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Hey gang,

So, I was touring the wonderful world of youtube and came across the attached video. It is Pearl Jam 10's guitar tracks isolated. 

What strikes me here is how nice (in my opinion) of a distorted-but bright (or shimmery...if that is a good explanation) tone that they had. I have similar gear (as per below), but always end up with a darker/bassier tone-lacking in the brightness that they seem to  have (I found another live video from the 92 era, and they had a similar bright/distorted thing going on there as well-so I know it wasnt just studio trickery!).

I guess my question is-does anyone have an opinion as to how to obtain that kind of a sound! haha

I know the usual stories about their gear back in the day-and because I have similar influences I have acquired similar gear over the years (strats, Les Pauls, Marshall DSL, Marshall Vintage Modern, Marshall 1960a cab, a peavey 2x12 with greenbacks etc.). 

Anyways, some guesses that I have is that McCready blended amps (doing a quick google search, it looks like the 59 bassman was a favorite of his-but i think he only really used that for the cleans, not as part of the distorted tone...), I know that both guitarists had Tube Screamers (or similar)-perhaps running those could have controlled the low end and added some texture?  

Anyways, any ideas would be cool and much appreciated; also, I think this new little obsession started when I recently came across a robin trower video and he had something similar going on as well with his strat and marshall combination.  
Basically I'm recording a dry signal through a radial DI box onto a channel. 

Then sending that that out through an aux, pumping the volume up for that as much as possible to my radial reamp box. 

My my hardware is a presonus firetube, and I'm using cubase 7 (I believe).

the sound I'm getting is at a lower volume than if I were to platforms guitar straight into the amp, and not as defined, almost mushy in comparison.
I should mention that it is distorted guitars that come through relitively weak 

ive been trying to learn how to reamp, I seem to be getting a good signal recorded from my dry guitar, but when I play it back into my amp it comes through very weak (as compared to when I play my guitar directly through the amp).

im using quality direct box and reamp box (both radial). I've boosted the signal of the dry guitar take when sending it to the amp as much as possible in the daw.

any ideas would be appreciated.
Even running with no pedals it cuts out, once the cable is in the return input the issue starts immediately.
Ok, so my egnater renegade 2x12 combo has a rather serious problem.

When I activate the effects loop it cuts the sound out.

If the reverb is turned on there will be some sound, very muffled and drenched in reverb...

My local tech tested the tubes, that didn't yeild any results.

Any ideas or tips would be appreciated.
I assume this is the right forum...

So I have recorded an indipendent album, and I was about to do the usual old CD design etc. from a local group...and I was wondering if anyone else has ever just skipped the CD printing, and just offered the tunes up online and left it at that? Maybe just sell download cards at shows and go from there.

The only think I like about hte CD sales is A. when you do sell them you collect a fair amount of profit off of it, and when i do our release show we usually give the first 100 hundred away to people who come through the door...

anyways, any thoughts on the subject from other bandleaders would be appreciated.
Hey, I want to build a website for my band. I'm looking for tips for a cheap way to go about this...can I just buy a template and build it? Where can I buy a template?

Any ideas are welcome,

I'm looking to put together a 7 or 8 piece blues band (drums, guitar, singer or two, bass, keys, sax, horn etc.)

I've been thinking about doing this for a couple of years now and finally have the inspiration to see this thing through after spending a week in blues clubs in the southern US (I'm in an area where it is rare to see this type of band).

Anyways, I'm looking for song ideas that we could do that work with the horns (I have a ton of experience with 3, 4 and 5 piece rock bands, but never went this large). So, I'm looking for ideas past that of what are on my blues brother's albums! But I am looking for upbeat fun songs to play...something that we could probably do local gigs and everyone could enjoy.

I'm also willing to step into the funk world a bit...brickhouse, play that funky music, superstition etc. as I think they would be a blast and an audience would love them...any help would be appreciated.
I'm spent some time at that wamper pinnacle, very entreating.
after doing some research, its likely my pickups that i'm having trouble with.

might grab a seymour duncan 78 custom-but i've still got to find a guitar i want to drop it into!

anyways, with this new found info, I can likely find something that suits my needs, but any further advise would be appreciated.

first, i did do a search on this-but as you can guess when you search vanhalen you tend to get a ton of random results haha.

ok, so here is my scenario, i'm interested in getting an early vanhalen brownsound (I have no idea why-seeing how my band does not in any way need it! I guess its for my own fun).

After doing some research, it turns out i already have an amp that can do a ton of the work (marshall vintage modern), and when i play around with the suggested settings others recommend I can tell that I'm headed in the right direction. However, my guitars in no way help me in my search (gibson les pauls and strats mainly).

So, I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on some budget guitars that might be a good starting point (as much as I'd like to get a music man axis, or a evh wolfgang I'm not interested in spending that much cash).
thanks for all the replies guys.

my biggest complaint about a 4x12 is the space it takes up in a vehicle-tired of the awkward loading etc.

I did look at the marshall options, I guess I was wondering what other options were out there rather than paying almost the same $ for 1/2 the speakers, also hearing some other success/failure stories always helps.

I do mic my cab at most gigs, so i'm not scared about losing that volume drop off.
VM is a 50 watt;

and loading up an empty cab isn't a bad idea. I guess i could run my vm through the egnator to see if i like what i hear.

always wanted to try some greenbacks as well-always seemed more classic sounding than my 1960a...
So, I've been playing a Marshall vintage modern through a 1960a cab for a while now, and I've found some great tones.

only problem is that i'm tired of lugging around a 4x12 cab!

I'm thinking about regressing to a 2x12 cab, and i was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? I also play a egnator renegade 2x12 combo, and I love that sound, I understand that they have some 2x12 cabs...anyways any suggestions would be appreciated.
I agree completely, your sound is the most important thing.

other than that, i use a sm57 seinnheiser e609 combo, sounds great IMO.

I"m just wondering which bands you have seen had the best live show.

I just saw a canadian band called five alarm funk. they were amazing on every level.

i'm not sure this is the best video, but i've seen them twice on tour-and they were terriffic each time
vox and fender, should be fine i'm guessing.
Currently I'm doing stereo guitar with a marshall vintage modern and a egnator rebel 30 twin.

pretty cool sounds can be achieved.

i bought a radial splitter for something like $80, and it takes away any extra hum that the circuit produces.
I'm thinking about selling my mesa boogie, nomad 100 1x12 combo amp.

I have no frigging clue whst it might be worth.

anyone have any suggestions?

i tried googleing it, but haven't had much luck.

I like it, sounds clean. like others said, if you can add some bass that would probably sound great.
how bad is the hissing?

I've stopped using power supplies on my pedals for this exact reason. the hiss wasn't huge, just enough to bother me.
I've never come accross splawn before, I will take a look thanks.

and I can't believe I've been a member here for 10 years (almost).
Hey Guys,
I have recently had a speaker die in my marshall 1960a cab, and thought that this might be a great opportunity to swap out speakers!

I should start with saying that I run a 50watt marshall vintage modern as a head, I don't completly dime the amp as far as distortion goes-think 90's alternative, classic rock type tones (lots of lead work).

I'm not married to any speakers in particualar, but I was thinking that I might want to take a rip at greenbacks.

I was wondering if anyone had any experence with them-and if they could give me thier two cents i would appreciate it. From what I understand that they break up earlier giving it a 'vintage' tone (which is something that I'd be interested in).

Sorry if anyof this seems rambleing-I'm kind of hungover...and at work...
thats a cool idea (the mod).

I'll have to talk to my local guitar tech.
I use 2 primary guitars, a les paul with semour duncan pickups, and a strat with dimarzio pickups.
amp is a marshall vintage modern, for pedals I use an Ibanez tubescreamer, and a vox joe satriani wah.

I spoke to a friend of mine, he suggested a chorus pedal. any opinions?
Hi there,
I have an odd question about the mxr phase 90.

I should start with that i really like the pedal-specifically the 'shimmeryness' that it adds.

i was wondering if anyone could reccommend a pedal or effect that adds a similar shimeryness, but doesn't effect the same tone the same way with the phase effect.


its not pushing air thats the big issue.

I believe the difference between studio monitors and typical speakers are that the eq in studio monitors are flat, where as your cpu's speakers will have an adjusted eq, take a song that you know really well, and the music store will let you play it through the monitors you will hear a completly different mix than what you hear in your car (this is what i did when selecting monitors).
Quote by Icarus Lives
I can't go to both places at the same time. I have to choose!

Really? Is it a big city? Could you tell me more about the music scene? How would someone with my style get on?

Is the spoken French much different from the way they speak in France?

canadian french is more like Cajan than actual french.

Toronto is supposed to have one of the best indi music scenes in the world right now (however that's in Ontario, not Quebec where you would have the best chance to learn french).
I almost bought the tweak fuzz, but it doesn't mix well with wah pedals (I have tried two different pedals). and I need to use a wah pedal for my style of music.

other than that it has a ton of cool tones.
Quick question,

How much do you guys quote when you are booking a gig?

Typically I work for a share of the door, but recently (now that we are gaining a little momentum) we are getting asked for a quote on how much our band wants to be paid.

I don't want to over estemate our value, but at the same time it's not like we don't put alot of effort into our craft.

Most recently we were asked to play for 3 45 min sets at a local club. We would do a mix of covers and originals.

Any opinions?
boss turbo distortion, and lots of them until they sound like mud
hey there,
I've found a fender strat I want to buy. Only issue is that the frets at the bottom of the neck are sharp, and they grab at your skin as you slide up and down the neck.

I'm thinking that the solution would be to file down the frets. Any thoughts?
always leave them wanting more.
it is that simple IMO.
I like to play about a 40 min set with my whole band-that gets through our originals and covers. and we get to leave on a high note.
as for acoustic, 20-30 min should be enough IMO.
Quote by theogonia777
I've always thought that the most important quality of a guitarist is knowing when to do certain things, or how to apply them, rather than just knowing how to do them.

exactly, I've played with guys who could play a million miles an hour and not have any clue as to what they were doing.

I think it was clapton who was asked about what he thought of these 'speed demons' that were showing up on the scene and his reply was something like "it doesn't matter how fast you play, it matters if you can make the guitar speak".

The other comment that I've always liked was that david gilmour may not play very fast, but he thinks about every note that is played-and then theres Yngwie Malmsteen who plays very fast-and thinks just as much about every note as david gilmour does.
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Is this all that Canada has to brag about?

no, we also have the best economy in the wesern world (saskatchewan).

as for the original post when I saw it the first thing that came to mind was 'yea, i'm canadian arn't I?'
personally, I'm not a guy who is happy with solid state amps, but vox usually makes a good product.

as for other brands, i've always done research on the rigs that some of my favorite artists use and go from there.
i've tried putting it everywhere, glad to know that it is a typical reaction-I guess that is what i was 'hopeing' to hear.