i like my coffee like i like my women.
covered in bees.
Should be good, although not my cuppa tea. When I ordered mine I asked for zebras, but I got black cos they didn't have any, so you might not get a choice man.
I have an air norton in neck and tone zone in bridge, and it's pretty sweet. Really versatile, and awesome clarity and bite on the tone zone. Guitar is in drop B at the mo and the mid pickup setting is great for a mid-gain isis/stoner metal fuzz tone. Never listened to FFAF so no idea what you're looking for in that respect. IMO zebras look sick in pretty much any guitar. Hope this helped.
Sorry to bust your bubble, but i'm pretty sure you've created a piece in 4/4. If you have a bar in 9/8 followed by a bar in 7/8 with straight quavers it groups into bars of 16. I'm pretty sure you haven't created any polyrhythms at all.
Sorry mate i really like the ibanez s series too but i have no experience with them whatsoever
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get the second one blue is overrated

what the hell this isn't about colour you absolute tool
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Traffic signals that beep so blind people know when to cross the road.
Edit: wait... why the hell are we doing your homework... i didn't have the comfort of the internet when i was at school... now i'm bitter.

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How can I post this as a tutorial?

Don't, it's hardly useful and takes minimal brain power to understand. Of course if you tune the guitar from a tone higher it's going to sound a tone lower in open. It would work the same as tuning each string using the 2nd fret. Alternatively of course you could just tune the guitar to the ACTUAL notes, which you can do with the use of a: a tuner you spent over 5 quid on, b: a real instrument, c: a free tuning application on the internet.
It is a key change yes. Modulation.
I just bagged myself a line 6 GX for the same situation, £69 and it's pretty darn good. Not great, but it does what i need and it comes with a couple of pieces of free software that you can record a fair amount of stuff on. The tones you can get are by and large rather digital, but i wasn't expecting anything that organic in the first place, and i won't be using it for any live work or gigs in any case. Would reccomend.
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His signature says he came to America 7 years ago. Nowhere in his signature did it indicate that he joined UG.

it's under his name....

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Please forgive my language, I am not proficent yet as I immigrated to America seven years ago, I am still learning. Please help me if possible, thank you.


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Sorry, my English is not very good.

Picture yourself playing guitar right-handed. Pickup, over them is that if you choose guitar strings. In my neck of the pick-up method is active, select the right pickup near the bridge make a sound, almost like a wah wah pedal


Please forgive my language, I am not proficent yet as I immigrated to America nine years ago, I am still learning. Please help me if possible, thank you.

Your signature says 7 years ago.
And your join date is this year..

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*cough* ICMP *cough*

International commission on missing persons?
Did HND at platform one on the isle of wight, serious music down there guys. Facilities are amazing, two fully equipped studios, 24 and 36 channel audient mixing desks, with integrated pro tools and a whole lotta proffessional mics - electrovoice re20, sm57s and 58s, c414s, GrooveTubes - nice load of rack units too. Tutors are amazing, arranging techniques and listening skills modules are taught by a guy named Simon Fricker, an orchestral composer and professional pianist with perfect pitch. You get a brilliant amount of studio time, and the opportunity for regular gigs, as well as a tour to cornwall to finish off the year - and available slots to play at the Isle of Wight festival. Good times. Highly reccomend.
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you need a new amp or you tone wont get any better.
so if your wondering why your expensive guitars are not improving you tone, that should explain it.

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how about a boss metal zone?


How are those dims?
And what attracts you to the seven strings??

/inquisitive nosey on-looker

In any case, what a beaut.
On instinct i wouldn't go for the tube screamer, personally i would be heading for the MXR
Rational gaze, if that riff was a woman i would make love to it.
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arent their more right handed guitars than left handed guitars?

Yes, I think he was referring to if you learnt to play left handed. I'm a left hander playing right handed and i have no problems what so ever. Go for it
Hopefully this means there'll be a guitar center employee now that DOESN'T try and sell you a spider III and actually knows SOMETHING about guitars.

hows that?
Wait, you're being confusing! Do you mean super distortion or seymour duncan?!
Priority being thrash i would undoubtedly go with the duncan; dims are much more in the virtuosic, melodic shreddy area rather than the dirtier, grimier thrash sound.
Despite my lack of limbs i still manage to express myself using my instrument.

Super distortion in bridge will allow you tones quite similar to older paul gilbert stuff. For example:
If it hurts considerably maybe back off for a bit - .11s or .10s until you can bend easily and well, maybe then move back up if you really prefer it.
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Oh the ads are reversed and on opposit sides...

What the hell are you talking about
Another odd one: Kitaro. Just putting these out there!

Marty Friedman also has some unique stuff.
Try bittersweet or luna.
They're not together anymore, but Abstrackt Keal Agram have some interesting stuff out. Check out riviere.
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I can't believe no ones mentioned Godspeed You Black Emperor (I think)

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ISIS is 95% instrumental

Well that's a lie.
It isn't centered around the vocals though, and they feature less prominently than in other popular music.
godspeed you! black emperor, bohren und der club of gore, god is an astronaut
good sign: You can move your legs again
bad sign: Cancer

The pacificas have actually received very positive reviews from respectable critics. Anyway the one in my local store is second hand and £79. I'm thinking of getting it and sticking some bare knuckles or something in