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The ASOS sale looks nice. Help me pick what to get lads.

New to the fashion thread, but have to say indeed it does. Just snatched me a nice bit of tweed from them last night! Now 3 of my 4 blazers will be ASOS. I need to branch out...
Saw it Sunday and was really really pleased. Star Wars is back, baby!

I thought the lightsaber fight was great. It had so much emotion and realness to it. In the prequels it just felt like 'oh look how skilled they are, our heroes will be totally fine!' and 'oh no, another cut-off hand! but they dont seem to be in ANY pain.' Here when they got shanked up they actually felt it! And you were scared for them. And all those complaining about ow ylo Ren went down easy, he had just been shot in the stomach by chewie (and they established earlier on in the film that gun packs a punch!) and Rey was pretty baddess, growing up in a tough dessert! Anyone who complains about the way kylo looked without his mask, i think that just adds to his character! He is young, he was innocent but he's trying so hard to be the next big bad dude. And now he has a baddass scar across his face. So glad we didnt have yet another hand-dismemberment haha

Loved the Poe/Finn bromance, and the ballsy death near the end that i think we ALL had a feeling about. And it just looked great. It pretty much had everything the prequels didn't. Would love to see a remake of the prequels without the green-screen wankery we were subjected to.

At first i was a bit bugged that it basically hit all the major plot checkpoints as A New Hope, but i guess that puts us in familiar territory, welcomes us back to the story we know and love, and now it can really digress in the following films.

I had to get all that off my back!
The octave fuzz sound is a bit different than using an octave and a fuzz, it's a bit more glitchy, at times subtle (for lack of a better word) and changes with where you play on the nick/pickups. But it can still sound cool, look at Jack White!
Also John Mayer gets a great octafuzz sound using an EHX microsynth (i think) which he uses on 'Belief' live

But one option is Earthquaker's tentacle pedalwhich does what you want; adds that octave effect to any dirt/fuzz you want!

Otherwise i built a tycobrahe octavia, which does sound pretty awesome, and works nice in conjuncton with other pedals. Even if it is a 'bastardization' haha
Nice pedals to be running together, dayum.

I might throw a spanner in and say Fuzz first, even before the wah, can get nasty. The good kind of nasty. Then overdrive after wah and finally distortion (if you want to push the front end of the distortion).

I don't think there is a set rule, personal taste really. A lighter OD after a heavier OD/distortion can help boost and sculpt the EQ a bit more. I run a Blues Driver set up dirty into a Tubescreamer set as a clean boost and it sounds much smoother that way.
It really depends what you want from the pedals.

If you are new to the world of effects and aren't really sure what you might want/need then a multi fx is a great way to get a feel for them.
You might decide down the road you prefer phaser over chorus, or find that you really like the harmonizer sounds.

I've only ever used the M5, but there are loads of great sounds in it, particularly for delays (taken from the DL4 i think?) and reverbs; lots of ambiance to be had.
Plus the M13 does have the benefit of multiple presets like you said, and a looper!

However, if you are already set on what you want; reverb, delay, and chorus, then you will probably get better sounds out of individual pedals. Did you have any particular pedals in mind?
edit: plus they may be more reliable. On the M5 i heard about some reliability issues, and if the M13 breaks that's your entire pedalboard gone!
I can't comment as i haven't expereinced it, but i think some people find the combo of Ac30 + tubesscreamer a little too mid boosted and honkey! I liked my bluesdriver with the AC30 when i had it, but much better as a chimey boost than actual dirt.

A lot of people swear by the Crowther Hot Cake with an AC30 for overdrive. And i think 90's sort of Alt Rock sound a Proco Rat is pretty good with an AC30! But a bit dirtier than mere overdrive
I wouldn't personally go Morley for Blues, i found mine a bit too metal-voiced, not vocal bluesy sweep. The new crybaby mini looks pretty sweet, different voices, pedalboard friendly footprint, might be worth a look, otherwise try out the standard crybaby or vox wah.

Getting an M5 for modulation might be a good shout if you're new to effects, has lots of good chorus/tremolo/delays/reverbs, so you can try them all out and see what dedicated units you want. But you would probably want a separate wah and overdrive.

I swear by my reverb and delay combo (TC hall of fame and Malekko 616) really useful for different genres, from blues to ambient just giving some extra life to my sound (and covering my sloppy playing...)

Recently found a new love of my Carl Martin Classic Chorus, using the volume setting as a warm clean boost in front of the amp, after my main overdrive, hardly any modulation on it, makes a nice change to my usual tubescreamer in that position.
I know J Mascis nowadays prefers (according to interviews and the like) other non-muff pedals in the studio, such as tonebenders and super-fuzzes, so if you want a different flavour maybe check them out as an option?

If you want more of the wall-of-sound thing, im sure muffs would be a way to go. There is some boutique guys here in the UK, particularly certain DIY kit-sellers that will sell completed pedals too!
What amp are you using also? Muffs seem to run best through a big loud amp!
To be honest it doesn't really mean anything. It started as a joke, a pun on the low-cost, high-alcohol drink 'Sprecial Brew' and then it grew on us haha.

Cheers for checking us out!
I quite like the sound of TS9 AFTER the fuzz! That way it's more of a tone-shaper, and gets you those extra mids you lose from a muff. Think that's how Gilmour uses overdrives with his Fuzz too (admittedly he uses a more transparent clean boost than the TS9).

If you're interested in gilmour sounds you should check out the Gilmourish website, he has a huge Big Muff buyers guide! Basically reviews all the popular names in fuzz for their Gilmour tones.
Hi everyone,

Just want to throw out there that my band 'Special Bruise' have finally gotten an album together!
It's called High Class Circus, but we still aren't sure what that's supposed to mean.

Free download below.

If you could listen, download, share, comment, write to a CD and use as a coaster, we would really appreciate it!

A mix of alternative, folk, blues, rock, soul, polka*.
(*not polka).

Hope you enjoy!
Hi, they are legendary pedals, and have lots of nice options, but one thing to be said of them is reliability. They seem to break a lot, the switches are quite flimsy too i hear. They can be modded however!
Line 6 WILL charge a lot to fix it too.

I know a dude who got the switches replaced in his, together with an expression wheel after it died and needed repair.

Maybe look in to the TC Flashback x4 or (the one i went for) the Vox Delaylab! Similar, 4-knob digital delays with a heap of different sound options, and for cheaper than the DL-4 generally
grab a tubescreamer of some sorts and use it as a boost i say!
Any should do, i use the Ibanez TS-7, but a lot of people seem to swear by the Joyo alternative, or Digitech Bad Monkey on the cheap and reliable.

On the more transparent boost side maybe check out the new EHX Soulfood.

What's your budget?
Just looking at those pegs, do you have locking tuners? Because they look like it, and would explain how the string got stuck in there.

There should be a twistable nob on the back side of the tuner to loosen it (not the machine head you use to tune).
Also if there are locking you wont need as many winds on them!
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So Stevie Ray Vaughan uses a fuzz ;-)

He did indeed! As well as his famous stacked tube screamers, he used a Fuzz Face, and Octavia at times, hell, probably anything that Hendrix used!
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OK thanks, but the big muff... Its so iconic! Hendrix used a muff, but I don't think it was ehx

For the most part Hendrix used a Fuzz Face (and variations of that circuit) there's no real proof he used a Muff, although Mike Matthews claims to have given him one.
Although that doesn't change that a Muff is a great thick lead sound, a la J Mascis and David Gilmour.

I'd still recommend a Tubescreamer or some other overdrive like that though.

edit: what kind of creamy lead tones you looking for? Any bands/guitarist in mind?
There is already a thread for settings over here:

This will probably get closed down, as there is a rule against settings threads, so head over there if you want more!
You can get a good fuzzy grit out of that Blues driver, which i can imagine does a decent enough job for earlier gilmour stuff, which was mostly strat and fuzz face i think? I have the Keeley version myself!

I'd guess that higher gain to get in to fuzz territory, but low on the tone to keep smooth sounding. That pedal can get really bright!
When you really want to nail the gilmour tones and grab a fuzz or muff pedal that blues driver will work really nice to boost it

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Thanks for the quick reply guys.

I would try the DG20 EMG set but I'm lefty... haven't been able to find a lefty set anywhere.

I guess I'll just keep screwing around with the pedal 'till I find a good setting.


I don't think you need actives for 70's floyd, think he only started using them later on i think? Back then it was standard strat singles
If you want that smooth, jazzy blues sound, maybe a Zendrive? Or some other Dumbloid overdrive of sorts.
It's what Robben Ford uses when he doesn't have his dumble, and even sometimes when he does!

Though it is apparently pernickety with certain amps, and a demo i saw of it (andertons) didn't sound great with the Fender Rampart. That could have been the recording though
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So here's my question, still total noob, been playing one month.

The amp I want is a blonde Fender Twin Reverb re-issue. Gotta be the blonde one. I'm finding them used for a grand. Problem is, it's really more amp than I need. Expensive, but I can afford it. I'll be like the guy who buys a Lamborghini but hardly knows how to drive it, just looks at it a lot, haha!

So I'm looking for a blonde or tweed amp with Reverb and Tremolo. I found the Peavey Delta Blues, but apparently the Tremolo sucks, and I freakin' love Tremolo. But man that Peavey is made in America. So coooooool! Maybe my noob ears wouldn't mind the bad tremolo?

I really want a Tyler Amp cus they're so pretty. But no Tremolo... Don't want pedals yet. Maybe when I get better.

So any other tweed/blonde amps with reverb and tremolo?

So, what are you actually looking at sound-wise? Or are you really considering paying a grand just for the look of a tweed or blonde amp?
I mean, by all means twins are great sounding amps, but also loud as hell, and heavy. It might not be ideal for learning on; a very clean-sounding and unforgiving amp.

The Peavey Delta Blues do sound pretty good, and i'm sure the tremolo will do the job for now. All it does is throb the volume, how bad can it be? haha.
I agree with the idea of getting a Superchamp or Vibrochamp (if they still do it?). Lots of great amp models and effects but in a much smaller valve amp! My bandmate has one and it sounds great.

Or perhaps a Tweed Champ of some kind (maybe even a Fender Champ 600) and a reverb + tremolo pedal. If blonde look is all that matters, maybe chuck the Vox AC4 into the equation. All small and great sounding. And blonde!

All this said in favour of cheaper amps, the 20-watt version of my Cornell Romany (the TR20 Pro) is a tweed deluxe with reverb, tremolo and power-attenuator. If the rest of the cornell romany range is anything to go on (and i assume it is) it must sound quite pretty! But they're harder to find outside of the UK.
Think it's gonna come down to amp really, what you playing through? the rangemaster will probably only get you there if you're playing through a cranked up old marshall kind of amp.
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Brass is pretty soft and scratches easily. I'd also say that you've picked the worst possible slide to learn with. Get yourself a glass one; much easier. I use glass and steel myself. When I am playing fast with a lot of lifting of the slide on and off the strings, I reach for the glass one.

It's funny to hear that, i went through some glass slides when i was learning to play slide and found it much harder, it wasn't until i found a perfectly sized piece of thick brass pipe in a workshop at uni that i really got into slide. I actually found that extra weight made it a whole load easier, and the scratches it had attained actually gave it quite a cool sound.

Now i've been using a steel slide live, which is quite weighty but doesnt scratch nearly as much. I personally can't get a good enough sustain or thickness with glass ones, you think the thicker glass ones are better?
Well it's not working, what's the problem is what i want to find out! haha

Basically, i am new to troubleshooting on a pedal build, what are things to look for/test to work out why it's not working?
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Think I've seen almost every rigrundown hehe... Please share if you have some more interesting facts!

I remember last time he had the big old russian muff, but all his gear got fried by the UK plugs or something and it kept squeeeling like mad. He had to unplug it mid solo and crank the hell out of the borrowed amp instead. Awsome show, psyched for tonight, will keep a lookout for his pedals!
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so I just wanted to start this new thread for those who want to share details on "famous pedalboards" or in my case which I will explain later, an original sounding pedalboard.
So I just started to listen to a guy called Jordan Cook aka. Reignwolf and tried to see which pedals he was/is using. So far I just recognized Green russian Big Muff, Digitech whammy, MXR phase 90 (not 100% sure about this one) and a Ibanez CP9 or a PT-9 (can't really spot the difference). If someone have more information I would be happy to hear it!

Hopefully this will lead to some further information of Famous and/or original pedalboards.

BIG UP THE REIGNWOLF! Seeing him tonight, last time i saw him it looked like he had a few random boutique looking fuzz boxes.

Other than that, yeh, check out those rig rundown videos.
Or check out places like uber pro audio.
Hey guys,

I'm just building a Zendrive clone from 'Poodle Pedal Parts' in the uk, and i want some help troubleshooting.

I've tried connecting it all without the switch to narrow down the mistake. Any tips on how to troubleshoot? i have tried loosening all the solder joints to re-flow them.

I have a multimeter and stuff, how do i test if i've fried a component (the diodes, trannies or caps) or if anything else has been messed up?

Thanks for your help guys!
If you want natural verb whilst travelling lock yourself in any bathroom you come across.
We have dubbed the WC next to my singer's bedroom as 'the echo chamber' for our recording purposes.

Plus when he's really belting it out, he's in the right place if he forces out an accidental no. 2
Joyo seem to be a good way to go for the cheaper options. They have lots of different clones available, maybe their plexi-style OD? It depends what kind of stacking possibilities you want. A second tubescreamer-type pedal for that SRV stacked sound?

I quite like running a cleaner boost (in the form of my Keeley BD-2) in to my gainier Tubescreamer.
You could try the EHX Soul Food as a second, cleaner OD?
Why specifically those two amps?

The marshall is a hunk of overpriced junk. I've never played a fender 85, i know Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead has/does play one, but there are much better choices for what you play, which is what Matrixclaw is saying with his suggestion.

The Vyper wil be far more versatile, and get you a decent sound for what you play

What's your budget?
Where are you?
Gigging or only at home?
Willing to buy second hand?
In the toneprint editor you probably flicked on the Kill dry setting right on the top of the editor (i think that's what it's called).

I think it's for use in parallel effects loops, normally enabled by one of the internal switches!
*looks at join date*
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Oh boy...
Hey guys, sorry i've been out the loop, thanks for all your help!
You've made my mind up to do the DIY thang!

A place i was planning on getting a Muff kit from soon, BitsBox (a Rams Head clone if you're interested), has some Pancake Jacks for a really good price: Just 84p.

edit (link):

Would you stand by your 'go for the no-name brands' advice? Or at that price do you suspect cheap crap?
Should i keep to the cheapo-no-name 226 style?
The Hofner looks like a 'verythin'
The Gdec series, as far as i can tell, has been replaced/surpassed by the Mustang series.
Which also sound a whole load better.

There are lots of good optios for these sort of modelling amps, with plenty of different amp settings, effects etc.

Generally speaking the ones worth looking at are:
Fender Mustang + Vox Valvetonix for cleaner sounds,
Peavey Vyper + Roland Cube for heavier tones.

Avoid the Line 6 Spider, some people can get good sounds out of them, don't get me wrong, but there are better options, and they get a LOT of hate.
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Vintage Fender amps will be hard to come by in the used Aussie market for a grand or under. You're best off looking for a second hand Blues Deluxe, Deluxe Reverb or a Peavey Classic 50.

Gumtree is probably your best bet. Make sure to try it out with your gear to be certain you like it as well.

Woah, sorry, missed that you were over in aus, yeh, check Gumtree for a Blues Deluxe/Deluxe Reverb, I know it's pretty expensive down that way.
You could check Gumtree for a used Vox AC4?

Or even something like a Roland Cube or Fender Mustang, as you're not going to be able to crank the Vox AC4 for crunch under bedroom levels, even with the built in attenuator (though my definition of bedroom levels might be different to yours)
For a loud, clean sound for John Mayer and the like, i'd recommend the Fender Blues Deluxe, really has a great fender clean tone, and takes pedals very nicely apparently (only tried it once). A bit warmer than the Hotrod Deluxe. Can be had very cheap too on the second hand market.

I've never lifted one however, so i don't know how heavy it is.

Another option is a Fender Deluxe Reverb, basically THE fender amp, perfectly suited for pedals and the like.

Might be worth scouring the local used market for the best vintage fender you can.
Sweet guys, cheers for all the suggestions!
I'm handy with a soldering iron, so have all the intention of building them myself.

The Switchcraft 228's seem crazy expensive in the UK compared to the USA, £6 each, whilst in america they seem to me half that (but i'd have to pay extra on postage, and possible tax) lame.

The switchcraft 226's seem a good bet though!
Is van damme cable good? think that's what they use at 'kabl'

Also found this from my usual component supplier, which looks pretty good, but is it too cheap?:

They also have some angled jacks that look identical to the switchcraft 226's, but for a mere 97p! Too cheap to be good? Stick to the switchcrafts?
The price on those 226's seem to vary a bit, anything from £3-9.
Hey all,

Good patch cables: GO!
In the UK are pricey, George L's, Mogami etc, and i'm finding it hard to track down the build-your-own cable kits you get stateside. So what is the best option in the UK?

I am a big fan of 'Kabl' for my guitar cables, but they stand at £40 for 5, pretty short cables.

Should i go the DIY route?
I do like my pedals, and in order to link them all up cleanly i would need an assortment of sizes (particularly to cater to my huuuge Vox Delaylab).
Where can i source good quality parts in the UK?
And how do i know if they'll do a good job?
Oh, in that case i don't think you'd need the holy grail or stain haha.

What sounds are you looking to get?
Just fixing for some new pedals?