat without volunteering, instead providing other useful services, like keeping the nuclear reactor in check. Of course, combat is still possible for any rate but the people willing to volunteer is usually pretty decent, and if my country needs me I guess my country needs me. If you want to ask anything I'll tell you anything I'm allowed to tell (that's most of what I know)

Anyhow I passed boot camp and I'm training for my rate in Maryland. No bass here but I'll get it soon! How are things?
Last night with internet for a good while... leaving for boot camp tomorrow...
1 more week...
you cads! coffee is a nasty drink! One should never drink it prior to kissing I might add.
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Belgian white. Liars.
Drink Hoegaarden instead of some cheap wannabe white beer.

Hey I expected it to suck pretty hard but it was nice. Not the greatest but good.
Hey had the lesson. focused on parts, tuning, and gave him chords, spiders, and timing practice. He really liked it, and introduced me to

which I found quite nice.
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it's also called spider scales.

what parts do you think are most important?

I think if I narrow it down probably the Songs Enjoyed, How to Play, and either the beat or the chords. probably beat.
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How about teaching us?

Pay my gas money, drive to my house, and don't creep out the wife and I'll teach you too.

King of Suede, He does know some things from tabs and such, I'm trying to recover the basics- correct his techniques before they're really bad habits, teach him to play songs he's never heard before, and focus him. If time runs out, he wants to know a song I know, or anything like that, I'll teach him, I'm a music teacher for gas money, no California School Standards forcing me to teach him how Beethoven invented rockabilly bass slap when he had a lucid dream about pomeranians with violas. I'm supposed to be fun. This is so I don't just go... ummmmm... I guess we're done for today 15 minutes in.
Rockstar Lemonade or Orange
Full Throttle Blue Agave

NOS tastes like morning mouth.
Well, I'm training my replacement for church.

I have a game plan for lesson one:

Hal Leonard Bass Method- for music theory of all kinds

Songs Enjoyed
What genre of music do you like?
What song has a cool bassline?

How to Play
LH: Curve your fingers
Thumb behind the neck
Walking fingers
Thumb location: movable anchor
“Glue” Analogy
Parts of Bass


Root, third, fifth, octave
Major- major third ex. C, G, F#
Minor- minor third ex. Cm, Gm, F#m

Hitting a Beat
T drum
N drum
4/4 beat
3/4 beat

major chord over 4/4
major over 3/4
minor over 4/4
minor over 3/4

How to get what you want
Effects: only if it’s necessary for what you play.

Instrument Care
Fretboard care (link )
Restringing (link)

Should I add, remove, or put anything in there?

For those who don't know, the glue analogy is that the bass is like glue- it sticks the melody to the beat. It's one of my favorite analogies for explaining the purpose of the bass, because it really gives people the closest understanding of how it functions, at least from a bass playing perspective.
What is a GLaDO?
Gettin old and getting bold! go Dan!
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Hey; food, water and shelter are overrated. Remember: a good bass is 3 days

Fixed. Keep in mind the subject matter.

It'd be a pain being in Tam's family, not only would they hog the computer, but they'd hog the amps, the stereo...

Not to mention teenagers hammer through food like nobody's business and I'd be expected to placate the black holes as a contributing member of the household...
Mesa Boogie M6 Carbine
matching 2x12, or Eden 4x10.
this dude's pedalboard-
a Warwick Infinity.
I wish you the best in it.

call it 'The Tips'
I got a pretty close feel out of going to 11 on everything with my attack goat and rolling the tone knob of a p-bass with dead strings and hitting the E string. It made me want to kill everybody in the world.
I didn't mean on all the songs, just the one I'm gonna think is awesome.
depends if it sounds good.

could be really good though.

make your bass sound dubsteppy.
Gasing hard for a Warwick Infinity. so beautiful...
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I was a boyscout. That popcorn is lame as hell. I don't think anyone actually likes it.

I was a salesman. made 450 one year on that crap.

chocolate caramel was pretty good though.
peanut butter patties and thin mints have equally large portions in my heart. Both larger than the Boy Scout popcorn.
This is really your choice. Most Warwick players love bubinga bodies, I'd rather have ash or maple. Most people hate CBS era Fender, but I really dig the Coronado Bass. Most fuzz players like the newer Wounded Paw Attack Goat better, I can't get into when the old one is so much better. Most bass players like a really throaty low mid, I'm more of a high mid guy.

If you really can't choose, the Fender is a classic that can handle a beating.
first, the transition from full scale to short scale is slightly tougher than the reverse, and much harder for inexperienced bassists. second, short scales are muddier sounding and their strings feel much looser. third, because they don't sell as well as full scale, there are fewer options for short scale basses.

long scales in that range would include Ibanez and Peavey, which are really nice. Short scales in that range, I think the only relevant one is the Squier Bronco.

Don't worry about size, one of the best bass players I ever met was a very small man. Anarkee on this forum is rather on the small side, and she rocks uprights and full scales with ease. EDIT: and is a ninja.
A wonderful bass! the VM series play as well as the old MIM Fenders, and have an excellent sound to them too. The one you got is one my favorites to pick up any time I go to a GC.
alright! there's never enough of us running around.
happy birthday! Tam, you seem to have opinions on proper mohawking, so you may choose how I wear my hawk tomorrow if you wish.

it's bald on the sides and about 4 inches long. there is red hair dye in the house, but it's currently all black, and about 3 inches wide.

I'll post a picture too.
mohawked my hair folks.
That Goldmaster is begging for a newcastle sticker right in that open spot.
lemme see Dan0 Manor.

If it is better than this you have better housing than at least one of us.
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So I might be getting a 60% scholarship to any school I want soon...was totally not expecting this

Yay for being a minority with decent grades and low income entering my household!


Harvard? Yale? Dartmouth? Compton Community College?