Too bad Gar is dead though, so even that wouldn't work.
Quote by lanzaa
i didnt think UA was that bad, i actually thought it was great.

then again it is the only album i have from them post youthanasia.

am i missing something?

UA is a solid album, as far as new-era Megadeth goes. As for what you may be missing, post-Youthanasia, my favorite is The World Needs A Hero. Cryptic Writings is good too, but Risk and The System Has Failed are only decent at best.
Moonsorrow, Dream Theater, Dark Tranquillity (as always), Overkill, and Opeth lately.
Death Metal-34
Thrash Metal-25
Power Metal-26
Black Metal-26
Speed Metal- 15
Folk Metal-30 HEAL
Progressive Metal- 47
Doom Metal-22 HURT
I still haven't found a folk metal band superior to Moonsorrow.
Wintersun, Dark Tranquillity, Opeth, Overkill...
Communic- They Feed On Our Fear
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Nick Menza is an absolute beast on the drums though, and what more can be said about Marty other than he's a legend.

I've heard that Menza can't play some of the 'deth stuff well enough anymore. There was talk of him joining the band on tour, what, a few years ago or something, but it didn't work out for that reason. My memory could be failing me though.
After the summer, you say? Excellent. It will be nice to hear Broderick in action with some new material. I'm getting kinda tired of the lineup changes, personally. Mustaine is obviously the heart and soul of the band, so he's the one who really matters, but it'd sure be nice to keep a solid group together for a few years at least.
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Lunar Strain is pretty much the perfect example of a totally hybridized style. The melodic and harmonic architecture, as well as basic phrase shapes, are drawn largely from heavy metal; but much of the particular rhythmic emphasis, as well as vocal style and patterns betray a black metal influence while structure and percussion are clearly patterned on death metal. Like I said, it doesn't work, but it may be a gallant effort.

I agree with your analysis, but not with your conclusion. I think that the style does indeed work--and work well.
1. Megadeth
2. Dark Tranquillity
3. Dream Theater
4. Nevermore
5. Iron Maiden
Toadies, Incubus, and Metallica, all in the late 90s.
Godsdammit I had a full list ready to post then my internet ****ed up, so I'm not going to bother trying to come up with it again. But it was a sweet setlist....

My Last Words for the final encore song, hell yeah.
Yeah I realized it was only two right after I posted it.
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Hello, Nevermore fans. Well, I heard about the band, that it's really awesome and all.
What songs would you all reccommend to a new fan?

Hmmmm... probably: Born, This Godless Endeavor, We Disintegrate, Inside Four Walls, Believe In Nothing, Sentient 6, The River Dragon Has Come, My Acid Words, Final Product...
This Darkened Heart = glory.
This has probably been discussed already, but when did Loomis switch to 7-strings? I'm assuming he hasn't been using them since the beginning.
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^Yeah, how can they be on the Numetal list when they are already on the Metal Rec list under "Industrial Metal"? BLASPHEMY!

Yeah I noticed that too.... a paradox. "Here, let me recommend some industrial metal: Fear Factory. But you can't talk about it here..."

Anyways, FF is a great band IMO. I'm partial to Digimortal and Obsolete myself. "Resurrection", "Descent", "Replica", and "Archetype" are my favorite tracks overall, at the moment.
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Not unless there wasnt a copywright on it. But dont ask me, ive never even heard it.

He wrote the piece on his own but it came out sounding verrrrrry much like a tune by Johan Sebastian Bach.
Destroyer 666- I Am The Wargod
That does suck. I need to get my hands on that album as well---I used to have the songs but I lost them.
Impressions In Blood is highly enjoyable---"Field of Heads", "Halleluyah! (God is Dead)", and "Warlords" probably being my favorites from the album.
Kataklysm- Like Angels Weeping (The Dark)
Concerning "Dawn Patrol": ****ing sweet song, even for how short and odd it is. I love the squeaky part (supposed to be like the sound of moles or something, I'm assuming). There is (or at least, was) a morning radio show on a rock station in Cincinnati called The Dawn Patrol---I enjoyed that name-borrowing.
A fire burns in Babylon! You all will BURN!

'nuff said.
I saw the 2005 tour in Cleveland..... ****ing sweet. Some real ****ty-ass bands there of course, but Megadeth-Dream Theater-Nevermore-Fear Factory-Symphony X is like a dream lineup IMO.
Marduk- Blessed Unholy
TSHF is one album I honestly need to give more attention to. I haven't really thought that highly of it, but it deserves another close listen.
Yup, I'd say stick with what you really want. The C-1 Classic has the better pickups, which is a big factor. Either travel a little farther to some other guitar stores or look around at online stores for what you want, don't ever just settle.
To Tim Charles: let me know if you guys are coming to Ohio anytime soon, haha.
Kataklysm- Face the Face of War
Quote by raise_the_dead
Sorry for reviving this, but I freaking love Those of the Unlight, it's a great album IMO. I was disappointed upon first listening, but upon later listens it grew on me a lot.

Agreed. That album is probably my favorite of theirs, followed closely by Opus Nocturne. I actually haven't listened to their newest one yet, but I'll definitely be checking it out when I can.
I'm really torn at the moment between which album I like best, The War Within or The Art of Balance. Both are just so solid, with plenty of highlights...
The opening for "Seed Awakening" kicks my face in.
Well, they're pretty much a love 'em or hate 'em kinda band. I love listening to them when I'm in a ****ty mood b/c they're so damn cheerful.
"Pressed Against the Sky" by the Toadies has some slide action in it, I believe.
Yeah that dvd has some cool versions of songs on it. I like the "Hangar 18-Return to Hangar" action and the extended solos on "She-Wolf".
It seems to be popular to rip on Dragonforce, but I find them to be extremely enjoyable---great cheerful music. I have all of their albums, and I find "Black Winter Night" to be my favorite song. I laugh at their 80s-sounding ballads, but they're still neat to listen to.
I love both of those guitars but I would personally pick the regular Hellraiser, simply because I like the shape of the body a little better.