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Alhambra's are good.

You're probably getting a 3C. It'll be a good starter guitar, definitely, though you'll want to move up to an 8P in a few years.

I use an Alhambra 8P. Great guitar. I've played 3C, they sound fine.

Thanks a lot. That is the 3C he's interested in getting me. So you think it'd be fne for a very dedicated beginner who doesn't want to have to upgrade for a while?
I am about to begin classes for classical guitar and my teacher is a dealer of alhambra guitars and has encouraged me to get one as my first classical.

Does anybody here know anything about these guitars? I was just wondering as I had never heard of them until he mentioned them. Just trying to get an opinion on what a good classical would be to go with.

Looks like this one will cost about $450, I'd like to stay in that price range.
So, is the general consensus to go for it? Is it the best thing in it's price range?
I have tested the amp and really liked it. Just won't be able to test many others, due to the owner wanting me to purchase soon if I want it. That's why I'm trying to pull from the experiences of others who have tried many amps.
Was just about to buy a used Fender Bassman 250 watts 2x10 from a guy, but was wondering if it was the right choice. It normally goes for $700 but he is selling for $400 and has had it with very light use for about 4 months. It is in near-perfect condition with no problems.

I play anything from jazz to metal, but am currently involved in a folk/blues project which is what the amp will be used for.

Just trying to get a consensus of if I should go ahead and grab this amp or wait and look at other options.

Anybody else got any ideas? I'd really like one if there's any way for me to make/acquire one short of custom ordering.
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If it was a double bass, then there would be a problem, I believe. Something to do with the construction of the body being shaped or added wood to aid frequencies. But since you're on about an EUB, there's obviously no such problem. You should be able to flip any EUB. So it's just a case of you finding one you like.

Well, I had seen people highly recommend the Stagg, but I don't know that you could flip that due to the attachments.

I had also heard of the Palatino being good. It looks like it would be easier flipped.
I play left handed, so already, you know my problem. I am looking for a left handed (or one that can be fairly easily flipped to left handed) electric upright bass. No more that $850.

Can anyone help me out?

Ok, so, no real fanciness here. I want an amp at about this price range that's gig-worthy and upgradeable so that I can expand it later. I play a wide variety of styles but generally play indie and like a lot of punch (hence all the 4x10s)

Somebody help me out.

This is going to sound a little ridiculous at first, but bear with me.

I am a left handed bassist that requires a 5 string bass.

I'm looking to get a "Rickenbacker sound", but they don't make left handed 5 string Rickys. Any tips on how to get that sound without actually having a Ricky.

Let's say, within $1300 to $1800 dollar range.
Ok, so in a few weeks I plan on getting the Carvin SBR410 halfstack. The only problem I have is that I can't tell how many watts it actually comes with. I know the head says it can do 600, but I don't think the actual halfstack pushes 600 does it? Also, would I have enough headroom to expand the cabinet with another 4x10 or not?

Thanks for your help.
I bought the pedal thinking that I would use it a lot, but have found little use for distortion in my bass playing. My loss is your gain, taking offers for the Bass Big Muff, it's in great condition and still comes with the original box. Used Approximately twice.

Thanks for your interest,
I am looking for a bass tab of Grandfather, it'd be really great if someone could help me out, here's a link to the song.

Are certain basses better for tapping than others in general?

I find that most of the music I play has a fair amount of tapping and as I was looking to upgrade basses soon, I wanted one that could handle tapping best, I need a five string, so that of course will play into it.

So I've been playing a bit longer than a year now and have found all of the sudden that when I play fast lines with root notes, the thumb on my plucking hand begins to hurt. I play with the string skipping method where you play with your thumb one string above the string your playing on. Anybody got any advice on how I can fix this pain?
Ok, so I have a need for my first ever half-stack to start playing shows. I've got $700-$800 to spend and have looked around a bit and found these options.

I was wondering which of these you guys would choose or if you would pick something else entirely. I'm going for a punchy almost jazzy tone but I do play a 5-string. Any advice is welcome.

Carvin SBR410

Carvin SBX210

GK Goldline

I know the only difference in the Carvins is 2 speakers and neodymium speakers so I wasn't sure whether the neos would be worth the price difference.

Sorry about the length, I hope you guys have some suggestions.

Ok, but would I lose my punch through a 15"?

If so, I think I'd rather have the 10" as I don't play open B all that much and mainly use it to have more hand positions and to avoid down-tuning.

Comments on if 10"s are ok for me?
I am looking for my first half stack. I play a five string with lots of use of the low B and was wondering what size speaker would compliment this. I had been looking at Carvin amps but wasn't sure if the 10"s in the SBX210

could handle the low B

I tried searching around but struggled to find a good answer, I'm looking for a punchy sound and to avoid all muddiness where possible.

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share the goods man. share the goods.

edit: oooh... post above me... must look...

Once I get settings I like, I can definitely post a clip, it'll probably be some time tomorrow or Saturday. I'm starting to get there with it, just takes some fiddling with the bass settings themselves.

It's my first pedal, so it's been a process.
and I need help getting some settings to use on it. I know there are mixed opinions on the pedal itself, but I don't want to hear those. I just want to see if anyone knows some good settings for it. For example, a sort of Death From Above sound or a Muse sound. Any other settings are welcome, I don't expect it to sound exactly like these bands, just looking for the general idea of getting the right settings.
If there are really so many options out there for buying fretless and left handed, I wish somebody would point me in the right direction. I've searched ebay countless times, with only the Michael Kelly acoustic/electric on it.
Ok, I think I'll be buying a Fender Jazz, could somebody point me to a set of instructions for defretting. Also, would it be easier to just buy a neck from Warmoth? Or, if easier, more cost effective?

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search websites. google left handed fretless. look!

I've done this very thing quite a few times with results that sold for more than $700 which is why I asked for help in finding cheaper ones.
Any idea where I can find one pretty cheap? I want one to see how I like it and the cheapest I've found thusfar is a Schecter that goes around $700, which is more than I'm willing to spend. Anybody got suggestions?

I don't know that I'll actually use them, it was mainly curiosity that made me ask. That and the fact that they do look pretty sweet.
Ok, not to sound ridiculously stupid, but, how do you play with pickup and bridge covers on? I mean, where do you rest your thumb? Where do you pluck the strings?

Such as this bass:

Was considering buying pickup covers as I love the look, but I wasn't sure about this stuff.

Ok, so I've played about 6 months now, and I've noticed that I almost exclusively use the "floating thumb" technique. I never conciously started doing this, it was just the way it began happening. Is this bad technique? Just looking for some guidance so as not to go astray.

No one else familiar with these things?
Was curious of your thoughts on Ravenwest basses, this one in particular:

Is it too good to be true? Good prices always scare me, somebody help me out, thanks.
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Pull a Hendrix.

A bit late for that, unfortunately.
People have been telling me to do this, and I admit, it would be much cheaper. But, would it work for most basses, and if so, what would it take to do it?

So what is the quality difference between the Schecter and the MIM?

Also, related question, what are the differences between the humbuckers on the Schecter and the J Bass Pickups on the MIM?

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That is the one I had been looking at (not exactly sure why I posted the 4 string) So, is it a good bet?
Aren't Rockbasses Warwick's bottom of the line? I just didn't know if they'd stand up to the others for quality.

So, the general consensus seems to be MIM or Stilletto thusfar.

Any other opinions?
Aerodyne's not available in left handed and I'm not sure where I would fine a used Warwick in left handed, will definitely look into it though.
Sorry to post the 10,000th thread on this, but I'm a left handed bassist looking to step up to a new bass, as I currently am stuck with a Brownsville. (cringe) It's done it's job, but it's time to move on.

So, here is my situation, I play progressive metal, Indie, Reggae and other things here and there (metal, groove, etc.) So, I'm a bit eclectic in my playing, like most people, I assume. So, I need a bass that can be pretty all over the place as well. My price range can hit about 700-800 though I'd rather stay under that. Again, I'm left handed, so I can't really go try these things out.

These are the options I've looked at thusfar...

It looks to be a viable alternative to Fender, but I don't know much about it. Also, it is slightly more expensive than an MIM Fender.

Fender MIM, not much else to say there.

Heard these were quite good, but don't know how versatile they'd be.

Any comments on those are welcomed, as well as suggestions of others. Thanks for your help and for getting through my babbling.
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It does indeed look like an Ibanez BTB, but the question I have is - is this bass a $100 eBay special?


Fitzy you're unstoppable.

It's a generic, house-brand, sweat shop Asian bass guitar. Elm body...

Say what you want, but that's impressive. That's exactly what I was hoping it wasn't. Any idea where I can find a good lefty fretless, then?
Any help would be appreciated in identifying it, and what it could be worth.