Can anyone tell me why y'all sound like peanuts parents?


As an Irishman, personally... I have no idea what to say about that
Your combined obscenity, arouses me it does
Carcass, Opeth, Children Of Bodom
I lost it to the Dark Side of the Moon
Hurrah for originality!

Wonder if she'd let me play Nile next time....
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Deepest apologies
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Is it In The Evening?

Yep, he got it.

Well, I'm pretty sure anyways, not the best description TS
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Lateralus is the perfect song to me

I don't know if I'd say it's the perfect song personally, but it definately is my favourite Tool song ever.

You know the last section of the song, when Maynard starts singing ''With my feet upon the ground''? Anytime I hear that I can just close my eyes and feel like the music is taking me through a spiral. To me it actually sounds like I'm plumetting through a sprial full of colour, and mystery.
Good luck to everyone doing the Junior Cert and Leaving Cert!

I shall be getting stuck into the Leaving Cert course in September! Don't ask me why I sound happy about that though
I heard that some explorer said that making contact with these people would be a ''monumental crime against nature''.

Very well said.
Images and Words, Awake and Metropolis Part II, any of them would be a good place to start.

Also, you should check out some videos from their live dvd 'Score' on youtube
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I'm pretty sure Revolver doesn't distribute over here.

I've been fearing that horrible, apparently true fact for over a week now....

Arsetits.... so will you guys be ordering an issue online?
Does anyone have an idea of when that Revolver issue will be available in Europe/UK/Ireland/This side of the globe?

I'm really paranoid that it won't exist at all, and that I'll miss it... dunno wether to order one from ebay right now or wait...

Does anybody else feel my increasing pain?
Yeah, I have!

I've used Bebo to find alot of drummers and bassists that are friends of friends, so I'd say give it a shot

Just be careful who you decide to befriend, obviously
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You should initiate cybersex and as soon as you start say 'Oops, I'm done'.

Nile anybody?
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A combination of both.


Or Chork.

I like your style

But yeah...if I had to pick, it'd be chicken!
Another Day - Dream Theater

Or, if you like your sex hard and fast, try 'Black Seeds Of Vengance - Nile'

Maybe replace the washers?

Not sure really, but that would seem like the most obvious thing to do, to me anyways.
It seems the action needs to be adjusted/properly set up.

If you don't know how to do that, I'm sure somebody could tell you, I wouldn't be 100% sure to be able to tell you myself.

Or you could take it to your local guitar store and ask them to do it for you, shouldn't cost you too much.
Yeah, you pwnd him.

Too bad the school system sucks
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Spell out her name in rosebuds, get it framed - and sent to her.


That is a good idea!

Think I'll do that actually, nice one man
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you're fulla shit

get a hercules stand

Your ass is fulla dick

The stand sucks, IMO
Well, it is a nice guitar

What about just getting a case for it? Then you could just put it under your bed or whatever in the case when you're not using it.
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i just want a guitar stand without any gadgets (with ags) i dont want to put my guitar on someething that i dont fully trust

Yeah, I know what you mean man.

In that case, I wouldn't recommend the hercules stand, personally. But tbh, I've no idea what stand you could buy for a wrmg....

Any chance of persueding your parents to let you use a wall mount?
I have that sucks balls

I find that it doesn't actually close and open around the top of the guitar like it's supposed to...
My friend has a zune, it's damn cool!

But yeah man, you can't get themes on least I'm pretty sure you can't!
Oh noez at the thread title

0h n03z at the thread
I know what you mean...I think of my les paul copy as the little squirt who's also the reliable one....sometimes

But I'd say its the body that gives the impression of personality
Dude, GTFO

Of you're parents house...obviously
I actually got bored with the questions...

I'm not exactly an amazingly cool guy...but apparently I'm not a geek either
Generally if it's a weekday, I shower in the evenings, because getting up earlier for a shower just isn't going to happen

But on weekends I'll shower in the morning.
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You should have kept her hand in your pocket, popped a bone, and let her wank it for you dude...

That would have been really quick thinking