The 1 spot is the most popular usually -

I've got the T-Rex Fuel Tank which is alot more expensive, but does a fine job!

Harley Benton do a really cheap one too, if you wanna search around for that. Wouldn't buy it myself though, looks a bit unreliable!
Very nice indeed my friend

Went well I'm guessing?
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thanks houseboy83 and crazehsteve, unless i can find somewhere nearby that i can try them out ( and without being infested by the chav plague, beating up "gribly's') then i will be buying without any experience. with the xl people say it sounds more like a recto though, and thats kinda offputting, because all ive heard of those is muddy over distorted or under distorted tones. crazehsteve, by tribute to randy i meant the song not the legend himself!

Ah, my bad! Fair enough dude, still, try and find somewhere you can try them out, do a good bit of eqing and that and you'll have a definite answer yourself. Not sure if there are too many good demos on youtube, but you've probably already had a look at some anyways Although with the 333xl, it can reach those creamy distorted tones, and exceptionally too, especially with an OD! It's got a very responsive EQ that you have to spend some time with!
Hmm, I'd say you could manage a randy-esque tone from the 333's, I'd go with the 333xl though, 'cause then you'll have the american-voiced el34's (correct me if I'm wrong here!)

Are ye gonna be trying some amps out before ye buy?

EDIT: No experience with tubes myself! Hopefully some of the others here will give ya some adivce there!

Well it's quite possible that if you buy a newer model your amp may have wires directly soldered to the board, as apposed to clipped on, which is one big reason these amps are failing. But you could still get an amp with an incorrect bias, or dodgy transformer... educate yourself if you're gonna be buying any tube amp, especially the Bugera's as you will have to do some maintenance from the very start.
Get your new tubes biased TS, and post in the Bugera Users Militia thread if you need more info on plate voltage and the rest of it!
Something like that happened to me one time with my tv controller... only happened once and it hasn't happened before, just for some reason the batteries got really hot.

Hopefully yer pedal will be fine!
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There is a sticker on the box that says 7/03/08.

This is interesting.... date code on my amp is 08 01, and I bought it last September, it's been working totally fine since I first opened her up! Just hit the 6 month mark earlier this week!
Won't have done too much damage, unless you've been playing for hours and hours on end every day. Just make sure you look after your amp!
Pretty sure ya need both of them!
Fuzz Factory
MXR Silicone Fuzz

That's it really! I wantz teh fuzz
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good news bugera users. I got my amp back from the tech 2 days ago after having a struggle of getting in the shop with the warranty. They did a number of repairs on it. SOmething inside of it was burnt, there were loose connections and there were some screws missing! They ended up replacing the required pieces and soldering the connections for me. When I played it, it sounds better than when I first bought it some reason, and it is alot louder, so it seems like they did a good job in the short run anyway. But yea

Congrats man, it's good to hear some positive stories about Bugeras
For Gwynnell

On the lead channel I usually keep my bass at around 7-8, mids 7-8, and treble from 6-8, depends on where I've got my mids. Gain at around 4 or 5.

Can't really remember my crunch settings
Lookin' good! I need to get a digital camera

Sweet Les Paul, never heard of that company before... how is it?
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I think what you guys are looking for is his blog, check out his profile and you'll find it!
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I heard about bugera here, then I saw an ad in Guitar Player magazine, so I went and checked them out and they blew me away! I'm thinking of buying the 333XL. Does anyone have any close up pictures of the controls?

Hope that helped I've got some more pics of the amp if you're interested, just pm me
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The one mic to rule them all!

So it's good for teh vox too?

EDIT: Nevertheless, I think I've found my mic! I knew of it's popularity but wasn't sure it was an all-rounder! Thanks to both of you!
Hey guys... I know there's already a tonne of threads on microphones, but I couldn't find anything satisfactory. Sorry if this is in the wrong place!

Anyway, I'm looking for a decent and versatile microphone, which will be used for recording electric and acoustic guitar, vocals, keyboards, and maybe even drums if I'm lucky

Budget is up to about €150, for the most versatile and quality mic in that price range!

Cheers in advance!
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is it just me or have bugeras jsut got more expensive? i swear they used to be like £400 and something for the 333 212 and now the £500+!

The prices seem to rise and, to a lesser extent, fall every now and then... it really depends on where you're buying from though. You've just gotta shop around a bit
Have to say guys, great thread! I've been lurking for the past week or so, makes me wanna start some post-rock stuff of my own

Been listening to alot of Sigur Ros too, not gasing for an ebow yet though
Yeah, I like my bass too, but you need to level it off to at least 7 or 8 on the dial, otherwise it'll make everything quite muddy and undefined. A little less gain too, not sure about your amp but it wouldn't hurt to use a little less.
Fun pedals are usually the expensive ones.

But check out the Z.Vex Fuzz Factory and the GigFx Chopper
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After 10 days of not hearing a word, I called Behringer today and they agreed to replace my amp.
Pretty cool of them I must say, they must've gotten really tired of my complaining and bitching.
Or maybe they're feeling generous because it's inauguration day.
Either way, woohoo.

Savage! That's really good to hear man, your story with Bugera/Behringer so far has sucked to say the very least. Best of luck with your new amp!
Nice pr0nz, congrats man, all the best
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wheres that new amp pr0ns?

+1, Yeah, me wantz teh pr0nz
WHOOPAH! Some new models!

I like the sound of the 1990!
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That is one sexy Les Paul
Hey dude, check out the T-Rex Fueltank. You can get a supply that'll power 5 pedals, or one that'll power 8. I use this one myself, it does the job

I got it (The one that powers 8) for £135 from, but that was for shipping included!
Just got the wah and eq!

Personally, I can't see how you need another od, what with the tubescreamer and all....

But the only advice I can give you on those pedals is that the Dimewah, is totally awsome. Happy trails, dude
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Is reliability important to you? Do you know how to solder and potentially bias an amp? Do you have a friend that does?


seriously, Occub is right. You need to understand the issues with the amp. Past experiences with reliability. Find the Bugera Users Militia's thread and then find BeerChurch's blog in his sig. Read that.

PS...I'm not saying don't buy one, I'm just trying to make you an educated consumer. The amps are still new so it is expected for it to have issues - especially in this price range. I'm just sayin'

You shouldn't need that flameshield, you're totally right man!

TS, do what this guy says, read BeerChurch's blog and ask us at the Bugera Militia if you need more info. The 333xl combo is what I've got, it's fantastic, but you need to educate yourself and do a bit of maintenance as soon as you get your Bugera
WHOOPAH! FINALLY got the feckin' thing. Just constant strecthing and tuning. Thanks for all the help guys, you're all win.
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Sounds like you have tuning/stringing problems. Read and/or post here:

Thanks alot, my man

And to BackDoorEntry, I've got three springs in the guitar!
Thanks alot guys, really appreciate the fast replies!

I'll give them as much of a stretch as I can, hopefully it'll work. And I'll refrain from buying Ernie Balls next time, we'll see what happens


EDIT: I should've said, it's not actually out of tune, it's just lower, and it won't stay at the right pitch. Like, I can play things, but I need to play them one fret higher for them to be right... anyone able to shed any light here?
So after having my Ibanez 350dx for over a year, I'm starting to learn why the edge III trem sucks

It won't keep my guitar in tune, literally like, I tune the top three strings, and the after fixing up the bottom three, it's all out of tune again... I replaced my strings yesterday, with Hybrid Slinkys, after using a full set of Super Slinkys. I presume it's the fact the my top three strings are now .10s, but what can I do to fix this?

Just need a little experience from someone who's dealt with this before, this is really annoying!
Bugera 333xl can do what you want, it's perfect for you, if you're willing to work with the easily solved reliability issues.
Anyone been to that feckin xmusic place in the Red Cow yet?

Just wondering how good/bad the prices are, what they're stocking and that... I'll probably take a look once the holidays are over
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Yeah, email Bugera, they should be able to send you a new one
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