You should forget about pedals as long as you've got a Spider III.

It's fairly pointless putting bad pedals infront of a bad modelling amp, really.
Same happened to mine dude. I'm planning on replacing the power tubes soon, fairly certain it will do the trick
Congrats! You're the only person I've come across on the interwebz (or at all, infact) who's got a Bugera and lives in Ireland, besides myself of course
Ever looked at the GigFX Chopper? Something I'd love eventually!
Nice! Sounds and looks like a very nice amp Happy NAD!
No, it's an expression of human emotion.

EDIT: Damn, I need to stop clicking on Pit threads
I think you should give it a try man. I found myself having trouble finding good metal tones, it became harder everytime I tried, and then eventually my tubes pooped out. Still waiting to replace them, but I'm confident that my amp will be deliever when I put that extra effort into it
No idea why he thinks there's two types.... but it sounds like he's got the real deal. My dimewah is basically a 535q with a paintjob.
Last two are pretty good

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Only thing I can tell you is that the t rex fueltank works, and it works well. I've been using it for 5 months now, and I haven't come across any 'cons'. Pretty much does what you want it to and that's that.
That is incredible. I salute you sir
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also, washing hair doesn't cause baldness. the only hairs that come out when washed are the ones that are already loose... it makes no difference.

Yeah, it's true. I should have stated that by saying that the TS should wash his hair less, I don't think that would save him from his eminent doom from Baldsville OOSA.

Sorry TS
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think on the bright could look like joe satriani or kerry king

In that case, I'd hate to see the dark side.
You should wash it a bit less, I think


I'm no pitmonkey
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Okay, so I cut a piece of plexi glass out and I took off the cage thing on the back of my 333-212 and placed the plexi glass there and screwed it in. There is only a small gap at the bottom as an opening now. The sound improvement was phenominal. I played for about an hour after I added it, and it sounded much better than it did this morning without the back on it. I guess I should have gotten the 333 head version with a nice cab to begin with, but ohwell. Im still having that weird problem with a ton of breakup when I play an A note basically anywhere on the fretboard. I dont know what that could be. Here are two clips to show you.

I think I may do this too, if I can get some plexiglass. Need some new tubes first though

Fair play man
Well played sir!

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yeah man. each Bugera amp has a 1 year factory warranty. some stores that sell them witll give you an extra year on your warranty through the company...but thats only a few.

Awsome! Thanks for the help man I'll let ya know what happens when I open it up
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i would open her up and slide the chassis out and check to see if that clip melted or not. its real simple. just a screw on each side of the amp and 4 at the top. it sounds like it did melt. cause usually when you a tube goes bad it will still light up a bit and sometimes even MORE then normally and usually the good ones will still light up as well. so it doesnt sound like its the tubes at all.

i thought the ones that came out this year were the safe ones.

is it still under warranty?

Thanks dude =] I'll open her up during the week then I guess.

Yep, each amp has a warranty for a year right? If so then it is
Quote by HouseBoy83
does the lights on the amp come on? like the channel lights and all?
if they do. you 1) need new tubes 2) blew a fuse or 3) that clip from your transformer melted..which might have happened.....check out beerchurches blog if you dont have a warranty on it anymore.

Yeah, they all come on. I guess if the fuse blew I'd know about it, yeah? 'Cause nothing seems to be different

I was of the knowledge that my particular amp was in the 'safe zone' in terms of that clip. I bought it last September... but ye never know I guess. Hmm...

Not sure what do to then... wether I should buy new tubes, or go to the trouble of taking the chassis out and opening her up, or looking for a replacement. What do you think dude?
Yo dudes... turned on my amp today, let it warm up as usual, and when I played nothing happened. Checked the power tubes. No lightzorz D:

I guess, if I'm lucky, all I need to do is change them? One of them does seem to be hanging lower than the others a little, but it seems like they're dead either way, right?
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How unlikely
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My 333XL is sounding godly atm, it must like the warmer weather

got a really nice lowish volume Def leppard/Bon jovi'ish tone going on on the crunch channel too

haha, mine too

I've just had the best two hours all day playing along to some Stone Roses, the clean channel pulled of John Squier really well, and the amp treats the Big Muff very nicely, and vice versa

Let us rejoice
Tool clips?

Congrats dude, hope she serves you well
^ Wow... dude... they're all so awsome. I love that last one... I'm really impressed, they're all fantastic!

EDIT: Awsome print thurston! Fair do's, you should be proud! Screw the people who didn't like it
Thanks for the list of prices for the new amps, Houseboy

Oh, TS, I love you
That rattling noise is normal for a tube combo. Tubes were not meant to be played in the same 'box' as such, as speakers. It's the vibrations of your speakers which are making the tubes/cage rattle.

I've got the same thing with my tube combo!
Russian Muff arrived today, I'll be testing it out with my Bugera after school! Can't wait, it already sounds brilliant on my Kustom practice amp
You should try and get your money back and buy a good amp. You could do alot better with your money.
I've got a little cheap 10 watt practice amp. It's pretty decent I think, definately beats the 15w MG that's for sure

Probably a good idea to do a bit of research on the particular model you're after though!
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This are my school artwork :]
I can't get to photobucket off this computer so I'll just post the blog I put them on in the first place:

Wow! Savage dude! Your course for art actually looks decent! Like a whole project... our one over here is ****e, it's split up into different parts and that

But seriously, really good work. Loved the slipper done with oil pastels, and the mono print. And extra kudos for sneaking some Dali in there, he's my favourite artist altogether
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Good point this - there's loads of these threads at the moment, but how exactly are internet forumites supposed to help when we've only got your side of the story?


If the TS is still seeking advice, mine would be to talk to your guitarist and if he isn't totally useless you should be able to compromise
Well I'm afraid I don't know much about the amps to help you decide, but you should try and look for them around and if you play 'em you'll probably have a favourite of the two

I'm from Clondalkin, western suburb Yourself?
Have you played them both?
Talk to him, not us.

Communication - it's a key word.
Managed to find a Russian Muff on ebay today! It'll be arriving to my door in a week or so, I hope!

Can't feckin wait!
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You can't find a Russian Muff anywhere in Dublin?

Look for Dave_Mc - he's our resident Irish genius. He'll be able to help you.

Ah, yes! Cheers dude... if I see him I'll send him a pm. Have a feeling the only place I'll get one is on ebay though!
Anyone know of any sites where I can get a Russian Muff shipped to Ireland?

I'm having no luck finding a Russian Muff round these parts, which just isn't fair

Oh my god

It's even funnier for myself, 'cause it happened over here...

That guy pretty much got chased out of the shop

EDIT: Classic example of why the west of Ireland wins Reminds me of something ye'd see in a Father Ted episode '

''My lovely cow runnin' through the, shops!''