Nothing Contemporary, I'll put it to you that way.
I am going up for certification for Gifted/Talented Music, as it will look good on my application for college and I can use it to continue my GT music classes at school where I am picking up Piano.

I am going up for Guitar and Voice, so I need one song to sing and one song to play. For the guitar, I need either a classical peice, or like a folk song or ect, something that stuffy old ladies will like. I got the song for Voice covered.

Any suggestions?
I live in Metairie. I sing and do vocals, but it all depends on what your looking for.
I'm going as a Kiss fan.
Because I am going to go see Kiss at a festival on Halloween Night.
'Tis badass.
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Thats just something you have to practice until you get it right. If you have a tune to match lyrics in your head, try recording it on something, so you don't get it mixed up or forget it, and try to match it on guitar.
Thanks man... For some reason I never noticed them. My mistake.
All I can seem to find with them is low watt amps, and I just don't think they will cut through the mix, live or in practice. I was wondering if there are any High watt Orange Amps out there, or if not, any advice for getting the most out of them live?

Or do you have any other suggestions for amps?
If you want an guitar you will truly fall in love with, take your current, favorite guitar, and go and by all the upgrades and replacements to it you want, and take the time and make it your own. Trust me, you can buy a new guitar and do this and that to it, but no guitar will ever speak to you like the one you have played the longest and most. Why not just give it a polish and some upgrades, than try and make a new dream guitar, when its right in front of you?
You mean Ibanez Gem?
Cobra's aren't actually that flexible. It's mostly only super br00talz tones. But let me tell you, for metal, it is the the heaviest sounding amp you will ever get. But if you play anything other than metal or metal related genre's, its probably not for you.
Look at the latest Maxim. Hillary Duff was in it. This video isn't hot, but OH MY GOD, the Maxim is.
I painted mine with spray paint. Do a layer, let it sit and dry, and the next day, sand it down, and do another coat. When that one drys, sand it down, and it should be finished. You don't need to gloss it, but it makes it looks nicer.
Ironic, I have a story about them. Awhile ago they were on tour with Winds of Plague, and a bunch of other metalcore bands, and they were the lead supporting act. Well, they took a while to start do to technical difficulties. Well, when they started, the crowd ****ing loved it. And, as we all know, the lead singer is a women. Well, half way through the second song, they suddenly stop and cut all the music, and the lead singer screamed in the mic, OK, WHO TOUCHED MY ASS AND THEN YELLED AT ME!? And it was some asshole in the front row who had punched me in the head earlier in the show who I nearly kicked the ass off if not for friends. The WHOLE crowd grouped in on top of him, beat his ass, to the "Blind" eye of the administration, and he got thrown out with a permanent ban to the venue, and that is horrible, considering that venue is the highlighting stop in New Orleans, biggest one short of the House Of Blues and the UNO Arena. Man, I was so proud of the crowd.

Anyway, yeah good band.
I'm a christian and I believe in Evolution.

Why can't science by the how and not the why? Seriously guys.

Also, keep the religion trolling in the Religion and Philosophy thread.
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Ok, I am not afraid of spiders, but that assures it: I am keeping a shotgun in my room.

For conversations sake, what kind of spider is that? Or is it just an overgrown one?
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That's what happens when you use IE

Not my computer.

I had a HUGE post replying to the replys to mine, but my I.E. Froze!!! GGGGGGGGGGGAHHHHH

I am a sad panda now.
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I think if the catholic Church had any decency they'd leave confirmations till the child was 18 I definitely wouldn't have been confirmed if I'd been a bit older and able to think for myself and resist family pressures.

Well, I can understand what you are saying with waiting for confirmation, and family pressure, but if they did that, it would be much diffrent. If any religion made you come to it, religions would fail in general. Half the point of religion is to guide you from birth, to reach enlightenment, in any form, weather it be Nirvana, Heaven, Ect.

But, on the other hand, if they just suddenly changed that, it could be vastly increased. People tend only to rebel against what is pushed on them. Rant and rave about the church all you want, if you weren't raised Catholic, I could gaurentee you wouldn't have a problem with them. So, it is my idea that if given free choice, more people would choose to go to church again. Look at it this way, as is, many teens more than ever are choosing to return to church to combat hard pressures of society that they are either finished with/or trying to avoid, or maybe both. I for one have recently returned to church, when I used to slam it. And thats because I realized all Christianity is a world of unified people looking for guidance, help, and support to get through life, and as such, help each other all they can, with the guidance of a great teacher of peace.

Yeah, alot of people have misinterpreted the word of god, and tooken from it the message of peace and turned it into a message of destruction. But, a true christian can decifer the true teachings of christ. And there is no good reason to slam a man who gave his life to make the world a better place.

SO, theres me defending Christianity. I think I will go get a donut.
Yeah, its kind of essential for metal players. You have to stay fit to be able to play fast and have alot of energy. Like, I have seen a couple of pre-concert metallica video's, and hammet, trujilio (Or however his name is spelled, SUE ME), and hetfield all do pushups before they go on. And they are already fit, so that leads me to assume they work out in there spare time.

In the end, it really just depends if the musician does drugs. If they are sober, they stay fit to stay tight in there music, but if they are on drugs, chances are that they don't give a ****. A good example is Trent Reznor. On drugs = Skinny ass guy. After rehab = Big enough to pound a nine inch nail in your head.
0/10, Troll.

Seriously dude. Try better. WEAK.
Happy birthday. How 'bout some snow from New Orleans?
Born of Osiris, Winds of Plague, IWrestledABearOnce, The Red Chord... Those are the only big names I support. I love local death metal though.
I saw them last weekend at the High Ground down here in New Orleans, with After The Burial, and Shai Hulud. I can't remember the other band, but the show was amazing. BOS was the best, but I still say that Shai Hulud was just as good, hah
Retreat to the hills.... Gee, that doesn't sound almost exactly like a certain Iron Maiden song, with the exception of the first word which a variant of Run.

But, anyway, cool song man.
Back in the day, Corgan. John Frusciante, Santana, Hendrix (Sorry, obligatory), SRV, Chris Cornell.
Well, dude, about the strings. What kind of music do you play? Do you like to shred, do you play metal, jazz, death metal, alternative rock... All these should affect your decision. Tell me what you love to play, rhythm or lead, and what genre('s). But out of all the various string brands I have played, I like Ernie Ball the best, but I am also a very modern style player.

Also, about the amp. Take it from someone who has a Spider III 75 Watt, they are good, but they don't have the best tone. They are incredibly versetile to use though. But, looking back, I think I would have just saved up 200 more and bought a better amp, though I don't completely regret the S3.
And the Damien 6 is really good for what you want to play. I suggest that.
Sounds like you've already decided.
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Don't abuse the whammy on it, it's not double locking.

The HSS isn't too great for metal by itself. But for $500 you can certainly get one and then replace your humbucker with a pickup, maybe a SD JB or a DiMarzio Tone Zone or similar.

Alright, I will look for an adequete HB to replace it with.
Alright guys, it definetly sounds like a good buy then. I will get it soon then, whenever I have adequete time off work.
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Perhaps you just remember it sounding better than it actually did, I always find after I haven't played my guitar for about a week it sounds and I play alot better for about half an hour lol.

I know that feeling. That happened to me recently. I hadn't played in two days and I played it, and to me it sounded like someone took a dump, and swapped my speakers out with the turd. But after about an hour of playing I realized that I had forgotten that I left my good amp at my practice place, and I was using a Line 6 S3,
So the strings don't stay in tune too well with the tremolo on this model?
Title says it all. I have 500 bucks, and that one pops out. I play Alt. Rock, Nu Metal, And Progressive Rock. Think I should get it?
AND RIGHT AS THE 100m GET WAS UPON US! Its ridiculous. So I come to the Guitar orientated /b/. How's it going guize?