It works now.
I have had Asio full DirectX Full Duplex Driver on. When i changed it to Asio ux1 but it still didnt work. I had to go in to VST Connections and make input left to send 1 and right to send 2. Now it works fine.

Thank you. You have made my day!
Hello. I started to record a metal song. But i took a break for some weeks.

Now when i wanted to start recording again. It seems like my Ux1 dosent work to cubase at all.

I have tried to reinstall both but nothing happens.
I have looked at Devices and the only thing aktivated is Line6 Ux1. But I cant see any response from cubase.

Anyone had the same problem or cant help please help me.

Thanks ahead.
Thanks so much. Now it works fine
Hi i have an line6 ux1 that works fine. I can record everything in cubase.

Now I downloaded Superior drummer with a metal package. But i cant get it to work in cubase. I have checked my vst instrumments and it simply cant find my superior drummer. I have googled and look at youtube but no help anywhere. They just say it should be there.

Have anyone had the same problem?
Please i really need this so record my songs
Hello this my first demo with this band.!/pages/Anguish-Released/124925864207604

Check us out if you like death metal and deathcore. Thanks ahead. We have songs on youtube as well.

And comment here if you like it or not. Thanks ahead.
im going to buy a 7 sring before i even think of buying an 8 string. and all I wanted was to know your opinion. that maybe i'll reconsider some questions.

but yeah i love the sound of a 8. never played one thoe. But if i see one ill probably do
Is 8 strings awsome or is it gay?

I would like to try one for expirmental and have an extremly heavy sound. other things I would go with 7 or 6 strings.

whats your opinion?

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because most guitars always have the 5 steps between each string except the G and b (talking standard), so when u tune and lose that e string, they still want you to make the change of tuning easier for u to play, fo they make the 4th step the d and the f# as if it were the G and the b.

EDIT: the way you play it isnt like a regular guitar. guitars have that 4th step on the b string (talking standard), your playing all 5ths, which is more of what a bass tunes to.

They make that an f# (for the A tuning) because you can play all the scales lik you would normally without having to fix them with the tuning u use.

thanks that explaind alot. But i'll have my guitar tuned to A e a d g b until i can buy a 7 sting. but thanks
So with my new band we have set drop A for the tuning.

and i have looked around at some tabs by bands like suicide silence. and at one tab, the guy who wrote it said that you should tune: on a 7 srting its A e a d g b e and on a 6 string to : A e a d f# b

and i play drop A on a 6 string but i only tune A e a d g b

so why use f# for a 6 sting?
it all depends on how much you drink. i belive. i have never puked from anything yet.
Agreed with SPBY

but i would say. Death meatl/ black metal.

Annars rikitigt bra skit
Is it just me or has emmure rap lyrics to deathcore? Honestly thats the first thing i thought of and its ****ing gay.
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these dudes keep getting compared to bring me the horizon and they are incredibly better than that piece of ****. architects ftw.

I agree so much. Architects are so much better then BMTH.
Becuse i love listening to music. then my freind who is a drummer and i talked one time at school and one weak later i was in a band whit him as a guitarist.
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well the chorus to beast and the harlot isn't really a sweep, it's only in one direction and is slow enough to be picked out fairly easily. if you want to stay with a7x, there's that break in the middle of bat country where syn and zacky do harmonized sweeps, and there's also a really good sweep part in the outtro of seize the day.

thanks but it dosent have to be A7X. relly anything that i can practice. and aint extremly hard.
thanks. this will be hard. but maby some day i can play it
Hello im trying to learn to sweep and im just a bigginer. im tryging the chorus in beast and the harlot

i wonder if you have any other song suggestion?
that could be usefull!

thanks ahead!
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Anatoly please know these kind of comments are generally not tolerated by mods. I like your stuff, your alright for a nu metal guitarist, but that ego will get the better of you one day.

To the OP I will give this a listen once myspace stops being screwy for me. Looking forward to it!

Add us on myspace if you like our music

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Wow, you guys are awesome

Thanks so much.
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pretty good job. i liked the guitar work on Before I Die.
7.5/10, only cause it was ehhh quality. good songs though

thanks so much.
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Don't worry about that guy TS, in the three days he's been here all his posts have been randomly insulting other users...

Anyway as for your sound, I think you aren't bad (even though this kind of metal isn't really my thing), the solo in "Before I Die" was quite cool and overall with a better mix it could have been a very solid song. The rhythm guitar wasn't loud enough, and the vocals were too loud, and that detracted from my enjoyment of the song a bit, but those were my only real complaints. Keep it up dude!

ok thanks.

I didnt like the sound of my guitar at all. Otherwise it sounded better then our other recording. Much better then the first one.

But ill keep it in mind next time we record.
thanks again
sry about that but we did this for free in an music school.
Hello my band is called Fellow Envy and we have recorded some song now.
I would be greatfull if you checked us out.

You can find Fellow Envy on my Profile then band or

Thanks in advance and please comment
i dont belive any genre will die out. Becuse there are allways a little group who will still love to hear it.
And new bands is creating everywhere who keeps the genre livin when some otherband stops. So i dont belive any genre will relly die out. Maby proggressiv metal will take over for a few years and emo music stops playing so much. But those hardcore fans will never give up what they like.
She actully says her face is a Mother F*cker

And you can see on her right eye that she had cried for some reason
Well written. It helped me think of other parts of the music theory
A.D.I.D.A.S and Daddy by korn!

any cannibal corpse!

any black metal?!

hypocrisy, pain!

Murderdolls, wednesday 13.
How about the lead singer in Arch enemy?
Hi im serching for a good top. And i saw the Laney TF-800. I have read some reviews and i only hear good about it. So I ask you fellow UG:ers, is it good?(why) or is it bad? (why)
In sweden we say fotboll. So I say football(when I talk english).

But I guess that if someone started the conversation by saying soccer(not football), I would continue the conversation saying soccer. So it depends.
The most melodeath is written in C (or Drop C). But if it sounds better in standard E. Then writte the song in E.
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tremelo picking.

whats that ?

(yeah im new but i have to ask. otherwise i wouldent get answer wouldent I? )
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Couldent agree more
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Unless you live in the boondocks (maybe you do) you should be able to find a teacher within a 30 minute drive of you.

sry live in sweden in a small city kalled köping