If you get a new guitar it won't sound much better at all, it's the amp that shapes your sound.

Go with the Valveking dude, you'll be really happy with it!
Don't buy anymore Behringer stuff

Don't buy the Metal Zone, I have it, it's way behind the Metal Muff in general, and they're both the same price.

Go for the metal muff, but start thinkin' about a better amp if you're taking playing out of your bedroom!

EDIT: It gets cleaner if you roll back the distortion knob on the pedal itself
Pretty good, drums do seem a little too loud though, to me anyways. But keep it up!
Yeah, I agree with you there Gonna go into the stores on Thursday and see what the prices of Tubescreamers are like, and I'll decide what to get from there!

Thanks alot guys
Yeah, thanks guys! I just checked out the demo a while ago, seems really good. Not entirely sure I need this thing though, I was orginally looking for something just to tighten up my lead channel, Tubescreamer was what came to mind obviously
Anyone tried it?

I'm looking for mid-gain stuff really, something nice and smooth, that I can push to give lots of feedback too. Using a Bugera 333xl 212!

Thanks in advance for any replies
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Welcome aboard good sir. I am glad to hear that you like it.

Thank you my good man!
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Actually I can't be bothered (A paper due tomorrow, keyboard practice, study for a test, etc)

I just figured one of the many diehards in here would take up the challenge.

I don't blame you man
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Sounds like a job for us... TO THE BATCAVE!

Make sure to keep us fearful civilians up to date
Right guys, I played my 333xl 212 for a few hours last night, and my first impression was:

It's heavy! Weighs a tonne

But seriously, absoulutely amazing amp, the cleans were just incredible, the crunch channel equally impressive. I fecked around for a while trying to find a decent Tool tone, and got a few very impressive results, but I'll be buying a Tube Screamer to hit the nail on the head with my lead channel.

Everything seemed to be working fine, I'll be checking it out again on Friday hopefully for the last time 'till xmas

But I'm totally in love guys, this amp is like the fat chick in the office who's amazing in bed!
If you're into that stuff

I don't regret buying this amp one bit, excellent, and I mean excellent value for your money.

Notice anything different about my sig?
I read about 5 paragraphs and realised I was learning more about the old west than I was about Tool
My 333xl 212 should be here today, I know how you feel!
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CrazehSteve :
Yeah, on average I'd say that would be AT LEAST 18 months away. It might be cheaper for you to order from dougs tubes or eurotubes and get them shipped over to europe :S.

Ok cool, thanks again man, really grateful for your help
Oh, thanks alot man Feckin' pricey, but I may just have to buy them!

So if I picked up a set of those tubes, and replace them/get them replaced by a tech, I wouldn't need to do anymore tube replacing until they die, right?
So if I've got a 333xl Combo, and I like to play hard rock - death metal stuff, would these tubes be good replacements?

If not, could someone point me in the right direction?

Cheers for any help in advance
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Like I've said all alone, its those crappy tubes

So should I be looking for replacement tubes for my 333xl Combo?
Probably not, but you should take it to the Bugera thread
My rabbit seems to like Nile, she always hangs around when I'm listening to them. She usually hangs around when I'm feckin' around on guitar too.

I love my bunny
Would you be willing to ship them to Dublin? I'd pay for shipping, if it's not astronomical. Could you tell me how much it would be to ship, if you're interested?
Sorry to break the trend of suprise here guys, but I've got a band that I think some of you might like!

They're from Kilkenny, Ireland, and they draw some infulences from Tool and the like, and I feckin love them!

I may even get the train down to Kilkenny for their next gig, even if it involves me being in a town full of boggers who I'm not familiar with
I'd like to rich ****** shit in his mouth.
Hey guys, ordered the 333xl Combo today, so hopefully when it gets here in around 2 weeks or so, I'm gonna be giving it a little run to make sure everything's in working order!

But I was thinking... how the hell do I make sure everything's in working order?

So I ask of you fine men another question! What things should I look for, run through etc. to check that the amp I've got isn't a lemon? 'Cause once I've checked, it's going into hiding until Christmas Day!

Cheers in advance, you lot have been a bloody huge help
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You've got a 15watt MG?

You'll be in for quite a pleasant surprise!

I was hoping to hear that

Thanks guys, can't wait for this amp. Although it's a Christmas present, I may get a chance to try it out when it arrives
Right guys, should be ordering my 333xl Combo sometime next week, but I'd like you all to do me a favour!

I'm asking those of you here who play Bugera amps, to reasurre me that I'm buying the right amp for the right price

At the moment, I've got a 15watt Marshall MG, an Ibanez RG350DX, and an mt-2. Other than my guitar, this is my first serious upgrade... it's kind of exciting
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get that. works well and is just really cool. also your going to be able to watch porn in an amazing atmosphere

That is just ridiculously cool
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Never been to the store. I don't quite like their stock on the internet anyway and its pretty overpiced. It does have an address on the Nass road on its website though. So maybe sometime you could drop down there n check out if the store exists.

But and are the best places to go if you wanna order something online...

Yeah, their stock is quite ****e, it's just that they're the only Behringer dealers in Dublin, and Behringer are distributing these Bugeras. I guess I'll have to head down to Bluebell and check it out

If I don't buy one from AudioCity I'll probably buy it from Thomann

Cheers man!
Any of you familiar with AudioCity in Dublin?

Is this place like, strictly a web-based store, or can you actually go in and try out amps and the like?

They stock Bugera Amps, which I'm after, but their website is as ****e as anything...
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Some UK sites have already put the price up, so you can probably expect the same.

That's interesting, Thomann put the price of a 6260 Combo down by around 80 euro about two weeks ago...

Hopefully they'll stay the same for a little longer!
Quote by IHATECHILDREN the way...everyone here owes me major oral for finding that site...

Nice try, I already knew about it
What are the chances of the Bugera Combo's going up in price within the next 3 months or so?
Wow, nice guitar. I like what you've done with it

Have my own RG350 though, but have a free bump!
Jimmy, Eulogy, H., 4 Degrees, Opiate, Third's a great show.

Go with Kalamazoo, MI 1998
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Both. Buddhism is an atheist religion.

+1. I was hoping I'd see your post in this thread, I've noticed the Buddhdist like qualities you bring to the pit
I just downloaded the Kalamazoo show, and it's the ****!

''Justin Chancellor - unfortunately, a Jew''
If they want beer they should buy their own beer, cheeky bastards!

But the PA thing, well if everyone agrees that you'll need one, then everyone can split the cost of it.

Stand up for yourself, and if they throw you out, well then you're better off with that. They don't sound like a bunch of guys I'd wanna be in a band with.
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real Irish people (ie people FROM IRELAND) generally dont like your type...

Pfft, ya should've heard Kirk last night at the Metallica gig...
Unless he's planning on carrying a giant 'ULTIMATE GUITAR USER'' sign, I don't think so
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See you there lads

Who else is gonna end up towards the back?

I'll see yas there
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Oh trust me, Metallica are a better live act than Tool. I mean, Tool are actually still better to watch live, but as far as how much better their music gets when it's live, Metallica wins it. I was meant to be seeing Metallica and Rage Against The Machine and Alkaline Trio and Thrice at the weekend, but I got scammed by my tout.

Ah, I'll take your word for it, but I'd still feel better if I was going to a Tool concert, y'know

But I'm looking forward to it nonetheless! Tenacious D are gonna be there too

I'll let you guys know how it goes