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Less justified nowadays tho, with Zelda, Xenoblade and other stuff round the corner

Must be nice to be in Europe

I want Xenoblade and Last Story sooooooooooooo bad.
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So I just started playing Zelda. I can tell this is going to be great.

I do feel slightly dirty playing a Wii though <.<

I see the Wii is still getting the shallow end of the stick in the Gaming Thread, some things never change.
Because it is a well made film, with great performances, and an interesting story.
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Skyward Sword is seriously my personal most anticipated game of the year

It looks like it may top Majoras Mask for me, which I thought would never happen with a Zelda game.
That if I did not eat my breadcrusts, a demon called the crust man would take me away in the night. What the hell dad.
Hello gaming thread, been a while. Just dropping by to say Super Mario 3D Land and Skyward Sword. Thank you have a nice day.
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how pointless is a minor in Film Studies?

Hopefully not high, as I am planning one as well.
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Well I only created it a month ago and we're already 1/3rds to GTVII

What's up? Whatcha playing lately?

Welp on the Nintendo side of things, i've been playing Metroid Other M and Pokemon Soulsilver. And I got my hands on a friends old PS2, so i've been replaying a lot of games on that lately as well.

Whats all the hot discussion in here lately?
A part VI to the GT, and 337 pages long?

I feel so out of the loop.
Back briefly just to say...


Nice seeing you all.
Rah Rah Oh Mah Mah Gaga Ouu La La
Better solo anyway.
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God dammit, my bro has lost my DS stylus

I can't find mine either!....AND SPIRIT TRACKS COMES OUT MONDAY!
There the best comedy's released in the the last 10 years.
Online can be fun, but I still much prefer playing with people sitting next to me. New Super Mario Bros Wii is the perfect example. I've had so much fun playing this game with my friends it should be a sin.

That is all.
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I'm wondering if Nintendo 64 cartridges, unlike CDs, can break? CDs can get scratches as we all know, but what can make a cartridge break, except for moisture and heat?

Thanks in advance!

Your making me want to take a hammer to my copy of Wrestlemania 2000 just to see if it would work.
The Hardy Boys novels.
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Close but.......

Super Mario Galaxy may be my favorite gaming soundtrack of all time.
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So its one of the best games of all time?:O

It's a 2D Mario Platformer with 4 player co-op.

New Super Mario Bros Wii is the most fun I've had playing a video game since.....well Super Mario World.
Ashtray Rock-Joel Plaskett Emergency.
The Hazards Of Love-The Decemberists
Frightened Rabbit and their album The Midnight Organ Fight.
V. For the song right before the Hoth battle. Epic
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Yeah, it finally came out.

Have you wanted castrate Emil yet?
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If theres one thing i must praise about ToS2, it's the skits.
Funniest skits in any Tales ever.

The 3 new main characters just compliment eachother so well, then again, the dog is pretty much just Jade, and Jade can make any situation look good.

Oh finally got it Ichi?

Might be old news, but I am rarely in this thread anymore.
The Modern Leper-Frightened Rabbit

Bernard bitches.
Sink Florida Sink-Against Me
You Don't Know How It Feels-Tom Petty
True Love Will Find You In The End-Daniel Johnston