This was inspired by the original Evil Dead film. I'd written the majority of it before the remake (which I've yet to see so far) and only recently finished this. Enjoy! C4C welcome, but be patient, I sometimes go several days without looking at the forum, but I will respond eventually.


Written in human blood
Bound in human flesh
Inside it contains
Babylonian phrase
Verse that wake the spirits

Careful what you read
You've done the evil deed

They want your soul
You've lost control
They're after you
Nowhere to run to
You've lost control
They want your soul

They possess your hand
It won't obey your command
Forced to amputate it
Demonic laughter
Bloody massacre
Driving you insane

Careful what you say
They begin to prey


<Melodic Section>
You're the only one who's left to fight
The demon's that haunt you through the night
They're taunting you
What can you do?
Forced to kill your lover and your friends
Will this nightmare ever end?
Who's to say?
If there's a way?

<breakdown & solo>

Blood drips from the wall
You're screaming at them all
Please leave me alone

Look out behind you
Soon they'll have you too!


You should try to get this published on an e-zine or something. Perhaps Strange Horizons would be interested.
I love songs like these. Nice use of a bit of Latin. I'd like to hear it when you've got music behind it.
I had about 10 or so MP3s on my profile that are no longer there, except for three. Anyone have any idea why? All the ones deleted were original instrumentals I recorded, so copyright violation isn't a reason (or shouldn't be at least). Has this happened to anyone else?
Recorded two takes of this classic Hendrix tune and put them up on YouTube. Take 1 & Take 2 . Take 1 was recorded with my Jackson & Take 2 was recorded with my main guitar, the Electra. I was a little more relaxed and had more fun doing Take 1, so it's a little better in my opinion.
Loved it. The guitar riffs were awesome, sounded like it'd belong perfectly on a classic rock station. Great job.
Love Song

A cover of Syd Barrett's Love Song off his second solo album Barrett. It is (so far) my best recording. It is recorded in Eb standard to accommodate my voice.

Recorded with Audacity.
This is the first cover I've ever recorded and sang on. I'm not the best singer, so sorry if I buried my voice in the mix a little. Recorded on Audacity. Hope y'all like it!
This sounds great, man. I enjoyed listening to it.
Free Bird! Voodoo Child would be a great encore song too, lots of room for improv.
I agree, that would be great
I'm 20 years old, been playing guitar for about four years, influenced mainly by classic rock and metal. My biggest influences are AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Metallica, The Doors, and many others. My style is more hard rock than anything, but I can play and enjoy playing metal. Preferably looking to find musicians within reasonable driving distance from Acworth/Dallas, GA.
I've been riding to the Doors pretty consistently for a couple of months, but my fav band is definately Black Sabbath. I also love Jimi, Zeppelin, Ozzy, AC/DC, Metallica, Pink Floyd, etc.
I was ecstatic when they first reported this and then I died a little inside when Iommi said nothing was set in stone. I hope this will happen, but have to wait and see.
I like their debut and Strange Days equally, followed closely by Morrison's Hotel. I'm going to get Waiting For the Sun very soon.
I haven't, but I'd like to do it at least once in my life just for the experience. Idk if it's legal where I live, but my family knows several of the cops in my area and my uncle's a Lt. in the Sheriffs Dept. so I could probably get away with it once if it ain't legal.
Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix
Order of the Black - Black Label Society
I think the chords you're hearing that aren't tabbed are Malcolm's rhythm parts. The guy who tabbed what you're looking at probably only tabbed Angus's parts.
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By the way, well done for finishing your first song and trust me, the more you practice, the better you'll get! I'm also a fan of Ozzy's lyrics, and think you did a pretty good job of capturing his style here so, good job!

Yeah C1 means Chorus 1. Idk why, but several of my lyrics are almost always in groups of four and I'm working on that. Thanks for feedback!
The first song I ever finished. Inspired by an Ozzy song.

Hallow's Eve

1. It's Hallow's Eve tonight
The freaks come out in moonlight
The devil's free
He's coming for your life

2. Spiders on the wall
Making your skin crawl
But you can't escape from
The killers of the night

C1.You think he's there
Beware his knife
But when you look
There's no one else in sight

3. Season of the witch
A curse that makes you twitch
The ghosts are haunting
Everywhere you go

C2.You think he's gone
You think he's dead
But here's the truth
The killer's really me

4. Creeping in the dark
You hear a werewolf bark
They come for you
In the darkness of the night

C3.You think they're gone
You hope they're dead
But there's no escape
From the killers of the night
Only one who could ever compete with Jimi was Stevie
I've done it twice. Needles don't bother me if I don't watch them stick me.
I see myself more as a lyricist but I guess some of what I write could be considered poetry.
Might wanna look into audio engineering. You know the guys who run the recording equipment. I'm looking into it myself not 100% sure yet though.
Here are the pics
Having some trouble uploading pics, will upload them in a couple of hours after I edit the size. Btw I live in Dallas, GA, PM me if you're interested.
20th Anniversary Export features Black Chrome Hardware

Special Edition 20th Anniversary Export AEX-825/B features Black Chrome hardware with #91 Wine-Red finish. Previously Black Chrome was only available on regular Masters, and the top of the line totally custom Masterworks Series costing hundreds of dollars more.
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Included is:

22"x18" Bassdrum

12"x10"and 13"x11" Toms

1455S wood Snare Drum with Evans Head.

16"x16" Floor Tom

2 (NEW) Black Chrome TH-88I Tom Arms

Standard-BC-800W Boom/Cymbal Stand

P-100 Pedal

H-800W Hi-Hat

S-800W Snare Stand

(1 set) B8 – Sabian 14” Hi-Hat

(1) Sabian AA – 18” Medium thin Crash Cymbal
Gretchin Wilson (free show in St. Louis, her guitarists did a medley of famous rock songs)
A christian group called Testify few years back
A local band playing before a fireworks show on July 4
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jmb, love your guitar.. and nice t-shirt choice, props on the Guns ;]
Personally I'd like it if you put a bcking track with you, but props on the playing dude

Crit mine?
BTW Highway to hell is there just watch as the video progresses

it was great! loved your cover of My Generation, nice bass solo!
The lead guitar player rules and the singer reminds me of Lemmy.
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Here you go, enjoy.

Ignore the terrible solos, enjoy!

Great cover! Love your guitar been wanting an sg for a while and that ending solo was awesome
Wanna see some AC/DC covers!
Here's mine:
Highway to Hell:
Right now the only Metallica albums I have are Ride the Lightning, ...And Justice for All, and Death Magnetic. My favorite Metallica song is Fade to Black, second would be a tie b/t Harvester of Sorrow and Master of Puppets
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
Patience - GNR
Redemption Song - Bob Marley
Crossroad Blues - Robert Johnson (really ANY Robert Johnson)
Tangerine - Led Zeppelin
Gallow's Pole - Led Zep
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - Led zep (gotta love em)
Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton
Fade to Black - Metallica
More Than A Feeling - Boston

no particular order
Jim Morrison, Freddy Mercury, or Robert Plant
Jimi Hendrix
Tony Iommi
Jimmy Page
Randy Rhoads

Honorable mention:
David Gilmour
Syd Barrett
Robby Krieger
Eric Clapton
and so much more!