Hey guys!

I haven't posted in this thread before, but I've been an Opeth fan for a while now

Just wondering if anybody has info on the setlist for their Watershed Tour? I'm going to see them in October here in Dublin
If it was for bedroom practice you'd be better off getting a V5.
I just recently joined a band, we're getting things underway, but with any luck I should be gigging my 333xl in a month or two
Anyone catching Opeth in October? Picked up my ticket today
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Well, remember I was running it in stereo with an AC30. I am just using the AC30. My brother joined me in Written In Red several months ago, and he was using a Peavey Valveking 112. It wasn't cutting it on the bigger stages, so he sold it and bought my 6260 off of me. I still get to play it once a week, so its not terrible. I do miss it though. That being said, I can get mad discounts on Bugera gear, so I will likely pick up a V55, or a 1960......or probably both.

Also, its good that he still has it, because I do like that amp in the studio

Still keeping her around, clever

I'd love to be able to try the new V series... I'll have to look around, chances of Bugeras in Irish stores are slim
Good to see ya around again man!

You sold your Bugera? What are you using these days then?
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hmm, interesting! I find that increasing the presence on my 333xl combo is like taking a blanket off of it. I generally run mine around 1 to 2 o'clock position- gives me enough high-end cut but also gives a little more low frequency "boom". To each his own.

Oh, I totally get ya! I usually have it around 12 o'clock myself!

I do notice it makes the amp sound a bit sharper Although it's quite possible your ears are a little more developed than my own
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Well, that's the tubes they come stock with. But they can both run either type of tube if you flick that little switch inside and rebias it.

Well, of course

I probably should have said they come stock with different tubes D=

I've changed from el34 to 6l6 myself! I prefer the 6l6's waaaaaaay better
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Hi everyone.

I'm trying to decide which bugera 2x12 combo I should get. I think I've narrowed it down to the 333 or 6262(I can get either for the same price, the 6260 and 333xl cost 70€ less and more, respectively).

The 6260 doesn't have independent EQ and the XL is a bit pricier and I don't know if I need its extra features.

Does the lack of a presence knob on the 333 make the amp sound bad? Is the XL any better tonewise?

I'm leaning towards the 333 but mainly based on all the videos I've seen of the 333xl, not many videos for the basic 333 on youtube.

Well, I don't find the presence does that much, for me (I've got a 333xl combo)
The XL switch does help the bottom end a little, but apparently it's much much more effective if you've got a head/cab setup!

And you should know that the 333 runs on 6l6 power tubes, and the 333xl on el34's.
The former will give you a more american type voicing, while the el34's are 'british sounding'.

So it depends on what you play/prefer

I've been looking to try one of those!
Anything from Appetite For Destruction. Listened to that album for like 2 years straight
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The 6L6's will definitely tame the mids and give the amp a more modern american tone with very aggressive bass. If thats what you want, go for it. Maybe take a look at KT77's as well.

+ 1

Those JJ tubes made a really big difference! I'd definitely recommend them!

I never knew it but 6l6's were the tubes I always wanted, and you simply can't go wrong with some JJ's
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I'm was talking about changing tubes, rebiasing, then having to replace a tube several days later and noticing that the bias had drifted significantly (say 5-6 milliamps). I don't know, maybe that's normal or maybe my bias probe is not calibrated correctly or something. I follow Eurotubes instructions for the setting on the probe.

Ahh... I wouldn't know if that was normal or what, to be honest dude. Just give it a check when ya can and hopefully it'll be alright for ya. I've been using the same instructions too, I wouldn't question 'em

EDIT: Congrats, ksmc
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I just found Bugera - wow! Cool company!

I have a couple of questions:
1. What are the combo speakers like?
2. What is the V series like?
3. Why so cheap?
4. I play rock and metal thru a PRS Swamp Ash Special. I need an amp that gets bedroom volumes, but will also keep up on stage. Is there a Bugera which would fit me?

Hey dude

1. Pretty good speakers, they do the job

2. I don't think anybody here has heard any of the V Series in person, they're pretty new and not widely available at the moment.

3. The amps are made in Chinese factories, with corners being cut here and there. Biggest problems have been bad tubes, and melting of transformer clips (Although this shouldn't happen if you've got a new model)

4. The Bugera amps that are on the market right now are either 120/100 watt amps, so I don't think you've got any problem there. All of them are high gain, except for the 1990 and 1960 heads.
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Anybody else noticed that the bias on their 333xl seems to drift off where you set it the time before? Is that normal with these amps? I use to have Marshalls that never varied from where they were set.

How long between each check are we talkin? I biased my tubes earlier, and obviously, after about 5-10 minutes it went up a little, but I'd have to check them again some other time before I could say, y'know.

Also, for anybody who's interested, got my Bugera 333xl up and running again. Sounds fantastic with new JJ's, so much better than before! My mate managed to do a really messy job on soldering the transformer wires down but it worked anyways!
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yeah man you only need to bias one of the tubes. and it doesnt really matter which one. i usually use the probe under the tube all the way to the right on mine, but thats just my preference.

if the bias will not go up higher then 34mA in 6l6 mode then you can flip to EL34 mode and set the bias higher on there. but make sure you leave the switch in EL
34 mode once you set the bias on the thing. its Safe to do.

i would bias those 6l6gc's to about 40mA-41mA

Thank you so much dude!

I'll get it biased perfectly tomorrow
Hey guys, I'm gonna be installing some JJ6L6's on my 333xl today, just wanted to check over some things.

I only need to bias one of the new tubes right? Does it matter what tube socket I bias the tube at?

Also, I know that if I'm putting in 6l6's, there's a chance the bias won't go higher than 34mA or around there, so I need to flip the switch back to EL34, but then what?

I should be looking to bias my tubes to around 40mA, correct?

Sorry for all the q's guys
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okay, finally decided that my first tube amp will be a Bugera 6262 combo. Played it for longer then necessary today at two different stores. love the distortion channel. but then again, after playing on a f**kin behringer for a few years almost any amp sounds amazing. so, as soon as i have the money, im buyin it.

Congrats man! Make sure to drop back in when the day comes!

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is the 333XL combo really much better than the 333, like does it really make that much of a difference?

The 333xl has el34 power tubes, and the 333 has 6l6's. Both sound pretty different to each other.

Can you try both of 'em out?
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Hey - cheers for that man, think I'm pretty much set on getting the 333 now just need to get some money!

Given the price of it, I'm quite tempted to get the head version and a 2x12 cab - would that be as easy to crank as a combo?

Reason for going for the head / cab would be, if I decided to upgrade in the future I'd only have to replace one of the components, but then the 333 does have an external speaker jack...errm - bragging rights then?

Yeah, I kinda think I'd prefer a head and small cab now, but I've got my combo so that's that....

Tube combos always give a bit of rattle too, as the speakers tend to shake the tubes - tubes are not made to be housed so closed to speakers!
I think the head/and 2x12 cab would sound a little 'bigger' if you get me. But that's as far as my knowledge of heads and cabs extends
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Hey - I really like the sound of (metaphorically speaking...havent been able to try the bastard out yet) the 333-212 or the 333-XL 212

Just wondering, can you get a good tone out of these at 'bedroom levels'
For a 'chug' / metallica / classic metal kinda tone am I right in thinking the 6l6 tubes with the 333 would be better?
Is there anything on the XL worth the extra price tag and the cost of swapping out the tubes to 6l6s? The only thing I like the sound of really is the XL switch, but I have also heard its a bit useless
Can the line out be used for headphones with an adaptor?

Can't believe how cheap these things are though...really wish I could test one out but none of the stores near me have them

Hey dude! I've got a 333xl combo and I can tell you that you can still get good tones out of this amp at low volumes! I think you're right about the tubes, so go with the 333!
You really need to be using a cab along with your amp to get the most out of the xl switch, so if you're buying the combo it's not that important, in my opinion.

Not sure about your question about the headphones, but I hope I've helped you otherwise

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hey, i have a question i really like the lead channel on the 6262. But does the clean channel work good aswell , as in is it really clean , can you dial it so it doesnt have hair.

I'm not a 6262 user, but I'm pretty sure the cleans are as good as any other Bugera! Don't think you have anything to worry about man
You should post this in the Bugera Thread. I can't really help you as much as I'd like, I've never set up a cab/head before. But the tubes are biased too high.

As I said, post this in the Bugera Users Militia and the more experienced guys will sort ya out
Bugera 333xl/6262 would suit you well I think! The 333xl is very good for lead tones, however the 6262 has a darker sound to it, which you'd probably prefer for teh metulz

Ones to try out if you come across them
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Im thinking about picking up a Bugera 333xl head, and was wondering about the cab. does the standard bugera cab work well with the head? or would i be better off getting a different cab(maybe a marshall 1960A)?

Word is, that the Bugera cab is fairly good. Better than most would think, anyways!
But personally, if you can afford something better, I'd say go for it while ye can!
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Anyone know of any Scottish dealers? There is only one I've found and supposedly they're a bit...shady...from what I've heard. Besides they don't seem to have the 6262 - which I think sounds better (from description) than the 6260s they have.

I know I could get them on the internet, but I would much rather play them before buying...

EDIT: I've also heard that recent batches are more reliable than the origionals. If that's true is there anyway to tell them apart?

Can't really help ye with Scottish dealers, but there is a guy on here from Scotland who's got one. He posted a page or two back, although I don't know if he bought his online or not, but there ya go!

For your other question... check the date on the back, under the serial number if I remember correctly... if it's marked from the last quarter of 08 onwards then you should be good.
Generally, if you've got a tube amp, you'd get an OD to boost it a little further, it could be for a volume boost, treble/mid boost for solos, or whatever. Just try one out and see if you get any use out of it
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^Doesn't Thomann ship to Ireland?

Oh, of course! I meant I can't go and try the new amps out at Guitar Center, y'know, with the lack of GC in the country
Well aren't ye Americans a lucky bunch

As far as I'm aware, nobody here stocks them, apart from a behringer dealer which I think has gone bust! Although now that they're a bit more popular (the new heads and shizz) that may change. Either way, I won't get my hopes up trying to find a new one around
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Basically what I was thinking

I just ordered four jj6l6's from eurotoobz, along with a bias probe! Wish me luck with the biasing

But yeah, myself and my friend opened her up to check out the guts, and found nothing out of the ordinary. No burned clip, fuse seemed fine. As far as we could tell anyways
Here's a pic, you can find 3 more of the guts here

(Invalid img)
How much are you willing to spend? You'd be better off selling both of your amps, that way you'd be able to afford a better amp than just selling/trading one of them
Down With That Sort Of Thing
Hey guys, just wondering about getting to the guts of my Bugera combo. How easy is it to open up AND put back together again?
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but i just said I don't have a tube

OIC! Sorry dude, I thought you were wondering about an OD for the tube amp yer saving up for My bad!
Well it will sound very nice with your tube amp, plus they're tweakable, you can add as little or as much top boost/gain as you like. Always good to have a nice OD to compliment yer tube amp, that's what they say

Ideally, you'd wanna try and check out some OD's with your amp before you buy!
People around here like the Fulltone OCD, maybe an Ibanez or Maxon tubescreamer, or even try a Boss DS-1, it's all about preference.

OD pedals are much better on tube amps, but that's not to say they don't 'work' on SS amps.
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$20 says that the transformer clip melted.

Check out BeerChurch's guide, and it's an easy fix if you have a soldering gun.

To Crazehsteve: Check the transformer clip before you go out and buy a new set of tubes, because you wouldn't want to waste the money on a new set of power tubes when the clip is a 5 minute fix and free if you already have a soldering gun.

Ah, I will indeed, of course! Eeeeeeeeeventually! I'm in a period of laziness at the moment, only thing I've got time for is Gears of War and chillin with friends