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Practiced with a Tweaker 88 ... ...for a British amp.

Just a small correction, Egnater are actually American, often made in the far east, but sound great.

As for OP, I'd recommend the Blues Junior, Bass breaker or as someone else said, a Deluxe Reverb. The secret to SRV's tone is really just volume and attack, he never used much overdrive, so a loud clean amp with some heavy handed playing gets you very close.
Really the only proper song to play given it's at a restaurant.
I have a Super Sonic 22, and I have to disagree with Roc. The cleans on the Super Sonic are very lush, you don't get a mid control, but the bass and treble controls handle things just fine. I actually use the clean channel with an OD or just good olé higher volume and a hard attack and it breaks up beautifully when pushed. The clean channel is based of a '65 Deluxe Reverb after all. It also has a second channel for the clean called "Fat mode" which does what you think it would. Definitely no lack of mids or oomph in that channel. It does only have the one control reverb, and it's not as spacey as the '65 or '68, but it does sound great. Then there's the burn channel, with stacked gain controls and a volume that allows the distortion to be as silky even at lower volumes. You can get anything from a slightly overdriven blues tone to straight up metal on the burn channel. But for my use of pedals, the clean channel is a perfect platform, with all the ability to build with the fat mode and burn channel. The '65 Deluxe is the gold standard in cleans though, so if you intend to play just play clean or use pedals for any od/distortion instead of tube distortion, that's your best bet. The '68 is alright, but I wasn't the biggest fan of the custom channel. It does handle overdrive pedals well though
You won't be let down, I have the original relic'd version of this (yours looks much better) that Vintage put out and it was my go to axe for years. Seriously underrated brand. Enjoy it man
I never understood how the wah always gets misused, it's a very expressive effect. Apply it like you would bends and vibrato, accentuate the notes. Voila, you don't sound like a wanker, and added dynamics to your playing.
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Fixed for ya.
Took the online test, 10/10 right and I'm on my cell phone. Come at me bro
Dunlop GCB-95 (Modded) Wah
EHX Pitch Fork
MXR Uni-Vibe
Outlaw Dead Man's Hand Overdrive
EHX Big Muff Pi reissue
Dunlop Rotovibe
EHX Deluxe Memory Boy
Reverb (Fender Supersonic 22)

Everything is run through the front. The Uni-Vibe and especially the reverb are pretty much constantly on. And despite the rest of the effects, I usually play clean or just the Muff or the amps on board distortion.
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Holy shit. I never thought of that.

You're welcome. But my services aren't cheap.
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You'll need to work on your "X slams Y" headline writing.

"Trying gear in store slams online purchases."

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Congratulations, you've over-extrapolated from inadequate data! You should consider a job as a science reporter for a cheap tabloid.

Already do, but I really aspire to write for UG. I got the skills
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When I bought my LP Classic, the store had 5 in. They were all correctly intonated, and at the very least in tune with themselves, but 2 of them felt like shit, 2 more were pretty good, but really not £1500 worth of guitar, and the last one just had me hooked within 10 seconds.

Still spent a good couple of hours farting about with them, but mostly I didn't even bother plugging them in. They all sounded good, but only one of them felt right.

Proves my point, had you ordered online, 80% chance you wouldn't of gotten the one that was right for you.

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Yeah, and there's an even better chance that the guitar in the store has ancient strings and is poorly set-up.

Don't go to such a shit guitar store, mate.
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Try in person. Buy it online. Who wants a guitar that 500 13-year-olds have had their hands all over?

OT: As little time as possible. I haven't bought a guitar from a music store in like 6 years.

There's always a chance that something could be different and alter the playability of one you order online compared to the one you actually had your hands on. Albeit not always drastic, but still.
About an hour or two for two days every pay period. Either to try new gear, talk mods or generally shoot the shit with the workers. Helps to have a good rapport with them, as it gets me deals. And lets me leave the store with a $1200 guitar when I've only put down $300 that day.

I also never understood how people can buy something like a guitar online. Pedals sure, but not something as adept to feel as a guitar. A lot of complaints about quality control could be avoided if the guitars were played first. But to each their own.
Been using Ernie Ball Titanium Coated strings (10-46) recently and it's the first time I felt I've found my brand. They feel a bit smoother than regular slinkies and have a clarity to the tone that trumps cobalts. The cobalts, I felt, were coarse as hell and because I have acid hands, they'd last maybe a week, if not less. The Titanium's will last me a month comfortably until I think I need a change. And it's lovely to bend 3 steps and not break a string.
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I like saying things like that on purpose, my favorite is

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In that case, carry on.
Yeh but stratkat's a idiot

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Surprisingly, in the almost 10 years i've been here, no one has said that yet.

Was in jest, but what can I say, saw an opportunity under your avatar and had to take it lmao.

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Where in Canada? I've got a passport and live in a border state.

Manitoba, the second lamest province.
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I'm actually pretty flattered that my work has garnered me some attention outside of EG. If you live in the US, I just may consider selling and shipping something, friendo.

Giving credit where credit is due. Hnnngg, I'm in Canada (and poor.)

DG: Release an acoustic county album.
JustRooster: Start giving me your custom made guitars.
Thanks for all the insight guys. Seems the general consensus is I'll be alright as long as I don't crank the volume, which although is no fun, is entirely doable lol
When I heard the intro to Layla by Derek and the Dominos for the first time of a Clapton greatest hits CD my dad had. Was playing Ace Combat (one of the PS2 iterations.) That was the spark that made me want to play. It became a flame when I forgot my CD's for a long road trip and only had a Sabbath greatest hits, once again lifted from dad. Was grabbed enough that I wanted to make music as epic as I had heard
I recently bought a EHX Pitch Fork, and was just wondering if it was possible to do damage to my amp or cab when playing an octave or two lower (effectively playing a bass) for a long period of time. Is this an issue that people have come across with any other pitch shifters? Running a Fender Super Sonic 22 through a Super Sonic 412 cabinet.

All you need.

No one mentioned Curtis Mayfield yet? You disappoint me Pit, deeply.
As some have said, to each their own. Personally, I used to be all for relic guitars, but now I doubt I'd buy one unless it felt great to play, which is what really matters anyway. My Strat has some aging going on (had it for 3 years) where there's some serious belt buckle rash, dings and scratches, even the finish has faded a bit and the bridge has rusted lightly where I lay my hand. Took it in for some servicing and the dude working on it said "This guitar is loved, isn't it?" Feels good to have a guitar that shows hours of your playing on it.
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Was the DVD "Backdoor Sluts 9"?

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n00b, get him with the tranq M9 and get his camo. Become the bee master.
^ Those or probably something by Fender like the Super Sonic 212.
Only a clutch of Ethiopian taxi drivers that take up the entire block with taxis every other day. The actual owner of the house is a good enough dude I have no issue with. Just wish the other taxi drivers could actually drive. Haven't seen people struggle so badly to parallel park with a 50 ft gap as these dudes. You all have insane neighbours
You should ask Jian Ghomeshi.
Your guitar says the same thing about you, always talking about electronic music and computers.

That pedal board, god damn...

Sorry TS, as stated before, you've been pretty well beat to it.
A quick search on YouTube could of found that out.

If I think of anything else, I'll post
I hear that kind of power surge acts like a 15db mid boost, so no need to worry.
^ I'm not so much trying to keep it strictly Gibson, but keep it looking classic. I've found some Schallers and Gotohs that have the keystone peg, but the ratio is only 16:1. Can get either in a locking tuner, would anyone recommend either of these?
Almost looks like a V with the wings cut off and refinished lol