I've not received a message and I *think* I sent you one with my email address.
Price reduced to £310. These can be posted for £20 fully insured.
This guitar has lived a busy life and is showing signs of it. It looks pretty battered, but it still sounds as good as ever.

I don't really play this anymore and I'm moving to a flat, so have to cut down on my guitar collection.

The photos will tell most the story, it looks tired and bruised, but it still sounds like a Les Paul with it's mahogany body and set neck.

Any questions please ask, there are a few more photos of scars, but most are covered by the photos in the link.

I'm based in Rugeley, Staffs and would much prefer pickup, but if you really want it posting, I can look into for you.

Bought these a few years ago and I have since stopped using them due to a lack of time and a lack of time.

These are in fantastic condition and look as new.

Will send photos on request.

Any questions, just ask. I would prefer pickup (Rugeley, Staffordshire) but could arrange a courier (which I will need to look into)

£320 ono
Still looking for one if anybody has one?
Putting a price helps!

£70 +(P&P) please!!
Ibanez TS9DX Overdrive Pedal

4 settings; standard 'TS9' mode, +, Hot and Turbo.

Great pedal, it's legendary and on many pedal boards, all over the world for a reason.

The pedal is in great working condition, a few cosmetic blemishes, but, these things are hardy and can take a knock or 2.

Any questions, just PM.
I guess I should point out that this is the DX10D model.
This is my 'Metal' guitar, and I never play metal any more, so it's up for sale...

Solid Alder Jackson body with 24 fret reverse headstock neck with Mother of Pearl inlays. The frets have plenty of life left in them. The action is also great and this thing is amazing to play!

It has 2 EMG 81 pickups installed and ready to go, which sound great.
The bridge is a genuine Floyd Rose 2 and holds tuning really well, no matter how much you dive-bomb and abuse it!

There are also pick marks where you would expect them and a few small dings on the back and sides (not on the front face). I have photos of these and will send them to you on request.

Any questions, or if you want more photos, just send me a PM

I'd prefer cash on collection, but if you want postage, PM me and we'll see what we can arrange.

Hmmm...ok. So I've resoldered a few connections and now I'm getting no sound when the pedal is on. Just that suggest problems with polarity?

I've just finished my homebrew Fuzz Factory, only problem is, it does nothing.

I get a clean signal to my amp no matter what I do (twist knobs and turn it on and off).

When I prod around inside, I get a hum.

Any ideas?

Hi all

Had my eye on one of these for a while, and today I sold an old guitar to make room for a new addition.

If you are looking to sell a Pro Tone Squier Thin line Tele PLEASE either PM me or post on here.

Many thanks
Open to sensible offers?
This is my 'Metal' guitar, and I never play metal any more, so it's up for sale...

I made this all from parts, the body is a solid Alder Jackson body and the neck is a 24 fret reverse Jackson neck.

It has 2 EMG 81 pickups installed and ready to go
The bridge is a genuine Floyd Rose 2

The pictures below show the guitar and the 3 dings which I can see on it!

There are also pick marks where you would expect them

Any questions, just ask!

Thanks for the offer, but I don't really want to post to the States.
Hello all!

I bought a PRS Custom 22 last summer, and because PRS are nice, they have given me 10 sets of strings a year, for the first 3 years of ownership!
Great! Except, because I have had a medical condition that stopped me playing guitar from about the day after I bought the PRS until now.
So on offer is a years worth of strings- 10 packs available for £4 each. If you want the lot, then I'm sure we can strike a deal!
Genuine USA made PRS Strings:

They are great strings, but I have packets coming out of my ears and thought I'd give you lovely folk on UG a chance to pickup some cheap strings!
These are about £6 a pack, so save yourself some money

I'm after a Carbon Copy Delay. If you have one you want to get shot of, drop me an email!
Lets say your speaker has a sensitivity of 100 dB at 1watt/metre.
With one watt, you have 100dB.
ie. Go to 50 watts of power (intensity)
We are calculating for pressure ( dB spl)
Intensity = pressure squared, so the increase in pressure must be the root of 50, which is 7.07.
Then, a dBspl sum : - 20(log p2/p1)
= 20( log 7.07/1)
= 20( log 7.07)
= 20(0.84)
= +16.8 dB

So it'll be 116.8 dB at 1 metre.

It's mainly in speaker sensitivity though:
Compare two setups:
A) 50 watts powering 82 dB watt metre speakers.
B) 20 watts powering 88dB watt metre speakers.
A) dB SPL: 82dB + 20 (log 7.07) = 98.98 dB
B) dB SPL: 88dB + 20 (log 4.47) = 101 dB

Help much?
Quote by Bearded_Seth
James Hetfield's busted up Gibson White V that he used to record Kill 'em All.

He still uses it live and recording

It was stolen from their tour van so he resorted to using his backup explorer and kinda stuck with them..
I was after a similar amp to you. I did all the 15-30 watts I could think of, then stumbled upon Matamp. They blew me away, and I 'accidentally' forgot what my budget was and ordered a 1224. The first lady is the 7 watt. That, again is fantastic. I can't fault any of the Matamps (I tried all of them apart from the new GT50).

I would of left there happy with any of the amps. (no I don't work for them!!)

Please do try them before you buy anything else!!
Take a trip over to Meltham and visit Matamp to try out the Minimat. Sure, it's not as powerful as the MoFo, but it's A-MAZ-ING
Read: "they're rubbish"
I might be selling a 10watt marshall soonish. They're not particularly good amps, but it does it's job. If you're interested send me a PM
Yeah, I have to poke it with a needle so all the puss comes out
Don't laugh at my midgit-itis!!
I am quite 'round shouldered' as my mum puts it. I did try and start playing higher up, but never got comfortable. I really don't think it's THAT low. I don't think I look like a cliche pop punk kid or anything, and I can play well standing up.
It was my thing at 14 (I actually had the strap in question) but sold it a few years back.

It is low I supposed, but it's not as if it's around my ankles!
No, I'm a bit of a midget. I only need it at 60 inches long, but, I don't want to buy one for me to realise it's too short! I had a 50" PRS one that made me feel like Tom Morello! I have the top of my guitar just below my belt line
Hi guys

Can anyone recommend a nice soft leather guitar strap that's pretty long. I probably need one about 60" long (maybe upto 65", just to be safe)
I really want the PRS birds strap (as it is for a custom 22), but there only 50"

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Check Matamp out. They're absolutely fantastic and customisable in the factory.