Yeah the Power light has gone on mine, probably a loose solder or something. But that is very minor in my opinion, and as the main red light from behind the grill is still going strong you can tell when it is on.

As for the sound, i can't see how anyone can say it doesn't have enough gain for metal, sure it doesn't do ENGL or Diezel levels of gain, but i find it does the metal acceptably well, if not very well.

The clean channel could be better, but since i got it June last year, i've not had any problems with apart from the power light.
So once again it's another new guitar day, i've had to make a 4 hour round trip to get it but i don't regret it one bit, so it says it's made in Japan:

but it's an,

and there are people who say that's it's made in China and finished in Japan, but whataver it plays brilliantly and at £699 i think it's well worth the price.

So on to the pictures

It's an Edwards E-EX-110D Stain Cloudy Black, it's a lot different to the usual explorer you see, and it's the proper explorer shape which i prefer to ESP's pointy explorer shape.

It's Got Semour Duncan Blackouts, now i haven't tried these before, but they are certainly decent pickups, not a scratch on BKP's though, i'm sure i'll put some BKP's in it eventually.

and finally the back of the neck:

The neck is also stained, and it isn't a big as it's Gibson/Epiphone counterparts. It's also a set neck and very comfortable.

So onto the Main Review:

This guitar was made in the early part of this year, so it's brand new. The action and playability straight out of the box is brillaint, probably one of the first new guitars i've brought where i can safely sit down and play it and have no complaints. The finish is a Stained Black, due to fact that the mahogany used is young mahogany it is very delicate, but one of the reason i go it in this colour is that dents and scrathes don't look out of place, and besides even though it is delicate the finish even all over the guitar and no patches where the stain hasn't been applied properly. So the first impressions of the guitar are great.

Now getting down to buisness, how does it sound and what's it like to play. Well as i am about to move house soon I haven't got my amps set up to play it through, but i did play it at the store and through Peavey Revalver on my computer. The Seymour Duncan pickups like I said aren't as natural and big as my BKP's I have in my other guitars, but they are precise and articulate, and more open sounding than EMG's, but that doesn't mean EMG's are any worse, they are just used for a different style.
Overall the sound is brilliant for most kinds of metal where precision is necessary, and the cleans are pretty good too, not a thin as EMG cleans but not as full as most passive pickups.

And finally the playability, the neck is a dream to play, no dead frets, all of the are even, the size is a lot more managable than you would find on a Epiphone/Gibson and it is extremly Comfortable. The other great thing about it is how light it is, After playing my brothers Epi Explorer, this is so much more managable, could easily stand up playing it for hours, and i haven't encountered any neck dive what such ever, so it seems to be a very well balanced guitar.

All in all, I am glad i made the 4 hour round journey to get this, and I am glad I've brought it, and hopefully it is one a of the few guitars i will stick with over the years.
I was thinking it would impare the drivers vision as well, also it's only really effective in one direction, anything coming from the side will not be stopped. And small pieces of carbon fiber, like what hit Massa, will also not be stopped by it.

But i suppose it does improve safety in some respects and you won't have the worry of how to get out if the car is rolled over.
So might we be seeing the finger less often this year?

Must say that Lotus was fast, shame kimi wasn't in the shoot out. But good signs for a close season
Quote by TheQuailman

Been dying to try one of these ever since Laney announced them. What speakers are you running in that Zilla?

Running G12k-100's, great speakers for metal I find, and if you do find somewhere to try one, give it a go.
Well, I went to Birmingham Saturday to help my Brother choose a new amp for his birthday and to try out some guitars, and I ended up buying this:

A Laney Ironheart, managed to get it for £450, I think for the amp that is an amazing deal

So heres some more pics, (sorry if poor quality).

and here it is with my Egnater Renegade:

Just need another cab so i can play them both at the same time.

Anyway onto the Review:

Well after extensive testing I decided that this will be my next amp as my Renegade just didn't get heavy enough, or should I say not the type of heavy distortion I wanted. The Ironheart immediately sounded brilliant at high gain and very tight as well, all low notes were clearly defined and it didn't sound harsh either. What surprised me the most was the clean, at first it didn't stand out that much, but after getting it home it sounds a lot better. With the way I have my rhythm EQ set it sounds very mellow and generally pleasing, but it can be tweaked to sound quite bright and twangy almost, I don't think the cleans are as good as my Renegade, but they are defiantly useable.

On to the Rhythm and Lead channels, now both of these have similar amounts of gain and seem to be voiced rather similar, maybe the lead is a bit brighter, but they are both incredibly tight sounding handles my 7 string and downtuned guitars admirably. None of the notes are really lost while doing riffs, apart from where you let some low notes ring out and try to play a lead part, but when you want that you will generally have another guitarist do the low chords part.
All in all it is a great amp, and I can get a great metal sound out of it for all sorts of metal, I haven't tried turning the gain down much, but when I have it also sounds great for hard rock sound.

I do have a few gripes though, the Boost doesn't seem to do a lot unless you turn the gain down on the channels and use it as going from a rock sound to a high gain sound. But I find the high gain sound with the boost not to my liking, I would much rather roll back the volume on the guitar to get the rock sound or use my renegade. Secondly I find if I role the Wattage variance back too much it starts to get rather fizzy, so I keep it around noon for the sound I like.

Overall for the money I don't think I could find a better amp for me, I played the Egnater Armageddon later on Saturday, and although it sounds awesome it is 3 times the price of the Laney in the UK, and the rhythm and lead channels share the EQ on that, which I don't really like.
Final thoughts, great amp, can role with the big boys and you really can't knock it for the price.
Well I played one yesterday at the Great British Guitar Show, unfortuantley it was very noisy in the hall and i couldn't really make a proper opinion of it.

From what I could make out above the noise is that it had plenty of gain on tap and it didn't seem as harsh a distortion as say a 5150 or the Carvin V3 I tried later that day, the rhythm and lead channels were both very articulate but I am going to a store later this week to have another try of it in a quieter environment. One thing though is i was left rather underwhelmed by the Clean channel, but that might be because I am comparing it to the lovely clean channel on my Egnater Renegade.

Final thoughts, it is an amp I want to try more of as I think it could defiantly stand up against the likes of amps twice it's price. It seems like a good rhythm amp, not too sure about lead sounds, very open sounding, and underwhelmed by the clean, but the inbuilt boost seems to do a good job.

These are only first impressions, and I think I need to try it again to give a better opinion, but I think it might be my next amp purchase.
Black Belt 2nd Dan, but I haven't practiced for over 5 years. Should really start again, I have certainly let my physical fitness drop since stopping.
3rd year at University of Birmingham - BSc Mathematics.

So hard but yet so rewarding, I either get two responses from people who I tell I do Maths. Either you mad boy? Or I could never do maths well done for you.
Congrats, got one of these in the first batch that came to the UK, even though I want to change my pickups to BKP's, but thats just because I love BKP's. Anyway enjoy the guitar

So you need to subscribe to Sky Sports or Sky HD, but i think it is worded in that you need Sky Sports HD, not just the HD package, and no word of the £10 for freeview. My thought of this deal has gone from 'this might be ok', to 'FFS Sky, give it back to BBC.'
If the Sky thing is true, there is so much relief in me, I hope they mean none sky sports customers, either way i don't mind paying £10 a month. Still not as good as being on the BBC but it is know where near as bad as Sky Sports package money.

We'll see though
RIP Simoncelli, can't believe in two consecutive weeks, there has been 2 deaths. Grim days for the motorsport world.
Another canada for Button maybe? He's extremly fast atm.
Well I have a Zilla Fatboy, with G12k-100's in it. Very good cab, and projects the sound very well, with a good amount of low end, probably not as much as a 4x12 but still a fair amount.

It works well with most of the amps i've used with it, and holds up well in a gigging situation. And for the price it is deffo one of the best 2x12's.
Anyone listened to the interview with Murray Walker about the deal for coverage of F1? If not here it is.

He makes some very good points, all of them we cannot deny, but still I find it infuriating that they couldn't have done this kind of deal with another free to air channel, half on one, half on another, or some kind of split like that.
I am certainly not happy with only seeing extended highlights of half the races, watching sport live is half the fascination.
Also he made a point of all sport will probably be on pay per view in the future it's very upsetting.
I got one of the first ones a couple of weeks ago, still need to a new guitar day for it, when i do i'll write a review for it, but for now, it's a vew good guitar, well built, and sounds thick and beefy.

Only gripe is the tuning stability on the G string isn't the best, (probably something to do with the nut). But overall it's a solid guitar, but look out for the NGD when i have the time.
Anyone want to sign a petition

at least we can try
Quote by KTFM
And if Sky are gonna be providing the coverage, they'll probably drive-up on-selling rates internationally, which might push it off FTA here, seeing as the current broadcaster is already losing money on it...

This isn't a good situation for anyone really,

Screw sky, they can have the football and the cricket (even though i enjoyed the cricket when it was C4) but they can't have our F1
Quote by p_c

I'm so annoyed about this! there is no way i am paying for sky sports, looks like it'll be poor quality streaming for me for half the races.

And the BBC coverage is so good, this just paves the way for sky to take it fully

Great start to the day
Quote by Khann

"flying motorbike."

What is that awesomeness from?

That would be British Superbikes (I think) at Cadwell Park (I know)

That crest is imense, great fun to drive around on rFactor
1962 is the origin of the business that is going for 4 decades, the name change doesn't affect that at all, a business can change its name all it likes, but it can only be incorporated on one day and that is its origin.

So in short, neither of your answers are right.
RIP Ryan Dunn, even though it was stupid that he was drink driving, still i got to meet him a few years back and he brought me and my mate a few drinks, he seemed down to earth, maybe just a bit foolish,
True, but there have been rumours about this not just from The Sunday Times for quite some time, but i do so hope there is something that keeps it on the BBC.

I mean come on Bernie doesn't want it to be on Sky, but it could happen.....

Edit: looking at most of the headlines on there it almost looks like a joke, ahah, thr formula one one looks like the only one with any truth behind it.....
Quote by Don_Humpador

Why do they have to do this

So i guess it is going to go to Sky after this, as i doubt ITV will take it back.

We need to start a petition!!!!!
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I like how they even list their glue in the specs.

I Suppose the glue could be important, don't want it to fall apart now do you

Even though it means nothing to me... or probabley most people other than luithers
If you notice the whole image has been flipped, so yeah still a fail on gibsons part, unless it's a left version.
i can go to sleep now with my mind at ease, a brilliant race hasn't been screwed over by stewards decisions, good night everybody.

Lets hope Valencia is a tenth of what Canada was in two weeks, i.e. pray for rain
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Seem to have plenty of new people to the thread, you can tell it's a brilliant race

I'm not so much new, just a lurker :P been here since the start of the 2010 thread, just haven't contributed as much (or much at all) due to 2 jobs and university, maybe i should cut down my work load, i think i'l try to get more involved with this thread time permitting
Once again, i think after all Button has gone through today, it would be dispicable if he got another penalty, and would ruin what has been a wonderful race.

I think you can say quite a lot of people can say they were unlucky, like Schumi and KK, and Alonso will probabley say he was run into by button, thing is button was ahead entering the apex of the corner and alonso tried to go around the outside where we saw last year lots of people ended up taking to the grass to avoid accidents, maybe alonso should of done that?
Quote by KTFM
Let's just hope there's no penalty for Alonso, now...

I really hope there isn't, it was a racing incident, so i hope there isn't, it would be such a shame after such a great drive.
Anybody who says Button isn't agresive enough can suck it, C'mon Button!!!1
WEll saved Button, this is the most intense F1 in a while, wish Button could of done this at monaco.

Woooo Button, hope Schumi keeps 3rd now.


(side note: hope he doesn't get a penalty for the alonso incident )
what was that marshall doing??
4th or 5th saftey car now???

edit: also hope button hasn't punchered his tyre
How on earth has Button managed to get to 4th????????!?!?!?!?!?!
KK could still get this podium, but i think weber might just steal it
Very well done Schumi, i'm impressed, but it looks like KK and massa were squabaling too much
on a different note, racing again in the next 20/30 mins?? I hope so, also i think the incident between hamilton and button was probs more 60/40 hamilton, button clearly didn't expect him to go up the inside, and probs didn't see him, if it was dry i think it might of been more Buttons fault.