Hey I have a bc rich dark arts warlock with a fixed bridge I want to install a kahler hybrid trem on it. The guitar is a neck through I have the bridge and I still need to get the locking nut. But is it even possible to put a kahler on a guitar that wasn't made for it. I have zero experience modding guitars . Also how do you get the metal things out of the guitar the the bridge posts screw into? And the metal things the strings go through too. (string through body guitar)
just dont get a 1936 Marshall 2X12.. HORRIDE!!1960 A or B is where it`s at even though they both had the same speakers, the 2X12 sucked really bad
i really REALLY loved the Marshall Mode 4 it`s a hybrid.... but awesome sounding amp.
never played the MA yet but really want to, i`m pretty thrilled to see a new buget Marshall with TUBES out.... and to everyone saying to can get a used 800 900 or any other amp like those for the price of the MA id love to know where HAHA.... the store i always go to have the MA 50 watt head it`s $650 NEW!!... or $750 don`t remember... you are NOT gonna find a 800 for that price here, MAYBE a 900 but highly unlikely.
i`d go with the MT-2 Metal Zone... killer lil pedal if you can set it up right... sounds HORRIDE unless it`s in it`s sweet spot. ... MASS feedback, it`s a very noisy pedal.

my nephew uses the MG30 and the Metal Zone... he loves it i hate it... i stay just stick with the Marshalls gain knob. its got enuff gain to play metal.

but once you play a REAL amp you wont even look at distortion pedals again.... i havn`t touched my Metal Zone in probly almost 3 years
Classic rocker.... could be wrong LOL i know NOTHING about fenders... but thats the 1st thing i thought of
thats awesome, wish i had one for a practice amp... the DSL is alil better then my MG10KK LOL
just wondering... i just bought a band new Marshall JCM800 2203KK it has the Marshall brand KT88`s in it.... how long do these tubes last?, volume wise i play under 5 most of the time. i heard the KT88 is the most expenive tube LOL so im hoping they`ll last awhile.
as an owner of the JCM900 AND the JCM800

the 900 is a really good amp, volume wise... the 800 eats it ALIVE.... the 900 has more gain but the 800 is more raw, just get a gain booster for the 800

my vote a Modded JCM 800

if you want a amp thats more smooth and not as loud the 900
haha awesome thread... i have a brand new Marshall JCM 800 2203KK thats loaded stock with KT88`s, it`s ALOT louder then the other Marshall in my band thats a JCM 900 4100 both are 100 watt heads but the 900 has to be on 7 to keep up with my 800 on 3.5 LOL. LOVE my Marshall
deff go with the Marshall

whats with the 900 MKIII`s today LOL
pretty much my dream rig...

Marshall JCM 800 2203KK
Marshall 1960A JCM 900 4X12
BC Rich Kerry King Signature V

very simple and BRUTAL as F**K!!


Marshall MG10KK
Fender squier HM3
MXR 108 10 band EQ

Use Dunlop 9`s and Dunlop 205 picks and Samson Stage 5 wireless.
i ****ing hate you HAHA

Gain max
presence 7
treble 8
bass 10
mid 4
master 6-7

now go play some SLAYER!!!

seriously i f`ing hate you LOL, 200 bucks you stole that amp... STOLE IT!!!
i used Dunlop 205`s fastest pick EVER!! LOL, i can`t stand thin picks, or even normal size picks all i use now are the tiny thick pics... , if you use the Jazz pics try a Dunlop 205... way better "to me" then the jazz.
i`ll try to get some tonight, but i only have the crappy computer mic to do it with.. but we`ll see

whats this???

theres an amp inside!!!

*drum roll*

OMFG!!! could it be!!!

IT IS!!!


I walked into the music store i always use on monday and asked, how much is the JCM800KK they looked it up and to my surprize they could get it to me for $1700!!! which is the american price. he told me there was only 2 left in canada, Marshall discontinued the JCM800KK it`s now gonna be a special order amp. So well i HAD to get one, this has been my dream amp since it came out, as some know, Kerry King is my idol and i always wanted my rig to be what his is, but i`m not rich like he is, but i`m getting close.... to having the rig from hell.


This amp is NOT for the weak, it`s 100 watts of pure insanity, Single channel maddness. and it`s HEAVY in both ways, this head is close to 50 lbs, but what do you expect from a marshall, it`s built like a tank.

100 watts...

this head is LOUD!!! i had the master at 6 and it was shaking my floor and made my ears ring and made my head pound in about 5 mins of playing.. to think at 6 your just getting started with this amp.

JCM 800...

this amp as you know is based on the legandary JCM800 and it basicly is a 800, the purists will argue this fact cause this head uses KT88`s and not the EL 34`s... so the tone isn`t EXACTLY like a normal 800 but if your buying this amp you know your not buying just a normal 800. it can do cleans, it can do classic rock and metal.... but this head really is a one trick pony.....

the BEAST...

theres a nifty little buttion that lights up whats it do??? lets push it.... holy mother F**KER... the gain in this amp is more then ANYONE will ever need, but this head has a wicked lil feature called the gate, the gate is a noise gate built right into the amp, this is just pure genious... when you stop playing and hold your hand on the strings the amp stops all unwanted noise but wont clamp down one your playing (unless you have it set on zero) the assualt is my favrite knob on this amp, yes thats right, this is where Kerry Kings tone curve comes in, it also throws a shit ton of gain on top of everything. and to everyone that thinks thrash tone is all about scooped mids.. your wrong... king uses alot of mids which the assualt dails in as you turn it up, there is no gettin lost in the mix with this head, and sound guys everywhere will probly hate you HAHA cause of the sheer power this demon can unleash.

don`t waste my time....

this amp is basicly plug and play, once you figure out your EQ settings, there is NO reverb, there is NO 2,3 or even 4 channels on this head... hell you don`t even get a FX loop... it has everything you need and nothing you don`t... 3 band EQ, gain, master and the noise gate, which IS highly needed in a metal amp. if you like me and just wanna plug your guitar into your head and play LOUD aggressive music this head`s for you.

you can play anything with this head as long as it`s METAL, but you wouldn`t be buying a Kerry King signature if you played rock HAHA.

so if you want a basic very simple head that will have your parents, nieghbours, and cops and sound guys everywhere cursing your name this head is for you. so go get one and play the next legandary song, just make sure it`s LOUD and METAL \m/

*ya i know i cant spell worth shit LOL*

Quote by Slayerdeath
hey anyone know if the Marshall JCM 800 2203KK has a FX loop? just wondering, i know the org, 800`s diddn`t

no it does not
Kerry King of SLAYER \m/
don`t really know.. i don`t use pedals at all, i`d say your probly gonna have to mod the amp.. but someone else might know better
i`d really look at the 800... people saying the 900 is an 800 with more gain are wrong, ya the 900 was built of the 800 but they arn`t even close to the same amps, i have a 800 sitting here and a 900.

run a high output pickup through the 800 and you can get awesome metal tones outta it, the ones i`ve played anyway. but it WILL have to be cranked up.

but ya pretty much any JCM will do what you want it too the 800 may have to be boosted some though, depending on your pickups
EMG`s are now solderless, so thats a huge plus, don`t know about the blackouts
Quote by ragingkitty
Actives tend to be rather pointless/overkill unless you're using tubes.

well no not really, ANY amp will see a difference with any pickup... just with tubes you notice MORE of a difference.

when i put EMG 81/85 in my old Warlock there was a tone difference with my Line 6 spider 75HD 1/2 stack. i even did the 18V mod to that guitar running the Spider LOL
oh also depends on your amp and even your tubes if your running a tube amp.
Marshall JCM 900

i use the 4500, 50 watt head. EQ right with EMG`s you wont need any pedals, although i HIGHLY recommed the MXR 108 10 band EQ
i personaly like EMG`s more... i use EMG`s the other guy in my band uses the Blackout, but basicly it`s what you like

alot of people do the 18V mod to there EMG`s which i`m thinking about doin
people say it`s like a Marshall JCM 800... but i find that hard to believe
hey anyone know if the Marshall JCM 800 2203KK has a FX loop? just wondering, i know the org, 800`s diddn`t
can`t wait for this, then store i always use will probly have one in soon.. they already have a 50 watt MA head can`t wait to try it.

and everyone who hates Marshall... keep hating them, it`ll never change the fact that Marshall is the best.

proud owner of a 1990 MARSHALL JCM 900 and soon a killer 800
thats cool but how big is it? i know 15 watts, but is it like the other mico amps that you clip to your belt cause if it is,... i soooo buying one
i judge... i hate seeing kids lug MG`s and spiders up on stage, not that they sound really bad, in a live setting there fine... it`s the HORRENDOUS FEED BACK that i hate... OMFG i just wanna boot the kid and ask him if he knows how to use a volume knob on the guitar.

but mostly i try not to judge too much.... if the kid can play, he can play, it doesn`t matter how shitty his tone is.
Marshall JCM 900 would probly fit the bill and you wouldn`t even need to roll the gain back, just step on the footswitch to go into the clean channel which can get a ballsy crunch to it if need be.

the Marshall MA might... havn`t played one yet... but will very soon. massivly interested in this amp, even though i`ll never buy it. but still wanna try it out.

JCM 800 maybe?? not sure what blues players of the day used but probly a marshall HAHA
cool pedals... if i ever run a pedal it`ll probly be a cry baby of some sort.. probly the Zakk Wyld wah... nephew has one it`s pretty sweet.

also noticed your buyin a BC Rich ASM pro... NICE!! fellow BCR fan. much rather see pics of that when you get it.
look into cheaper tube amps
Peavy Valve king or Windsor
Line 6 Spider valve
Marshall MA

you`ll need a overdrive to boost the peavey`s, not sure about the marshall, the spider VALVE will do fine for metal

i`m pretty sure the Marshall will be good for metal BUT i havn`t played a MA yet, so i`m not sure.
Quote by sampsonx
Hey guy's i'm wondering whether i should look into getting a new 50 watt head from the MA series, or getting an old jcm 900 (better than the 800's) probably dual channel?

ill probably be playing at low/medium volume... my beginner amp aint cutting it anymore

too bad your in sydney... my JCM 900 is 4 sale.

the new MA`s look hot, and there dirt cheap for a Marshall tube head i would really look into the MA BUT as an owner of a 900, i can tell you the 900 is a WICKED amp, i have nothing but good things to say about mine.

I just wanted to tell the Marshall thread to be on the lookout for a NAD thread.... i ordered *drum roll* a MARSHALL JCM 800 2203KK!!!! should be here by friday!!
sweet amp man.... try hooking it into a 1960 4X12, sounds wayyyy better though a cab, i used to run my JCM 900 4500 thought a 2x12... hated it, got a 4X12 and loved it.

love the 900... gonna miss mine, but the day is here that we have to part our ways , i`m gonna really miss that amp though.

oh heres a tip for ya... try the MXR 108 EQ through the FX loop.
i had a mode 4 as a loner once... it was a wicked amp, GREAT for metal, i don`t know about anything else though.

if i wasn`t so into tubes i`d seriously look at buying a Mode 4
damn 10/10, although i`m not the biggest fan of the strat and LP style guitars, those guitars are still epic.

My rig. it`s a BIT different

Marshall JCM 900 4500
Marshall JCM 900 1960A G12T-75`s
BC Rich Kerry King Signature V neck through/EMG
Kahler 2315 PRO Kerry King signature bridge
MXR 108 10 band EQ

just wanna get a final score on this cause i may be having a NAD soon!!!
awww crap it wasn`t just EMG`s it was EMG`s with a floyd or Kahler.
HAHA i honestly don`t know.

ii play with 81/85`s too and use Dunlop 9`s used to us ernie ball hybrids

i`ve heard... (youtube vid) that blue steel are horrible for EMG`s... so im thinking any steel string is bad for EMG`s but i could be wrong
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I don't like the EMG's because they are to sterile for my liking. I play alot of classic rock and I don't like the tone of the EMGs

ya dont blame you.. EMG`s are horrible for classic rock LOL... i play thrash and EMG`s are godly to me.

rockfields might not be the pickup for you then.... the mofia MIGHT do it but i`m not sure

the WMD came with the Mafia neck and the fat ass bridge. i was playing more with the bridge.