Going to Metallica today....

On topic: I'd rather it was Tool
AVG. Google it!
I thought it was feckin great! Well done man, very good job!
Damn noobs...

Not sure if you'll consider them cheap, but they are a good site to buy from.
Sounds like you need to buy a new one.
You rock.
I lol'd when I read this news in the paper.

I'll believe it when I see it
I think she's ****ing repulsive, in every ****ing way.

Now dann_blood, he's doinitrite
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wats an "SS"? ...

SS means solid state, as in an amp that doesn't have tubes. If you're not sure about all that stuff, use the searchbar, I'm sure there's a thread all about tubes and solid states
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i cant buy a new amp, well i cud but my parents just bought me this one and it costed them alot of money nd i dont wna tell em they wasted money for no reason and i want a pedal anyway bcuz my band plays alot of clean then goes in2 distortion in the solo and choruses

You can't go wrong with a Boss ds1, it's good for you seeing as you've got a bad amp (these guys are right, there's not much point in buyin a really expensive pedal until you get a better amp) and it's a classic distortion pedal!

And next time you're getting a new amp, consult us first
You'll need to give us your budget, and what kinda stuff you'll be playing/what kinda tones you want
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Dear God, here i am, back st the relationship thread :P hopefully you won't see much of me for a while, I am probably the worst when it comes to relationships and everything so i gotta say, i REALLY appreciate all the help i've received from all the users on here. anyway, once again i find myself in a strange situation. See, there's this girl i kinda like, and just yesterday i found out that she likes me too. apparently she has liked me for a while but she never said anything. sounds good right? well also just yesterday i found out she has a boyfriend but she says that she still likes me. obviously i'd prefer if she didn't have a boyfriend, but she does still care about him and i don't want to be an asshole who makes her break up with him, especially since i recently got dumped for some one else, i wouldn't want to put this guy through any of that ****. any ideas as to where i can go from here?

It sounds like this chick is a little confused herself
You've got to ask yourself what you like about this girl, because unless you've got really good reasons, going any further with her will probably just leave you in more trouble than she's worth.

What you could do also, is talk to her, and let her know that you like her, and ask her what her deal is, and where you two stand. Don't push her to make a decision, but let her decide. If she likes you enough so that you can both enjoy a meaningful relationship, she'll dump her boyfriend and let you know.

Hope that helps
Aw hell naw!

She looks around 11, and she aint got teh boobiez!
This **** is all hullabaloo!
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I love Queen B, that song sounds like a porno.

A good porno aswell
Not sure about the OD pedal, but some of the guys here will know for sure

How's the Behringer cab?
I imagine there'll be lots of compliments here, seeing as you're a chick on UG :P

But either way, they'll be deserved! Good video, fast and tight playing, you nailed it!

What amp are you using btw?
Hey guys, just been checking the internet and it seems the Bugera 6260 Combo has gone down from €555 to €477

I'm planning on getting a 6260 combo, but how much better is the 333xl combo? Is it worth the €150 more?
I'm goin to Metallica too!
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Look at it this way. Everything positive has a negative, everything negative has a positive.

You've had the relative negatives to the positives, but soon enough the time for positives will come back around, just like a pendulum in the clock of life.

Life is dealing with both strokes of the pendulum, taking whatever you're dealt with and turning it into something useful.

You laid down the pieces and got double word score, but someone came and placed their word over yours taking all your glory... You pick up another letter, its a Q.

Well fuck that, you can't make anything with a Q, but why give in now? If you wait a while, a U will definitely turn up, and when it does, you can use it for an epic triple word score and gain the lead.

Hopefully you enjoy Scrabble.

You presented the same point I was thinking of. TS, this man knows what he's saying.

For everything bad that happens, something positive can be done in reaction. Hope you start feeling happy soon
From their website;

''Adam took this photo of a goddamn garden-variety Tool fan attempting to sign Danny's cast at a recent Lakers game... Yeah... cast you say... um... Yeah... it seems that Danny tangled with an unruly marine hazard, venomous and... dangerous... while vacationing in Hawaii (BACK IN FEBRUARY!). This aquatic critter was most likely a sea urchin or a scorpion fish... or something far more nefarious having nothing to do with the puncture nor venomous pincers of a marine hazard... but... at least, along with the throbbing pain and infection, there was a PURPLISH (Lakers fans!!!) discoloration... Still, it doesn't look like that unannounced Tool show in Lebanon Kansas for the solstice is going to happen... not to mention Danny performing with VOLTO! on Friday... Let's just hope... maybe even... pray... that after two surgeries... the finger (still numb)... finally heals. I know that he has my prayers... ''

This was posted back in June, so his hand is pretty much healed by now, and I think he's played a show or two with Volto since Check the archive if you want the photo
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The Rocktron runs inline, meaning that you just run it like any other pedal

Thanks alot man

Honestly? I've never had real difficulty learning ANY Tool song, so far. (For bass).

I play guitar, but I'd agree with you. Although I found Rosetta Stoned quite the bastard to nail
Ya fookin plank ye
My best friend and my girlfriend both hate Tool
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The poll is pretty stupid.
There is a big difference between 11 and 16.

I agree

I'm 16.
I'm gunna have sexorz with my girlfriend

Well done to that lady.
Hey guys, I read the faq, but I'm still a little unsure.

Do I need a seperate speaker cab or amp, plus the amp I'm running with my guitar to use a talkbox?

EDIT: Okay, I've found out that the Dunlop Heil needs to be run through two amps (which I could do) but that it's potentially dnagerous.
On the other hand there's the Rocktron Banshee, which apparently I only need to use one amp with?

Could someone explain to me how I'd setup the Rocktron with my amp? (Marshall MG15. Please, all opinions aside, I just need your help!)

SUPEREDIT: Anyone? Guys? Hello?
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Mmmmm music theory discussion...

Now is when I respectfully take a step back and just kind of nod my head and act like I understand what people are talking about.


Go us
Picked JC over John Myung, 'cause I think Justin Chancellor is more original in general.
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metal muff is the same price as the mt-2 but awhole lot better!

Ah! I was too lazy to research it this morning

Well then it's purely up to the TS's preference, but I'd say both of those pedals would give you the kind of leads you're looking for
I've got an MG15, and an mt2. I love my mt2, it's obv a hell of a lot better than the mg's distortion, and I can get a whole range of different tones from it.

If you're considering the m2t, just go and try it out, because obviously there's alot of people who dislike it, and then there's others like myself who love it. It's all down to personal preference.

EDIT: EHX Metal Muff would most likely be better than the mt2, due to it's high regard here and the fact it costs more. It's still in your price range though, I think. You should try them both out and see what you like better.

Hope any of that was helpful