I,personally,would not go for a Gio.I have a seven string one and it's just average sounding,won't be getting any more of them.
If you're not averse to buying second hand there are many RGs for sale at good prices,I got an RG350 for less than £200 and I really like it,even with the stock pickups,although ymmv.
You should be able to find a similar one without a tremolo for about the same price.
Rebel Scum You might as well not bother with the sausage if you're going to put so much stuff on it.You won't be able to taste it anyway.On the extremely rare occasions I have one these days it has to be a German sausage with mustard,nothing else.
Despite me being a very shy and quiet person and generally hanging around with similar people I've known a surprising amount of qualifying characters.Living in a fairly rough area of Manchester (yeah,I bet that surprises no one),obviously too many druggies/dealers to mention.I've known two people who commited suicide,one who died from taking "legal highs".Numerous petty thieves.And the worst one being a lad I hung around with in our teens who went on to murder someone on the bus he was driving,don't know that much about it as we had drifted apart by then.Also knew a girl that was raped by a taxi driver.All of this within about a ten mile radius of where I lived.No doubt there are more that I can't remember and don't know about.
This has to be the worst case of not playing live,they couldn't hear the playback and just sat there like lemons.

Fortunately they had them back the week after and she sang live.
Seen them do this live many times and they allways nailed it.
I think the Harley Benton guitars that Thomann sell are excellent for the price.I have an Explorer and a White Falcon copy and they both look and sound really good.The Explorer was about 100 Euros.They have some nice looking Strat types,I would at least check out the website.Very fast delivery,even from Germany to the UK it's only a couple of days.