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the 333xl 212?

^ Yep, that's exactly how mine is! Pain in the arse to get off
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Ok, the first tone test.

Mic: an ancient Akg "Acoustics" D70 ME dynamic
Rig: 333xl-212 on the lead channel with Jackson KE-3 in the High Gain input

1. Mic against the cabinet, on axis
2. Mic against the cabinet, at 45' angle
3. Mic ~15cm from cabinet, on axis
3. Mic ~15cm from cabinet, at 45' angle

Done no editing, except cutting the silence between the riffs, as I moved the microphone.
Might do another one with a condenser mic. (and maybe both?)

Sorry, I know a 57 should be a good standard for this, but don't have one avaivable at the moment. And playing isn't really that amazing either.

Sounds awsome man! Good work with the different mic positions!
So... Puscifer's first live show, next February in Las Vegas.

Quite interesting indeed.
Damn, really really sucks to hear about all these 333/xl's going bust. I guess the reason there's so many more blowing is because there's more being bought...

Seriously guys, you need to check the bias on these amps before playing them. I know that's not the be all and end all of the Bugera problems, but still. It's important.
I am now a proud owner of a bugera 333 head in wee scotland

love it!

couldn't be happier with the sound of it bedroom levels at home

can't wait for it to amaze me again when i use it for the first time at my bands next jam sesh

Congrats man
Glad to have some more additions to the Militia

Mike, may I inquire as to when/if you will be joining us? =D
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So I did have my mind set on getting a Bugera 333xl but now after phoning round a few shops I am now confused!

4 out of 5 shops I spoke to said don't bother with the Bugeras as 1 in 2 of Bugera amps sold, fail - that's the return rate they've been getting on these amps - huge shops like and - this is worrying!

I bought mine from GAK in September. Not one problem with it

All of us here know that it's a risk buying a Bugera, but if you're a guy like me who hasn't a chance in hell of affording a 'proper' tube amp, it's worth the risk.
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( )- Sigur Ros
10,000 days-Tool
Boxer-The National

Great taste.

10, 000 Days - Tool
Lateralus - Tool
The Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
Great thread! I'm a rack newb and that was quite an informative read. Well done
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Awesome vid for you guys to check out...


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The guy doesn't shred at all?

TS, everyone here is right. I've got a MetalZone. I thought it wasn't too bad at first. But then a mate of mine brought over his Cube 30. While recording, take a guess at what distortion I used. The amp's built in distortion, or my metalzone?

Seriously man, if people like me who did buy the metalzone, can't persuade others to refrain from buying it, it really was just a total waste of effort and money on my part. Don't buy it
Hey guys... I may be asking alot here, but I could use some help from those of you who are a little more knowledgeable about these pedals!

Basically, if you guys could point me (linkage?) to where I can get the seperate power supplies needed for the Dunlop DimeWah and the Ibanez TS9, I would be quite the grateful Irishman
Hmm! Yummah!

Which amp do you prefer?
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It may have already been said in more recent pages, however - t'was but a matter of time
Haha, I can't really play enough Bodom to comment there man, sorry!

But yeah, I do reckon you could get that kinda tone out of this thing! If you had any trouble at all an OD would solve it in a jiffy!
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^ Yeah, I came to that conclusion a while ago (regarding the knobs)

What comments do you have on the 333XL combo Steve?

It's brilliant man. It will not dissapoint. I'm not sure what kinda stuff you're playing but I mean, you said there a page or two ago that some guy said it compared to a Diesel VH4... now, personally, I'm a HUGE Tool freak, so that kinda comment is pretty incredible from my point of view. I love this amp man!

Call me Ste
I'm pretty sure AndyRevenge has mentioned changing the pots before at some point, so he can tell you more about that!

But you can change them, however, I've got that amp, and although at first it is a little unpleasant, for lack of a better word, the plastic knobs aren't really that much of an issue!
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I got a packet of Love Hearts when I was six and every one said 'You Have a Tiny Penis'

You most likely need to replace the tubes. Tubes die out after 2-3 years generally.
If you're not too familiar with tubes in general, check out the ''Everything you ever needed to know about Tubes thread''... the titles something like that.
After scuttling through Blair's September Newsletter on the Tool site, I came across this single significant line!

''Oh, one more thing: "No", GHWT wasn't "the big thing" (your words) alluded to in earlier posts. I believe that's still a go''

I don't actually know if you guys thought GH was ''the big thing'' but either way it isn't!
He just keeps on giving, that Blair.
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Here's a decent website regarding re-arranging the lateralus tracks.

Nice read, thanks for that man
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You don't. You can't change someone unless they're willing to change themselves.

What he said. She needs will power.
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Just got a phone from the guy I ordered it from - said that since I've been waiting for so long I could get the Bugera 333 (not XL) for about 30% discount.

Should I do it?

Dude, not at all!

I just think the 62**'s are more popular because they've got a more aggresive metal tone, and that's what alot of these guys are looking for.

I've got the 333xl combo, and I love it! While it's distortion is not as 'in your face' as the others, it's got a lovely saturated tone to it!

I'm a Dream Theater fan myself, and I can get pretty good DT tones from this amp, and I haven't even tried it with an OD yet!

I think you may aswell go for the 333 with the discount too, the xl switches don't make that much of a significant difference, imo!
Not in the market for a les paul, but free bump for a beautiful guitar.

Good luck man
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Tool fanboys are the worst. You're right there.

People with dinosaurs for avatars are the worst.

/Stupid remarks.
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come on guys can u plz help my serial number problem four posts up.

I'm pretty sure its a zero. As far as my memory serves me, I used zero for all of them.
Yeah, get into contact with them man, hopefully they'll realise you've been treated badly and sort it out for you.

It's unlucky though, like MrCarrot, I've bought from GAK too, and I found them to be really reliable and helpful.
vox ad30vt, definately not the Marshall MG. Probably a good idea to avoid the MG Series totally.

Look at the Roland Cube 30 also.
Well the 333 has more eq options, so it's more diverse.

The guys who go for the 6262 are usually the one's playing metal, it's got alot of gain. As does the 333, but the 6262 is more aggressive.

I've got a 333xl, you won't be missing much without the xl button really, it's not that special.

For what you wanna play, I'd say the 333.

Good luck man!
Quote by RevaM1ssP1ss thread? Maybe?

I don't know.

that just sums this thread up really!
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The 333xl isn't voiced for Death Metal nearly as well as the 6260. It's a bit bright for it.

I'd agree with that, I've got a 333xl myself!
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they sell JJ Electronic tubes. very good tubes. can get a mtached quad of the JJ 6L6GCs for $68 plus like 8 bucks for shipping.

I'd be interested buying some of them myself. Not from eurotubes though, shipping to Ireland sounds quite expensive!
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Bugera 6262 combo

I agree with this guy. It's got tonnes of gain, as loud as you'll ever need, and you should sneak good tones out of it at bedroom level.
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My birthday is in less than two weeks, and a 333 head is looking awfully inviting still. What does the XL switch actually do, is it worth forking out the extra for a 333XL? And can either of the amp do mega br00talz?

Well, I've got the 333xl combo, so presuming there's not a huge difference between head and combo....

The XL switch, to be honest, isn't worth the extra moneyz. Although it does add a little more dimension, if you will, to your sound, it's nothing to get wet over
You may even prefer the 333 to the 333xl for whatever reason, I think Bloodshed said he prefers the 333 a few posts back!

As for 333 and brootalz, it'll get you there, but an od would be a good buy, it'll get you a little further!
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bravo, bravo!
I absolutely love 10,000 Days, and I totally agree with what SireGreat said, it's just as good, maybe even better than the older stuff!