get in here, you ****s!
bump because titties.
so join us.
Quote by Hydra150
fairly sure that they could get into trouble for accepting money for themselves

I don't think so, but I could be wrong.
I work at a "starbucks' (a barnes and noble cafe licensed to sell their coffee) so we don't have a tip jar BUT we are allowed to accept tips from customers as long as they hand it to us personally.
the no tip jar sucks, but then again, that way we don't get shafted on hourly wages (which is what happens when you're on a tip system) and then something about taxes and tips as well.
Quote by Hydra150
Yeah, you should always tip the driver
if you're in america
or anywhere were the driver is making less than minimum wage and has to pay for their own vehicle maintenece
(provided the food gets to you in fairly decent time)

once I ordered an indian delivery and the delviery guy was in a suit
that was the only time I've had it delivered in one of those boxes that keeps the heat in
shame the food was overpriced and shite though

this, also, if I don't deliver on time, I don't expect a tip. yeah.
ALWAYS. even if theres a "delivery charge" it goes to the company, NOT the driver.
I know, I delivered pizza.

ALWAYS tip the driver, I made. 5 dollars an hour plus tips, so if no one tips, I'm screwed, I pay for my own gas.

best tip I've ever made? $15.. because when the guy opened the door, it fell off its hinges and hit me in the head… tipped me $15 and didn't say a damn word.
best beatles album? sgt. peppers. and the magical mystery tour, and abbey road.

my favorite? still probably sgt. peppers.
we might get pissed off about it, blow it off, call you a pig.
but deep down, it makes us feel pretty good :P
regardless of who the compliment is coming from, it makes you feel good.
I have not, but I work at a book store where old, and unfortunately incontinent, people love to shop.
we've had people shit on the bathroom floor SO MANY times. we call them "code browns"
it's so disgusting.
DOUG AND I ARE IN TC TOGETHER! and stephen and buddy.

except we're in because the regular one isn't working.
also, I recall the phrase "stop bossing me" or "MOMMM, *insert name* is bossing me" like.. bossing me around, in my neighborhood. I dunno if that was just my illiterate 4 year old self or if anyone else did it.
Doug and I are in together drinking beer! get in TC!
wow. my last post was from quite a while ago..

nowadays? every. single. one of them.
anything that doesn't have meat... it's not that hard.

but some ideas:

cut up some red, yellow, and orange bell peppers, saute them, and sprinkle feta cheese on top. DELICIOUS.

omelettes are great, 4 eggs (it's a lot, but it's really the best way) and a splash of milk with some asparagus and cheese.

baked macaroni & cheese

enchiladas made with cottage cheese, salsa, jalapenos, and shredded cheese for the filling, pop the filling into some tortillas and bake in the oven.
yes. I remember when the pit was cool.
shit, shower, & shave.

allll the way.
I have whiskey, pizza, and a tornado warning.
join me.

ALSO, entering the room & then leaving because there aren't many people in the room is NOT a good way to get more people into the room, eh?
love to break it to you: EUtimes isn't credible.
my house, everyone is here.'re not invited.
Chelsea, her name is Chelsea.
Steph, James, and me
I just had my first day of classes, my teacher is from Syria. /fun fact.
I think she's either got to be a teenager who got knocked up, or a severely uneducated woman, judging by the over-use of exclamation points and question marks.

but yeah, that letter is ridiculous. absolutely disgusting.
Quote by charlie__flynn
Well that was an embarrassing comment then! But even better to see a girl with a love of vinyl! Also, great buys, how much do they set you back with an actual CD?!

about $23 or so for A&R and $30 for Brothers.
it didn't say anything about CDs being included.
I usually expect a download link with vinyls from today's artists but the CDs were AWESOME.
AND I got a poster with Brothers, and the artwork is awesome for A&R.

yerp. I love my record store :]
Justin Bieber, who was indirectly involved in an alleged brawl outside a NYC nightclub, could be banned from entering the United States if he's convicted of assault or battery.
Police officers have confirmed that they are currently investigating an incident where the Canadian singer's security guards were accused of being "heavy handed" and "intimidating" to other party-goers.
Immigration attorney Richard Yemm says JB could also be placed into removal proceedings from the United States, if he is charged of assault.
Another US report has claimed that although, law enforcement were not called to the spot, a police rep said that an unidentified male victim at the club received medical treatment in a nearby hospital and filed a complaint.

So Pit, what do you think?

do you want JB banned from the US?
do you think he should be able to continue touring/visiting the US?

could this kill his career? Will the world be a better place without JB?
how harshly will the teenage girls react?

the way he's been acting out recently, I don't think I'd mind: pissing in restaurant mop buckets, defacing pictures of bill clinton, busted with weed, spitting on his fans, being a general all-around dick, and a bunch of other stuff that I don't care to look up.

so, opinions?
bump? please?>?
OP what you said is basically like "I want to lose weight, but I don't want to exercise or eat healthy."

either do it or don't.
or just be a vegetarian.
Quote by charlie__flynn
You are a man after my own heart sir, absolutely superb taste!

I've just recently taken over my dads old turntable, but getting my own for my 21st off my gf (including amp, preamp, speakers etc, what a babe), but have been making my way through his old vinyl collection of about 400 records, loads of led zep, dylan, the cure, bowie, springsteen, todd rundgren, the smiths, pink floyd, the who, neil young, the clash, the jam etc, I am having a great summer holiday!

haha that's exactly what I did. lots of pink floyd, beatles, beach boys, led zeppelin, toto, kansas, boston, journey, simon & garfunkel, Lynyrd Skynyrd, rolling stones, dylan, billy joel, elton john, etc.

it's SO fun to go through your parents old records.
I didn't know my parents were so awesome...

btdubs I'm a woman after your heart

ALSO: picked these up the other day each one came with a CD version. a legitimate CD, not a download link.

davey, you asshole.
Things are happening!!! amazing things
Steph and I are on cam justin is here c'mon, what else do you reallyhave to do on a friday night?
so I just got back from work and theres only one other person in TC. can we change this please?
It's actually really awesome to hear that, we can only hope that all of the Christians actually listen to him and take his example. I mean, he kind of IS a big deal: he's the leader of the largest religion on the planet AND the sovereign of Vatican City.

I think this new Pope is pretty badass (although I don't know TOO much about him, I'm not really religious)
like how he has lived a super minimalistic and simple life, and is really humble about BEING THE FREAKING POPE.
he just wants the christians to open their minds, realize that it's OKAY for people to have different opinions/orientations, and get on with their happy lives without all of the hate.
more people please? we've got a pretty solid grout atm!

You can now have your ashes pressed into a vinyl record!
"Vinyly" founded by Jason Leach will combine your remains with 24 minute of audio of your choice!

So Pit, I ask you:
would you have your ashes pressed into a vinyl?
What songs would you pick?
bumpity bump.
dat Beach Boy's shred makes me crack up EVERY time.
people come in here expecting shenanigans, WE CAN'T HAVE SHENANIGANS IF ALL THE GUESTS LEAVE!
stay with us
now we're back in
I'm drinking and listening to the wall, it's gonna be a blast.
the beer is finally here and now no one is in TC :[