6 normally, it would be a 7-8 if most people didn't shake so damned weakly and I'm conditioned to think they're going to have a weak handshake.
An equal percentage payed by all as a fine is much more fair, just as a tax where all pay the same proportion is fair (talking only in terms of the percentage paid, I know some on this site would argue for progressive taxes for a number of reasons, but this discussion isn't about taxes, it's merely an example).

So if a speeding ticket was a fine of, say, 0.005% of one's annual income, a guy making $30,000 a year would be fined $150, while a guy making $750,000 a year would be fined $3750 for the same offense, but it's the same proportion.

If everybody pays the same amount, the fine is regressive, like a regressive tax, and is not fair. $3750 is a LOT more money to someone making only $30,000 a year than it is to a guy making $750,000 a year, just like $150 is a normal amount for the $30,000 guy but quite negligible to the $750,000 guy.
I use Firefox on my big, powerful desktop because it's generally easy to use, pretty fast, and I like having all my add-ons, I have enough memory so usage isn't a big issue.

Chrome is great for my netbook because it's super fast and lightweight.

EDIT: Internet Explorer SUCKS.
Go smoke.
I don't give two shits about the album artwork, or the cute little booklets or anything else, I just like to have a physical copy for the purpose of archiving. Hard drives can fail... a properly stored CD will last a looooong time.
Graduating high school. Going into the Air Force, I hope.
Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes.

Small pic... yeah.
ASUS Eee 1005HA netbook.
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Bruce Wayne - Christian Bale
Batman - Adam West

I've always gone with UPS, I just leave the door into the garage (not the house) unlocked and a note saying "UPS- please leave package inside garage. Thank you." And when I get home, it's right there in the garage, out of weather and out of sight.

I guess someone could still walk in there and steal it, but I live in an area where people are more concerned with hunting down/lynching all the faggots and niggers in their big jacked up trucks GodBlessAmerica as opposed to stealing your new RAM... so yeah.
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Partial truth.

Simply being a soldier doesn't make someone a hero.
Not all soldiers are heroes. Not all heroes are soldiers.
Some soldiers are heroes. Some heroes are soldiers.


No way, I don't like that digital, crystal-clear, high-definition crap. I'll stick to my laserdisc player, thank you very much.
I'd say it's possible, but it would be extremely hard to do it. At some point, you'd end up learning off someone else accidentally.

Even if you're "self-taught," you still learn by listening to your favorite musicians, taking things from their style, and (in this day and age) going on the internet, finding tabs, learning to play songs, licks, learning theory maybe... etc.

Stumbling upon it all by yourself would be extremely unlikely... but possible, I guess...
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Oh, you.
In Soviet Russia, free will has...... oh, **** it.
Elmore James- One Way Out... Done Somebody Wrong... songs covered by The Allman Brothers Band.

Oh, and it's spelled "Lynyrd Skynyrd."

Relevant to certain parts of Europe, too, but American 20's culture is a big deal.
Joseph Ducreux, I'd say...
FAL red dot sight
.44 revolver

Uh... Cold Blooded? Is that a first-slot perk?
Stopping Power
and Sleight of Hand Pro.

I love the FAL, reminds me of the M-14 in COD4. But... the second some jackass starts running around with the grenade launcher, I switch to Akimbo P-90's.
While I would agree that it's sort of sad that America even NEEDS a show like Biggest Loser, having such a show DOES show that at least someone is doing something about it.

...I just said "show" a lot...
Open G (DGDGBD). I play in that tuning probably 40% of the time, 40% in DGDGBE, and the other 20% in standard, roughly.
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Only if it's morally wrong to tell people God is real too.

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Troll much?

After I watched this, I immediately started walking with a severe limp.
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So I'm a junior in high school. i live in a shitty town nobody has ever heard of in Michigan thats obsessed with fish and beer. I'm looking for a college that has good music programs. specifically guitar stuff. I've looked at MI and SCU. anybody have any other suggestions?

Hmm... sounds like me.
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Here in East Lansing it's cold as balls, but we don't have a whole lot of snow.

MSU hasn't canceled classes due to snow in 100 years. So I don't expect that to change.

Hmm... I will have to keep that in mind as I consider going to college there...
We've been closed since Wednesday, hoping for another snow day tomorrow because I have a paper for AP English due that I didn't finish.
Yes, but weight is kind of an unfair way to measure it... measuring based purely on physical dimensions makes more sense.
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F*ck you, I won't do what you tell me.


And I would love to see this happen just to piss Simon Cowell off.

And I also find it ironic that this has to be done by capitalist means...
Hope this hasn't been done already... and I suck with GIMP.

Very nice... I thought it was probably going to be some guy trying to push his views on everybody... but I found it to be very informative.
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i'm not sure what you mean, they had their lives cut short. It sounds like you are legitimising murder by saying that people's death is inevitable anyway.

Not exactly, it just seems less relevant now that time has passed. Saying "Rest in Peace" on the 10th anniversary of the attack was no doubt much more powerful than saying it on the 68th anniversary, because it would still be fresh in the minds of those who were there... now, a lot of the people who were there are gone.

It's kind of like saying "today's the anniversary of the Boston Massacre... RIP " it's different because it's history now.

Not trying to argue, just kind of pointing that out.
*cue America bashing*

Anyway, it was an unfortunate happening, but it's sort of hard to say "RIP" or something, since a lot of those guys, had they not died in the attack/the war that followed, would probably be dead now or close to it.
Make sure to sing this as loudly as possible at 3am.
Upgrading from Vista to 7 is a no-brainer.

XP to 7 is more complicated... although I've encountered a lot of XP-diehards who are the so-called "dinosaur fanboys," the ones who refuse to give up their old operating system simply because it's old and is thus somehow better than anything else there is.
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thats why you buy a mac.

Because Macs NEVER have problems of ANY sort, ever...