all of it needs to go.... cant part out ill ether keep it and deal with the big bastard or sell the whole kit as a whole
ttt i really dont need this anymore

needs a good home
can email pics to serious buyers

Peavey 6505+ head (2 years old in great shape and replaced ALL tubes for sale)
Mesa Engineering 4x12 cabinet (all speakers work and only a few scratches from taking it in an out of trailers)
Digitech RPX400 (great shape and cool effects)
1 20' monster cable (still have package and receipt for warranty)
2 8 foot cables brand new for the RPX400
1 speaker cable
1 50' midi cable for foot switch
Peavey foot switch

reason for selling is that i am no longer in a band so i dont need this monster, this amp is my dream sound ill be getting a 2x12 combo 6505 and putting V30s in it

Im located in Richmond, VA
I can ship at buyers expense but it might cost a lot since all of this is large and heavy

emerican16 @ hotmail .com
^^^^ ive got one thats more up to date

August Burns Red posted this up on their Facebook, i already knew a lot of the things he used but this explains EVERYTHING and the images you can see the knobs settings on the pedals and the amps, i was surprised because Im using the same rig (6505+/Mesa Cab) and my heads knobs are identical

Guitar World Gear Tour: August Burns Red Guitarist JB Brubaker | Guitar World

"I’ve been playing Ibanez guitars for years now and I prefer the prestige series necks because of how skinny and fast they are. Great for shredding. The Peavy 6505+ and 6505 amps have been a staple to the August Burns Red sound since our first full length. We’ve always played these amps live and have used them to record all our albums. The Ibanez TS-9 and EMG pick ups are also instrumental in getting 'my tone.' We’ve been using Mesa Boogie cabs since 2007 and have used them to record guitar on all our albums."

"I recently switched to Midi controlling for all of my effects pedals. I found that with our new material I had to do too much 'tap dancing' on my pedal board to get the sounds I wanted and I needed something to that allowed me to change channels on my amp and lots of pedals at once."

"Enter the RG-16. This midi interface has made my life a lot easier. Now if I want to go from, say, my lead channel with my NS-2 and TS-9 to my clean channel with my compressor, DD7, RV5, on and my NS-2 and TS-9 off, I just have to hit one button on my Mastermind Midi Controller. It makes my life a LOT easier and makes tone changes a breeze. The setup was pretty complex and required the building of a ton of custom cables. The cable making was easy though, thanks to the custom cable making kits that Planet Waves makes. "

My rig has come a long way over the last few years. For a long time I used only an overdrive pedal, noise gate, and tuner. It’s funny how the longer I’ve played the more obsessed with gear and effects I’ve become."

-Ibanez RGA 121 Prestige w/Custom green paint job
-EMG 81/85 pick ups (81 bridge, 85 neck)
-In Tune Custom guitar picks (.73mm)
-D’addario 10-52 strings (Light Top/Heavy Bottom)
-Planet Waves custom cables

-Peavey 6505+
-Peavey 6505
-Mesa Boogie cabinets

Rack Stuff:
-Monster Power Conditioner
-Sennheiser G2 Wireless System
-Gator Sliding shelf for pedals
-RJM Music RG-16 Midi Interface

-RJM Music Mastermind Midi Controller
-Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor
-Ibanez TS-9
-Boss DD7 Digital Delay
-Boss RV5 Digital Reverb
-Boss TR-2 Tremolo pedal
-Maxon Compressor
-Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
-Boss FS-5U Tap Tempo pedal for control DD7
-Ibanez Screamin’ Demon wah pedal
-VooDoo Laps Pedal Power 2 power supply

hello all!!

This is Ryan of Archaia trying to get the word out in more places to share me and my fellow band mates music, we are primarily a Metal band with slight core undertones, a lot of our influences include Darkest Hour, Trivium, Unearth, Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying and many more. Since being formed in 2005, Archaia has been through many changes but keeping sight of the goals of sharing their vision of music with the world. Archaia can be found performing locally in Richmond Virginia as well as surrounding parts.

Throughout April/May we spent time in the studio putting together our first professional demo in the hopes to sign a record deal, we have been playing out heavily the last 2 years, most recently we played the Slave to the Metal festival for Fuse TV!

SO! Hope you guys will listen to all 4 tracks and please let us know what your thoughts are on the recording and the music in general!

Thanks and enjoy!
Quote by ethan_hanus
Not a fan of the vocals, too unclear and very compressed. The tone is nice though. The kick seems to high in the mix and its making the snare, high hat, and cymbols sound tiny.

That's just what I heard from the first two songs, it's a good production, just needs some tweaks here and there.

thanks for the insight will focus more on drum mixing next time, was my first Pro Tools experience listen to the other 2 songs they are all different and have theyre own sound

anyone else want to give my full production a listen??? all 4 tracks if you can
thoughts on new album anyone???

MARK said i should post a link to my bands page because i just uploaded the tracks my band (ArchaiA) recorded in the studio in apr/may

hate/like away ill check back to see whats up rate the songs!!!

and tech info, recorded using Pro tools LE, not sure what kind of interfaces, drums were fully triggered, guitars were recorded with engl powerball and mesa cabinet all tracks were doubled, vocals have a lot of compression

tracks were also mixed and mastered using Pro Tools LE
thats about all i know i might be able to find out something if someone is that curious

tabs are up from me and ex guitarist
Quote by ZylitoL
Ooh, I might be able to hit the PA date!

Atheist is headlining...right...??

just saw where a local venue booked faceless , Atheist an Psyopus in july

anyone else know who else os on that??
Quote by Magero
Michael looks pretty devastated when he makes a mistake.
So does Steve, but he keeps his eyes closed the entire time so...

from the PD tour hah i crack every time i look at this
Quote by Magero
They've been on the bill since day one.

using the context he was, guess he thought that they might not have got the tour

ill let you guys know how it was after april 25th
Quote by Keth
Plus Obscura perhaps? Goddamn USA getting all the good tours

correct, they are on the bill now

well when bands are from america they tend to tour over here its too costly for lables to send artists all over the world all the time
umm Tour w/ Cannibal Corpse and Nuraxis..... in America

edit: thought they were going to be on US slaughter tour but i was wrong, still a nice line up though
Quote by I<3Hobos
I found their "Nightmare Fest Demo" which has demo versions of "All Dark Graves", "Leica", and "Ghost of A Stranger", with what sounds like a different singer, if anyone wants the link i can PM it to you.

yes i would
Quote by jetfuel495
You there.Yes, you. Learn how to punctuate.

UG stands for Ultimate Guitar not Ultimate Grammer as long as the point get accross i dont care, back to the subject

Quote by GodofCheesecake
I think they're underrated. I mean, true, they're not groundbreaking, but I don't see why every new band has to be. And they certainly sound better than a lot of other melodic/thrashy death bands. Good live, too.

thank you! phuck genres and just enjoy music without all the bs
you gotta give these guys props most of the band is young, they tour their asses off and have been good enough to get signed to metalblade
Quote by gtar_pro
man, ive been learning the faceless for about 6 months now, and this is imo, some of
the most funnest **** to play aye. also anyone see them recently, just cause im going to
see them in 2 days and just hoping they kill as much as they do on youtube?

it all depends saw them quite a few times 2 at the same venue, and id have to say that the band plays great all the time but the venue has to complete the show

id rather see them in a small venue than a huge one, just my opinion
Quote by Pernell

fuckin raptor claw action

hhha raptor claw.... isnt that suposta be on the feet?

"its my strooong hand"
most of their songs are not easy but not too advanced machine just uses egyptian scales an diminished stuff thats how they get that alien vibe learn some of those scales an im shure the songs will be easy to play or at least the solos

pestilence is prob my fav for play just really fun riffs and fast
SF was great live
but dood might as well not have played bass at all and just sung it was just like he was hitting the thing now i know you can get in the moment and make mistakes but come on

the drummer for me made it enjoyable to watch so epic sounding with the samples

satyricon and cradle of filth were very good as well, check out the my blogs for photos from the show
anyone gone to see the tour yet?

im going tonight
does everyone play a normal set? or does cradle get to play more?
just didnt feel like looking plus didnt know if anyone on here knew about it

its coming close enough that i will try going
anyone know who else is playing with them on the tour with CANIBAL CORPSE

on a side note, HELL YEAH!!!
Quote by insideac
Here ya go buddy.

Quote by Magero
I swear The Faceless and Origin HAVE toured together...

on a side note: anyone know where i can get Origin's first album the self titled one
Quote by joniontop
what is the thing on the PD album art? is that a spaceship I assume?

"planeraty duality" so keeping that in mind and that the album is around one theme i would have to say to me it look like one planet consuming another looks like the mouth of the planet

now the next question is: is it eating the other planet or bonding/becoming one with it?? i think its eating it
Quote by Magero
I swear The Faceless and Origin HAVE toured together...

id like to wackoff to it
but i dont see it happening any time soon
Quote by I<3Hobos
I thought the theme was pretty cool.

Aliens taking over and the government knowing about it is a pretty interesting topic, i wish my vocalist would write some creative stuff. Instead of torturing people and shit.

+1 to themed albums and less gore/kill lyrics some is good too much and it just gets old
Quote by Annihilator666
they would rather sing about mountains, kingdoms, and battles (power metal influence present) than talk about gore and death like a lot of metal bands do. It also shows in the scales the use in their solos.

gore is good but its used too much these days its like you have to talk about killing ect to have a death sound
now im a guitarist so i dont even really listen to vox but i am geting sick of ultra gore in lyrics not saying i dont enjoy it all together just use the musicianship to create the sound
woe of tyrants have done this superb musicanship not just in the tech side of it the whole product
Quote by MHDrunk
Nothing ground-breaking but a great addition to the genre? Interesting.

thats what im saying good addition every new album doesnt have to be ground breaking
for what it is an nothing else its great for me

great addition to the genre

nothing ground breaking its clean, mixed/mastered well an some good melodys in there
Quote by Magero
I dunno, I kind of agree with him.
Most of the songs have a real fun loving atmosphere. The bell at the start of An Autopsy, the ridiculous sweeps in Horizons Of Chaos II. The stupid keys and synths in Akeldama, the cheesy vocoder...
I dunno. It just feels like they had more fun with Akeldama.
PD is still great, but it feels so mechanical. Like they HAD to prove they could do a serious album.

look at the lable that their on it screams deathcore
but over the last few years look who they have tour with alot of tech type bands no to mention they all worship Spawn of Possession
makes perfect sence that they fell into tech a lil more and also Magero said there were some doubters, people who liked the tech parts but couldnt get past the breaks
so it was like they had something to prove
Quote by sXeStraightEdge
I'm seein' them tomorrow!!!
I'm super stoked cuz i've never seen them live before. . .

if you like guitars be on "stage right" thats machines side
Quote by Tehzekester
The so called "homoerotic" clean vocals

after listening to the song so much (was making a tab) i really cant see any other way to have that part an make it sound the same just doesnt support the feel of the song if its not sung like that

i mean i know were all metal kids here an we cant get enough of the screams ect but i guess what im geting at is "necessity" is it really necessary to scream that part i dont think so makes it stand out an catchy
so its been out a few weeks

anyone listened to it a lil more throughly

i have tabs ready for :
"break the fangs of the wicked" w/ solo
"kingdom of might(the eclipse)" no solo (help??)
"kingodm of might(dawn....)" w/ solo

and i have all the solo/lead parts to "seven braids of samson" help on that song could be used

just for anyone who was wondering about tabs