We'll all be fighting off the occasional radroach infestation and raiders, but besides that not much will be different
Play with my dog, hit up the bong, go to the beach
1.) Your pre-battle quote
'I made a huge mistake'

2.) Your battle location
A speeding de-railed train falling off a cliff into the ocean

3.) Your battle music
Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant
I actually like the Red Alert series way more than Starcraft. And i'm korean.
I'm probably going to wait in a line for Diablo III though...
High and drunk as shit. Got back from a friend's birthday party, and my heart's breaking
I'm falling for a close friend and its tripping me out...feeling pretty good around my legs and stomach though haha
Whoo! Flight of the Conchords!
On topic, I thought that Steve Jobs IS an android?
I rap, hip hop, and metal. It's all good, you just need to be willing to accept the differences and nuances of these genres.
I guess you could say that the parents are a little...
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Has anyone ever tried reading a book while stoned? Its really hard to do.

Stumbled across a book store high while visiting New York with a couple of friends, and we spent around half an hour just reading. I read a compilation of short stories, was a bit hard to focus but the stories did trip me out
EDIT: book was Pieces For the Left Hand
Picked up some really good home grown sweet island skunk from a friend of mine a while ago - I'm so blown! legs feeling pretty warm, can't stop smiling. Really lovin this weed
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What is he smoking?
I like how rations heal bullet wounds. If only...
Haha that picture was fun to draw ^^^
That spongebob was looking pretty good too.
Lol you're good man.
Well aren't you the grizzled pit veteran. Seriously, who cares? Threads like this have been popping up since ultimate guitar started, I bet.
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Arrested Development

Amen. The funniest show ever made... hopefully the movie gets produced soon.
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ah, The Pit. where everything is predictable...

Well, to be fair, you're getting really predictable as well.
On topic, I was told that mint chocolate ice cream was the greatest flavor on earth. I was severely disappointed
Never banned me all the time like Frenchy, so you're good in my books
I got that new software patch and now my haircut updates itself
Looks like you're behind the times, man.
Just watched 'how to train your dragon' in 3D. Totally worth the extra cash, it's really amazing stuff
Phew... friend's birthday today, and he never smoked before. He got into one of those weed comas -
I'm still feeling that perfect combination of tipsy and high
Calvin and Hobbes complete box set with Bill Watterson's watercolors.
I love socal, despite the bad name it gets. Beaches, pretty girls, good food, cheap weed, great weather.
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Streetlight Manifesto, Operation Ivy, The Toasters, Let's Go Bowling
On my balcony
Prelude in C# minor
Well, after only a year, it has finally happened - my xbox 360 got the rrod. Trouble is, my left for dead 2 is still inside of it, and it won't open up. Any advice?
Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Porcupine Tree, Deftones, etc.
A Better Place, A Better Time - Streetlight Manifesto

Interpret that as you will.
Holy huge picture, batman!