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im looking for a very versitile head, i play mainly metal though. i'd also prefer not to spend the grand on the peavey.

Well, as HouseBoy said, the 6262 has a dark character to it, so if there's any particular bands whose kind of tone you're after, that would effect your decision.

But for versatility, the 333 is excellent, in my opinion. Both amps have tonnes of gain!
sysdown27 - both awsome pictures. The first one is really dark and kinda haunting. You did very well there with them pencils =]

The Jim Carey one looks really impressive Kudos my man!

Shortbuschld - Awsome sculpture! I've never tried sculpting but I'd love to do it =]
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No, if they want to be stupid and lose their hearing then that's their choice and their problem when they go deaf.

Well said

I'd be skeptical of it's quality, looking at the price. Never used one either, but it's worth a look I think!

I use a t-rex fuel tank, works perfectly! You might be able to get a good deal on
Kudos for showing us the video man
Congrats man, I'm jealous!
Woo! Glad to see there's been more posts here! Thought it was gonna die again

Siobhan, you're art is nothing to talk down about! You should be proud! Kudos for the sculpture especially, really nice

And uk.mace, fair play dude! You've got talent with that sketching ability! I'm not so confident when it comes to sketching so respect for those awsome pictures!

May aswell throw a picture up, for the hell of it Any feedback would be savage, guys!

This is fairly older than the other stuff I posted last page, just used coloured pencils
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This one looks quite abstract, it's a cool one!


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Thanks, I guess it can't hurt. I mean if it doesn't really matter how it comes out as long as it's an idea.

Exactly, man!
First time posting in this thread!

Any criticism is welcomed with open arms!

Drew this one while listening to Tool's ''10,000 Days/Marie''. If any of you are familiar with the songs theme hopefully you'll see what I'm thinking.

A quick potrait of Obama!

My first go with acrylics!

I'd love to hear some interpretations of this one

Keep the posting up guys! Some savage artwork around here!

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Like i said in the other art thread, I wish I could do some of this stuff. I've drawn a couple not awful things in Art I at school, but for the most part I'm pretty bad.

Dude, you should keep at it. You won't get worse with practice! If you've got ideas then I encourage you to bring them to other people, no matter how bad a finished piece may look. Personally, I think that art is so much better if you've got a raw idea just concentrated onto a canvas or whatever, rather than having some pretty picture which has no meaning.

It's nice to be able to paint 'just pretty pictures' and that one of the golden Buddha of mine is just that! But seriously dude, keep at it!
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thanks man.

Happy to help!
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hey guys just a quick question:

under our user names on the left right do you change what it says under it? mine says Registered User...but i see some say other things

Ya know how to get to the Control Panel? It's in the forums directly left of the search bar! Go into there and select ''edit profile'', and then ''custom user title''
Well, with tube amps, you'd usually use an Overdrive pedal, to push it that bit harder for solo's and the like. When you use a distortion pedal, yer not really benefitting from your amps distortion, which is a bit pointless if you've got a hi gain tube amp.

''Normally'' you'd boost the lead channel, but I say just go with whatever does the job for ya! Whatever you're looking for

Hope I've helped you, even slightly
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Sorry for the double post.
Went for a walk this morning, the weather was amazing. It was hazy but warm, and the sun shone through.

Not sure which I prefer, the black and white or the colour. Help me choose!

Definately the colour one for me! I love how the green and white interact, they really create a sense of ease together, makes for a very peaceful looking route But they both look fantastic... the black and white one reminds me of the cover of an Opeth album... or possibly Dream Theater's ''Train of Thought''.. but yeah, it's a stunning photo!

I really wish I had my own camera now, after posting a few times in this thread. But I'm a photography newb Plus I'm broke
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here is something that I shot last night with a pretty nice dusk sky and just a random light post... more soon

Beautiful! I'm kinda in love with all shades of blue

Nice work man
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Ah yeh, now I see it. Nicely done!

Cheers. I might retry that in the dark and see what happens, I might just get a blur....

Make sure to post it! Best of luck
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Love the third one CrazehSteve - I can't even work out what the first one is - although it looks cool.

Thanks alot man!

The first one is a spiders web full of dew or something like that... you can see all the little drops of water kinda illuminating it!

Nice ball of light ya got there! Groovy
Hey guys! This is my first post here, and I just like to say I've really enjoyed looking through this thread! Alot of excellent photographers here on UG!

Anyways, I thought I'd contribute! I'm actually a painter, but I took a trip to the Japanese Gardens in Kildare last year, and with my girlfriends camera actually took some decent pics!

There's lots more so if anyone wants they can check out my Flickr stream -

Hope I bring to you what you've all given me
I'd send my girlfriend. Alone.

Duuuuuuuuuude! You have got to have the speakers connected! Do not leave them unplugged when your biasing!!
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are the cabs any good?

I've heard the cabs are actually pretty decent! Better than you'd think...
Removing two tubes would only lower the volume very slightly, wouldn't make much difference at all. Your tone would still be the same though.

I'm not familiar with Fender amps so I can't really recommending you anything else, however look into attentuators, they're supposed to half your amps output or something like that. They're kinda expensive though, methinks!
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From what I've heard, I liked what Bugera had to offer. When you say cheap, how much are we talking? Because, generally speaking, I'd rather pay another hundred and live off of top-ramen for a week than save a hundred and watch the amp take a **** during a gig.

Well, I've just checked SamAsh online, and the prices aren't very good at all. It seems all the stuff starts at 500 dollars and goes up. Pretty much the same in euros too. Not much point at all if you could find a 5150 used for 400 dollars then!

Sorry dude, my bad... didn't think the prices increased that much

I think you should take your time and keep searching for a 5150 on teh cheapz!
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I'm kind of a noob at pedalboard setup and stuff and I have a quick question. If I have say, 3 pedals, the One Spot adaptor would power all of them, right? Also, do I need a surge protector on my board or can I just plug it into an extension cord and to my power supply? Thanks for the help.

1. Yep, the 1-spot will power your 3 pedals. I don't use it myself so I'm not sure what the max number of pedals it can power is. But it'll do the job for now!

2. The 1spot may have a built in surge protector, but some of the guys here will be able to tell you if that's the truth or not. Otherwise, it would be a good idea to have a surge protector, obviously... better safe than sorry!
I think it's fair enough of me to mention Bugera.Check out the 6260/6262. Basically clones of the 5150, and alot cheaper.... well, I haven't checked the prices recently but I doubt they're more expensive than the Peaveys

Alot of bad **** surrounding these amps and their reliablity, which you'll find plenty of evidence on around these forums. However I own one and have done for around 7 months, and I've had no problems with mine!
I've got a 333xl combo, perfectly fine since the day I opened it back in late September '08! I adore my Bugera
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Thanks BeerChurch, Sorry for the late replay. Just got back from Ireland. This is the first chance I've had to respond.

Where abouts in Ireland were ya?
Wow! They look awsome!

I tip my hat to you sir, haven't checked the Bugera site in ages
Depends on what style you play, your budget etc etc.

But yeah, you can use a wah with daisy chains like most pedals
^ Yeah, what he said.... >.<

But I'd still be pretty feckin happy if The Pot dvd is released this May! Rumour has it....
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Kinda the same situation. It is normal situation in a bed room. You have ****load of objects around you: beds, tables, lamps and so on.

Yeah, some of it probably is just furniture rattling... but the amp definately makes some excess noise itself... but it should be fine! Thanks dude
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Hm....I have vibration too, the amp causes this, high volume can produce vibration of objects around the amp.

How loud do you play though? I've usually got the master at around 3 and then the channel volumes from 2-4, depends on the channel....
My amp seems to be vibrating and rattling quite a bit when I play... doesn't sound too good.

Can anyone elaborate on this in any way at all? Help would be greatly appreciated lads!
Clips sound awsome. Congrats man
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I meant that on my Bugera 333xl, all the clips for the speakers are connected. None should be left hanging. Hope that was the message that got across.

Oh yeah dude, I get ya! Totally Sorry if you found my message slightly puzzling, it was late at night when I posted

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For the bugera 333xl combo they are, at least on mine.

Good man! Just got really paranoid that I'd screwed something up, but sure it's all good!
Hey guys, just a quick thing I need to run by ya's here....

Got a little bored and decided to open up my combo, just check my tubes were still sitting nicely and nothing was loose really. I turned the amp on it's head at one point, and when I turned it back, there was a clip from the speaker connection hanging around, not clipped on to the speaker, like all the others.

I presumed that it's supposed to be clipped on, but couldn't remember myself for certain wether or not it was right. So i'm asking you guys.

TL;DR: Do all the clips in the back of the combo have to be clipped onto the speakers to avoid certain death?
Guiness tastes just about as good as me ****.
[quote="'[BurnTheDusk"]']ACTUALLY The sound of the amp was the only thing that went right.
For some reason i had a curse on me for breaking up with my ex that day or something who knows.
My strap came undone every song.
The plug kept falling out.
My delays randomly turned one, which as we are metal with some ambient shoegaze passages isn't a subtle effect at all.
My Wah Broke for some reason, and i need to get it fixed.

EEEK. Sounds like you had a pretty hard time up there. Fair play nonetheless dude!
It would, but the 1 spot would be a hell of a lot better. But it's your buy