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also, just ordered this for my nose

I think im retiring my septum at a 6. I may stretch it to a 4 way down the line, just to wear an eyelet, but not for a long time

Take it from someone who is at 00ga. Once you hit the cartilage take it so so so so so slow stretching.
I'd be aiming for dramatically, he drew it himself too. Seriously ask your artist to go nuts on it.
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^ The link got cut short, and it's 404'ing.

Unrelated, couldn't help myself, got this booked in for next month + a fix up of my chest tattoo. Fell in love with the design ever since another ug'er (MadClownDisease) posted it.

Who also got it done from memory. Please at least change it.
We're a Sydney band just trying to have some fun, play some shows, get our music out there.


Carefree Winds (our first halfway decent recording)
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I think hoop nose rings look great on guys myself.

So what about those of us with two?
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Getting my lip pierced soon. Maybe snake bites or just one in the middle. I'm not sure yet. What do you guys think?

My friend said he'd do it for me for free.

Your friend probably doesn't know what he's doing (excuse me if he's actually a decent trained piercer with experience), please for your own safety go to a piercer who uses autoclaved high quality jewellery.

Say hello to my newest. I just had my left ear punched at 00ga and my right repunched at 00ga also.


Disemodied ear chunks if anyone is sick and twisted enough
Sooooooooooooooooo I'm back to taping my septum up towards the mighty 00ga (yea not that exciting)

I also stretched my tit rings out to 10ga and I'm genuinely considering going up to 4ga in my PA. haha
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So i tried stretching from a 2g to 0g (6mm-8mm) and it was super painful that i just gave up. I didnt even get halfway i think, im too scared to damage my ear and blow it out. Im just wondering if there is any advice, things i could do to lube it, should i start using tape already instead of tapers? i have waited i believe 2 months or even more than that since my last stretch, so my ear is fully healed.

Should have done that a while ago. Get some bondage tape or plumbers tape and get taping buddy!
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Piercers got some Tbacks in their last order. Life is comfortable again. haha
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To dead-RIP:
What kind of jewellry do you wear?
I've found Glasswear Studios to be the best labret plugs that i've worn. However they no-longer sell online, only in store. And I'll be damned if I'm going over the Atlantic for a decent labret plug. I'm wearing an 8mm Gorilla Glass curved back plug at the moment which is doing ok for now. However the last time I wore it it really started to rub on my gums after a couple weeks.

My piercer in probably not the greatest move used a colourfront plug, I'm wearing a colourfront atm because all I had was a 00ga colourfront (still in sterile bag I never used the damn thing because it was to replace a broken one but I stretched anyway) after the first 0g one passed through completely. I have a 00ga gorilla glass piece coming but living in Aus it's gonna take time, same if I got it through my piercers who are getting some in too but are gonna be waiting like a month because their orders REGULARLY get stuck in customs whereas I'm only gonna be waiting like a week or three.

They do however stock glasswear studios so when I visit next I'm getting them to order some in for me probably one for 1/2" too for their next order. They don't require deposits from me anymore so yea, should be fine.

Right now I'm just coping with it making sure it doesn't get stuck in there with clean hands, salt soaks, ibuprofen and ice to deal with the swelling after popping it out of my lip. I couldn't be babying this thing harder if I tried right now but it seems that my lip just relaxes hugely around it and it slides through from the back, I'm not even wearing an o'ring.

Cheesy shot by my father who wanted to use me as a portrait subject for shits and giggles. A little more flattering than the previous image. (wearing a plug in my septum here too)

Edit: Well... Shit had some trouble with my lip eating the flare in the jewellery. Solution? Take it to 00ga. Seems to be helping a considerable amount no pain in the stretch I suspect the slit was too long.

I REALLY need a proper lip plate.

just for you guys.
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Hey guys, noob question here, do I have to get my ears pierced before getting stretches? Or they can put stretches on the spot? I just want small ones, nothing big.

My piercer will go as big as 6mm for a standard piercing, I've not picked brains about what they'd scalpel to nor punch (don't go here kinda really really permanent).

That said they scalpelled my lip to 8mm.
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo swollen. *sucks on ice*

Oh and thanks dude!

Just did the most brutal procedure I've done yet.

Scalpelled to 0g from nothing labret. Obviously red swollen and cranky due to the fresh factor.
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Any of you guys seen that free fall suspension thing in russia? Shit looks intense.

Also, anyone else subscribed to shannon larratt on facebook? Shit's interesting.

The sinner team yes? Those guys do some insane stuff.
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**** i cannot wait to try suspension. Ever since I was around 9-10 and saw it on ripleys believe it or not, ive had a fascination with it. And ive always been big on the whole "pain is pleasure" thing, so im itching to do it. Maybe for my 21st

You're in for some disappointment in the pain side of things unfortunately man, your body of course compensates and you wind up feeling nothing but the pull.
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I don't get why a rose tattoo would be feminine ? They're the most over used flower in tattoos, especially traditional. Flowers are flowers . This is coming from a guy who has plenty of flowers on his sleeve, 3 of which being pink. When I say pink, I mean the actual ink color that was used was named 'Lollipop Pink'. How much more feminine can you get? However, it doesn't look feminine. Why? Because a flower is a flower. It will look 'manly' on a guy, and it'll look feminine, on a girl. Yes, there are design aspects that'll make it look more feminine than manly, but ultimately I don't think your artist will intentionally give you a flower that's designed to be feminine unless you specifically ask for it.

If you're not wanting a rose because of the fear of it being too feminine, then why not get a Chrysanthemum, Carnation, Gardenia, Lily, Hibiscus, etc etc etc...

Though, a traditional rose will be solid.

Looks pretty sweet. Though, I think I'll pass on it . I'll stick with normal bungie cords and stuff, glad you liked it though. The sensation you describe sounds intense, and that honestly slightly makes me want to try it. I just don't know if I could actually go through with it .

I genuinely didn't know if I could, I suppose that's the nature of ones first suspension though you really push your limits.
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Massive amount of respect to you, I dont think I could do this, even if I forced myself. Those hooks look brutally deep. Thanks for sharing, those pictures are great!!

I'm glad they were brutally deep.

I'm a fairly big guy, last thing I needed was a hook tearing out!
Well boys and girls I just completed my first suspension, a four point suicide with 8g hooks, both myself and my girlfriend did one.

The piercing and set up/clean probably one of the hardest bits but not the hardest. My piercers began with the whole pinch and pull routine to find the best placement for my hooks, marked me up and all of a sudden I'm on my face, on a lovely black and red vinyl dentists chair waiting for the piercings. These they approached two at a time honestly not half of what I was expecting with the needles basically just cruising through the flesh on my back with little resistance as one would hope.

Photos taken blah blah blah.

The attaching me to the rig was fun to say the least while I'm being tied up and evened out tension wise one of my piercers hand me a cup of basically straight red cordial and orders me to drink it (First suspension I see the logic, it made the photos HILARIOUS though with the red staining involved.). Noooooooooooowwwwww I'm all hooked up and this bit sucks slowly easing ones weight off the ground, it feels like a piercing but it's constant this was dealt with reasonable ease right up to the utter head**** of removing ones feet from the ground (and believe me it's a battle with yourself to do it).

Actually suspending? For a good two minutes, it sucked I won't lie I was sore, cold, stiff and nervous as all hell this gradually lifted giving the sensation of flying resulting in my swinging around like a lunatic kicking off the sides of the suspension rig, spinning around basically playing with it for 20 minutes. (Bout the max time we had because it was two of us before opening)

Coming down? Your feet hit the ground and there's basically an invisible you sitting on your shoulders weighing you down, truly a bizarre sensation, they got me inside to massage the air/blood out patch me up. (this was pretty brutal but I was too out of my mind to care)

Photos forthcoming we had the wonderful luck of ALL THREE of our intended photographers not coming for one reason or another so we had to use my girlfriends phone who is currently at work immediately afterwards like the insane nutbar she is.

Edit: I'm DEFINITELY suspending again.


This one is by far the funniest. "no.jpg" I was being a silly bastard.

If anyone happens to be in Sydney and wants to swing around or get work done at any point this is all at Polymorph All the guys there are awesome people, relaxed, easy going, amazing mod artists all of them. They come highly recommended. haha
Well.... I just managed to get a 0ga plug to slide into my septum. Little tender but orsumness is a factor!
Haven't found out yet. That will be an experiment for later! A fun one I imagine.

And I just started taping my sepum up towards the '1ga' piece I have.
Considering what I'm going through now? It having been done under 24 hours ago at this point. I'd probably nearly reconsider at this point. The magical staff (green end I gotta remember that and keep the joke running) is a bloody gory mess from time to time, pissing as I said. Holy ****ing shit balls this morning I wanted to cry a little I can only imagine having gonorrhea or something if this is just a piercing.

Once healed it will all be worth it and I'll get to slay dragons and shit with my magical staff of might, or something along those lines.
*takes a little bow*

seriously though having a 4mm hole carved in ones doodle, it's a little traumatic one might as well have a giggle about it!
Well at day 1 pissing feels like red hot razor blades, bit bloody bit messy bit tender otherwise

The pierce is okay largest discomfort being the insertion tube in ones wee wee hole. the pierce is a bit pinchy (8ga) and so is the taper that followed it (6ga). My girlfrirend actually watched the procedure amazed at how little I flinched.

Needless to say I want this bastard healed so I can use my doodle again.... Already. -_-'

Also salt soaking my willy has got to be the most comical thing I've ever tried to do pity no one will ever watch me do this shit.
Oh it reeks. If I don't clean it.

In other news in light of my not getting to suspend when I wanted to, I got a willy ring. 6ga PA. I'm not posting photos. haha

I will however say the ring is titanium anodised a cool greeny purple. I've been informed by a friend I should refer to it as my magical staff as it has a green end.
Tam, septum moustaches are the single greatest thing a person can wear in their nose! =D
Well my suspension got rained out, I'm ****ing livid about it but hey what are you going to do. Re-scheduling tomorrow.

As far as my 2g septum goes...

Normal 2g glass pincher taken literally 30 seconds before uploading with phone

Being silly

Bearing in mind mine started off at 12g and stretching to here is basically the suckiest experience I've ever had. It's a wonder I'm thinking about taping up to 0g.
^^^^ I would suggest stopping with tapers and moving to tape as soon as possible though.
Just checking in guys, as long as I'm not dying tomorrow.....

I'm suspending! With my girlfriend. I'm doing a four point suicide she's doing a two, we're both absolutely excited off our tits about doing this. There WILL be pics (will I need to PM them due to gore I haven't hung around here too much of late?) I will share my experience and whatnot as well.

In other news, septum is at 2g going to start heading towards 0g and goal size as soon as I'm good and ready, also after I purchase a motorbike I'm looking at starting a dark fantasy/horror based sleeve as well. I'll continue popping in here with the odd thing, seems work and band and life finally happened to me.
It's been ages since I popped in here. Bunch of cool shit to has been done to my body.

Excuse my shitty photos

Septum is at 8g

Earlobes at 1/2" (12mmish)

Both nipples pierced (You'll also have to excuse my dead looking expression this was towards the end of a set that I puked immediately after because heat stroke is awesome!)

And I ACTUALLY have a suspension planned for this June, it's looking like a four point suicide will be the go I'm seriously excited about this shit, the pricing is really good too!

Well, I'm going to take a small plunge. I'm getting a willy ring. lols
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Okay, I have a question.

I'm going to get my first tattoo soon, but I also work out a lot, and I don't think I'm quite as big as what I want to be and my question is:

How much will working out affect the tattoo? Will it stretch? If so, how noticeably?

Depends on where you work, I work face to face customer service with a septum piercing and wrist tats. Other places wouldn't be so accepting though.
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Nice tattoo! I love it and you've inspired my to go look for my Discworld books!

One of my mates is planning to get Luggage on his foot. If he does there will be much kudos given.

Also my septum is all tender. I want it to be healed so I may stretch it.
Thanks guys! Heres another one I haven't posted here.

Pratchett readers should know what's going on. If there are none here this is the Grim Squeaker.

Got my septum done today, snap decision and I love it! Going to stretch to at least 8g when I get that far! =D

Also I look buggered because I was all over sydney today...
It's been ages since I posted in here...

Atm I have no microdermals, my navel piercing was lost to futsal (gonna get it done again when it all settles down) my earlobes are at 0g gonna aim for somewhere between 12 and 15 mm...

Tats wise my Grim squeaker healed amazingly and I've since had the treble and bass clefs touched up... God damn I want more tats.
Pulled straight mines actually halfway between my shoulder blades and my arse. I have quite thick wavy/curly hair though so it tends to sit just below my shoulderblades.
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Does getting the cartilage pierced hurt more than the lobe?

Well... Generally yes. Then again everyone's different?