Thanks for the heads up
It's a pokemon... migmon
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"10,000 posts in the fire is long enough!"

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The 4x12's are surprisingly nice. I wish they made a 2x12 though.

I gig and record with the 6260 combo. It's pretty sweet.

Honestly you would probably do just fine with the combo

Ah, grand so

I've been reading alot of your posts on the Bugera threads around, I have to say, I'm grateful for your existance

Probably gonna buy a combo when I've got the money
I'd like to know how the TS got on, but it looks like he hasn't read back on his thread.

Hopefully he just forgot to warm the tubes
Well the Les Paul would be pretty much your best bet for grunge and classic rock, it's quite a versatile guitar

If you like the Les Paul enough, I'd go for that one over the Squier. Although, if you're expecting your new guitar to upgrade your sound alot, you'll be dissapointed. You're amp will make up most of your tone, no matter what guitar you have, so keep that in mind.
How good are Bugera's 4x12's?

I don't know wether to go for the 6262 head and get a cheap cab, or the 6260 combo, which is around €200 less than the head and cab.

I like to play modern rock to really high gain stuff, with alot of bass end. Clean's aren't too big of a deal, I'd probably use the crunch channel more than I would use the cleans if I had either of these amps.

So what do you guys think?
Get some ant killer stuff, there's things you can buy that have bait in them and then something inside it kills all the ants, should be useful for your particular situation.

Also, make sure you don't leave any sugary food or drink lying around, that's probably what has them all over your kitchen table

God, I'm always the guy that brings these convos up.

You mischievous little scallywag, you
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Seriously. Get help.

In that case, I'll be in need of some help also
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I'd love to have him as my guardian Dog Angel.

Amen to that

Listening to 10, 000 Days atm. I love how all I've got to do is look at a picture of Adam Jones and I've got a craving for some Tool.
Personally, The Outsider is my favourite APC song.

****in' amazing perfmorance from MJK, and some great riffs which I presume Billy wrote
My first kiss was at around 7 or 8

Then the next one after that was 15! eek
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Its something ranging from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Mindless Self Indulgence to Atari Teenage Riot and KMFDM. With a female vocalist.
Basically something to make a lot of noise on stage, kick around mic stands and just have a lot of fun with making the music n all in general. (got my solo project for more serious stuff)

I'm working on a little demo track for it n i'll be auditioning musicians on the basis of the track (how well they can play it, how well they can add parts to it etc.) and their attitude n stuff sometime early september (cuz i'll be done with my exams by then)...

Hmm, sounds interesting! I don't listen to any of that sort of stuff though, not really my style, but still, sounds like an interesting project. Best of luck man
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Well, i did start one last year... but it all got screwed up then...
And now i'm working on my solo project...
And working on starting a spanking new band in sep... Actually its the same one i was looking to start this summer but i put it off till sep cuz of all these exams i've gotta do this summer...
Damn exams!!!

Just out of interest, what kinda band you planning on starting up?
I say well done, John

When, or if he replies, I hope you'd be so kind as to post in here

Doesn't get shorter than this

The two guys are my mates, I'm the cameraman!
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you have some explaining to do

+1, spill it, mothalicka
One of my best mates is going, I'm so jealous

Carcass, COB, Opeth... hope you enjoy it, ye fecker
Well, if you're talking about solos, not really no

But when I did try and learn some Bodom a while ago, I managed to get the rhythm down alright to a few songs. Try Bodom Beach Terror, and Hate Crew Deathroll.
If you're into Guns N' Roses at all I suggest trying some solo's from their songs

Welcome To The Jungle, the first solo in November Rain, I reckon you'd be able to tackle most of Slash's solos

Check out that site I used it for a little while, it's fairly decent!

Not sure what stuff you're into, but I reckon you should try some Metallica!
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Enter Sandman
Seek And Destroy
Fade To Black

They're all pretty all-round difficulty levels
Megadeth [Music is fine, but I hate Dave Mustains vocals... like, I explode whenever I hear him... screeching ]
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I'm not into Tool, but check out my friend's mom's friend's tattoo:

That's really cool
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foookin noice!
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You get used to it, plus my friend had a frozen cat, but he had to throw it out in spring when it started to thaw.

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I believe they already have enough of those.

We're takin' ther joabs!

He's busking for Doritos!
Should Mexico be expecting a sudden influx of hungry guitarists?
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I couldn't think of a way to answer his question with lyrics... sorry

I think everybody's had enough anyways
In order for any of us to suggest the appropriate action, you'll need to grow some balls, TS.
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we impale them on the massive stone member of the Ithyphallic War God until the backs of their throats are torn out

That's powerful imagery right there

Nile are brilliant

However, this ain't no Nile thread!

You are ignorant to the damage done
But I'm tired of waiting!!!

(God, that couldn't've been more perfect)

I'm gonna wait it out.

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Something has to change.
Undeniable dilemma.
Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear.

Be patient.
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Maynard be pimpin with some chick

Her name's Amber Bell. I have no idea who that is.

I bet he's got his shoulder deep within the borderline.
Hey gaiz, stop pushin' n shovin'!