Hey does any one in the cleveland area play some horns? My band already has two horn players and were looking to replace one and maybe get more. We definitely need a tenor sax player to replace our current one and we'd like a bari sax and maybe a trumpet. Weve played at the agora, the house of blues, and the grog shop so were not just kids sucking in our basement. Hit me up if your interested
im not sure if this is the right place for this, but whatever. on my keyboard, none of the multi settings(the instruments) work. the only ones that work are the performance settings. does anyone know how to fix this? its kinda annoying.
^ hey i know it didnt work out last time but do you wanna try again? me and a friend started a dance electronic kinda band and we think we want some guitar and stuff. its instrumental right now but we might get a singer at some point. and my main band is also looking for another guitarist if your interested. our influences are bands like cute is what we aim for, forever the sickest kids, stuff like that. message me if your interested.
ive never heard anyone playing stairway, sweet child or eruption. in my guitar center its usually a bunch of young kids who play iron man, smoke on the water, and stuff like that. or we get the crazy metalheads that turn up the amps incredibly loud and play their music so no one can hear anything.
because polemon is pretty much the greatest game ever! not really, but it is really fun. im playing crystal right now actually.
Say Anything
Forever The Sickest Kids
All Time Low
Mayday Parade
Here are some good ones that u guys can use:

We Took Over Texas
Me Over Miami
Cry You Goodbye
Quote by Teen Spirit
Take of the "a" and I like that one. Perfect Paper Airplane.

Definetely. That sounds really good
Hey im 15 in the lorain county area. im starting a band and we need either a singer who can play guitar or a singer and a guitarist. we have a bassist, a drummer, and i play guitar. we also have a singer who is a girl. we want another male singer though so we will have two lead singers, one male, one female. it sounds kinda crazy, but i like the idea. its a pop punk band so think all time low, say anything, forever the sickest kids, mayday parade, ect.
PM me if you are interested.
Wow I Can Get Sxual Too-Say Anything
anyone in lorain county?
this band is sooo bad. you should all get your hearing checked because if you could hear right, you wouldn't like this band. all their songs sound the same. im sure that my cat could write a better song than these fags.
i dont have myspace but yea that sounds good
i would definetely be interested but i live in northern ohio. i cant find anyone in my area who plays the same music as i do.
im looking for a singer and a drummer in the lorain county area. im tryin to start a band. it would pop-punk. or im looking to join a band. i can play guitar and bass very well. PM me if your interested.
A ouple guys from mayday parade and my dad is friends with the singer of The James Gang. Hes been over our house a couple times.
Has anyone ever realized that the RHCP music sucks gigantic testacles?
were going through the exact same thing in our band right now. we want to kick out our bass player because he is just plain horrible at bass and he writes terrible songs that dont even make musical sense. but hes one of my my best friends and im afraid hell get really mad at me. and everyone else in the band wants me to kick him out because im closest to him and i really dont want to do it.