No, it is an attack against me, but it's fine. It's good that you share your opinions fanapathy. As you can see there are both regular chords and also a Uke version. I play both Uke and acoustic guitar, but most electric guitar, so I have like 30 GP5 tabs, but I enjoy doing chord sheets more these days. I get ratings from friends, they look at my profile to see if I have any new submissions, then check them and rate them as well as leaving feedback on the tabs sometimes, but most by private message.

Yes I used to do rate mine and I'll rate yours with random people, but not anymore. Yes that is wrong, you got me and I'm sorry that it disturbes you and understand why it does that.

It was kind if Joshua to share his HTML since I don't know how that stuff works. I rated all his 165 tabs( I think that was/is the amount of tabs he have/had), I did this to show my gratitude since he put a lot of time into making this HTML thing. But sure, he can have all those ratings removed if that's his wish.

So, that's that I guess, or is there something else? if so, we'll keep chatting about this, no problem at all (:
"Offering this deal", funny way of seeing it.. It was most in the beginning when I made tabs that helping friends with ratings on their tabs seemed like a good idea, to give them a boost. Wouldn't anyone want their tabs rated? We put a lot of work in our tabs, yes? Countless hours of our sparetime to make sure people can learn the songs that they like. We don't get paid to do this, we do it to help.

I don't see how helping friends with ratings is a bad thing? I always play the tabs I rate and try out and discuss with my friends hiw to make them as flawless as possible. So how can they not deserve good rating? Helping each other out is a good thing! (: