Fair play Jon for getting that first post how it is! Lookin' awesome

Bugera just tweeted about their new 2010 catalog!
Someone said Muse while playing Halo... must try that!

To add to the thread;

Rammstein whilst playing Call of Duty (preferably one which involves WWII)
I'm 17.

Got myself an Epi Les Paul Standard
Bugera 333XL Combo
Dimewah, Russian Big Muff, Boss GE7, and a DD3.

Proud of my gear
Wow, congrats dude! Glad to see ya doing well with such a sweep like that
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getting a 6262. Now, should i get a combo, or a head and get a nice 2x12? I know the cab route is more expensive but that's not a factor. Also, i'm planning to gig with it.

Get yerself a head and cab, I bought the combo and it's a bitch to lug around!
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edit: yeh, 2 big muffs =) the russian usually has its tone pretty high so i can get a fizzy fuzz with it for leads, while my NYC is pretty low for rythms (i got the USSR one from a friend who had 2 and didn't want them both lol)

Ahh, lovely. I like your style my friend
I've got a Russian Muff myself, I adore it! Your board is very awesome though, congrats

Two Big Muffs?

I r intrigued
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I agree also. The only reason I've stopped posting regularly here is because I can't bring myself to read, let alone reply to the same questions. Need Bloodshed to edit if he's got the time?
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mine doesn't apparently. I'm pretty happy about it.

That picture ya posted of the soldered transformer leads is awesome! First picture I've seen of the new-improved Bugera innards

Cheers for that picture man, and kudos for doing some real research
Count yourself lucky that you won't have to bother trying to pull a melted clip out from the board!
Umm, I think anytime after September 09 and you're good guys... could actually be earlier than that, but just try to find the newest one you can I guess. I mean, unless you're buying a used one, I'd say whatever ya get out of a store would be fine!
Gigging my Bugera for the 2nd time tonight! Them jj6l6's are schweeeeeeeeeeet

I'll let yis know how it goes

Much love!
Make sure to pop in every now and then dude, it's been awesome having ya here! Best of luck with the Switchblade
Sounds like you need to turn it up. Presuming you've been playing at low levels so far, that is.
I'd recommend hitting Ikea if you can. Pick up a Gorm bord or a Broder metal shelf.
I've got the Broder shelf and you can use those plastic ties to lock your pedals to the

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Yep, that's exactly how I set my eq now as well.

That makes 3 of us... roughly, anyways :P
I found an awesome setting on the lead channel for playing along with some Opeth. Just slight tweeks here and there is how to work the active EQ. Knowing how to handle your EQ certainly pays off, I think we can all agree

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Sorry about the constant bias posting guys. I just want to make sure that I REALLY know how to do it so i dont f*ck up my amp.

Totally understandable man. No need to apologise, it's just that we've been through all this shizz before. You should be surprised at how easy it was afterwards, as apposed to how easy it may seem right now. But of course, ye need to have as much info as possible
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You guys are making my head hurt with all this wanking about biasing. And I thought I was obsessed about details

I know how ye feel, dude

The past few pages have been flying by... and not all that interesting, personally

And to Gregs for his kind post last page
The test points Bugera give for their amps are basically incorrect, they measure in negative voltage, if I can remember correctly...

So yeah, if you've got a Bugera you need to bias with a bias probe!

TS, pm HouseBoy, he's running kt77's in his 6262, he'll be able to tell you everything you need to know
Not a bad set, but I wouldn't enjoy it at all if ye put in those Oasis songs (but I hate Oasis)

If you don't mind more Beatles, try out ''All My Loving''.
I learned some Opeth stuff, just the rhythm, and I felt that helped me improve ALOT on my speed and technicality.

Heir Apparent is one I'd recommend, really fun to play
I'd say alrighty then!

I don't mean to sound like an ass, and I know my previous comment was a bit unnecessary,
but I was compelled to state my opinion here. And I don't want to disrespect anybody's own opinion
Amazingly ****e...

You guys get so caught up in 'AWSUMGEETARSKILLZORZ'' that you forget to actually LISTEN TO THE MUSIC!

Just my opinion.
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Hello! I just bought a bugear 6262 combo and i'm having a bit of trouble getting a good clean tone. I get a bit of distortion when i play, i'm thinking it's due to my high out put pick ups (Dimarzio D sonic and air norton). There's no low and high gain inputs so I'm wondering is there anything i can due besides lower my guitars volume when i want to go to clean

Sounds like yo need a bias done to the tubes, bro
I believe that's what causing the early breakup!
Mmmm, tasty picture

It's great to see some of the new amps in action
Pick up a Hercules stand!
Foolish people believe that categorizing and labeling everything under the sun will make these things easier to work with (aka judge) therefore making their lives much easier, happier, and more carefree.

But as we can see, it does very much the opposite.
I do agree with BeerChurch and the other dudes who bias themselves. After biasing and installing new tubes on my amp, it's ridiculous how afraid people are of doing such easy jobs.
Not only that, but it makes you feel so much better to accomplish a new skill and be YOUR OWN TECH!

The reason I came here, however, was to post this :

V22 vs. VoxAC15 Tone King Shootout!
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Thank you Goofydog for the response I was looking for.

To the others, I appreciate your responses.

Best of luck with your amp dude. You've got friends here
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I understand biasing by using the probe and connecting to the tube sockets but I'd rather not buy a bias probe. I would prefer to use the port on the back as directed in the Bugera documentation. All I need to know is how to connect the multimeter to the port on the amp or if I need any other equipment to do this. Thanks.

Dude... I don't mean to insult you here, but don't be ignorant. You came here asking for advice and you got the most sound advice possible. I know it's annoying that you can't trust the manual itself, but you need to get a bias probe to even attempt a legitimate bias on your Bugera.

All we wanna do is help you out man, nobody here wants to see another dead Bugera.

Hey dudes... I'm gonna be gigging soon, and obviously I'll be needing some easy transport for my pedalboard... now, at the moment, my board is a fairly large piece of wood with feet, so I'm looking for something a bit more mobile

Any ideas? I was thinking of getting something along the lines of a light metal shelf type thing, that I could just put inside a briefcase and carry. But I know you guys will have places to point me etc.

Thanks for any help guys
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There's a blackcurrant flavour

Yeah... I hate 'em both

Sometimes I put some sugar in to make the taste more bearable...
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Tastes like ass, but it works.
What kinda stuff will you be playing? Name some influences and the sort.

Different tubes have different characteristics so knowing what kinda sounds you want is a good start
Well it depends on how much you like the other spectrum's of the el34's.

6L6's have the most bottom end, kt77's have a bit less, but still more than the el34's.
Apparently the kt77's are a bit of a mash up of the 6l6 and el34!

I've got jj6l6's, and I love 'em. Either way, I'd recommend JJ tubes
Yep, you need to change strings. Bring it to a shop and ask them to do it in front of you, or just check out some youtube vids. It won't be easy starting out but it's gotta be done!
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YES!...for some reason Bugera LOVES mahogony. I have a heavy Hamer that just sounds HUGE thru the crunch channel. With tube amps like these, your guitar quality becomes obvious and undeniable.

You simply can't make chicken soup out of chicken sh't!

I dig that
Traded my Ibanez RG for an Epi Les Paul Standard this morning. In my opinion the Epi sounds a lot better along with the Bugera. I think I'll go back to playing some Zep and stick with the crunch channel for a while.

Well, they were here last year for the Watershed Tour, and we missed that.... but they're not coming to Ireland with Dream Theater ( )

However, apparently the date they're playing here is still part of the Watershed Tour. But nevertheless, does anybody know anything about the setlists?