We stormed the open seas of our aggressions, falling weak to the caving tides
Sinking deep into the midnight waters / reaching for an open raft
Cold shoots through our veins making complacency an utter dream
We propagate an idea of self-satisfaction as we sink to the icy bottoms
Cutting ties / breaking promises to our loved ones… “I will come home safely”
Cutting ties / breaking promises to the world… “I was only here to help”
Now help is nowhere to be found as images of our failures flash before our eyes
Restless media scatters to find a medium. Propaganda vs. Reality
We’ve done our part to create this shipwrecked framework
Pray to the heavens above the oil filled waters for a quicker ending/ self realization
Our deafening pleas go largely unnoticed.
Where is your God now, Liberation Soldier?
you should be fine using that on your macbook.
it will serve you well.
do you use garageband at all?
both bands suck. live nation (clearchannel) sucks. more power to disney. jesus.
quit being nerds and just start a ****ing band.
wow little dood, you're pretty good. you'll blow the competition out of the water. good luck!
no danzig no care