What amp is the guitarist of Radio Moscow using on this video?
Has anyone tried these amps? How are their clones compared to Fargen or Metro? I'm really interested on the JKC33 and the LT1
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if you want any clean volume 12 wont be enough
so either get the 12watt one and upgrade later or the 25 watt one for now and later

Yea, that was the problem I was thinking of. According to the demo on youtube by Fargen, it cleans up really well with the volume knob but I don't really know if that would work at high volumes...has anyone here played that amp?
So after checking out a lot of amps, I came to the conclusion that the amp I want is a Fargen Miniplex/Olde 800, the thing is that I don't know which of the two to buy. They are both the same amp with a wattage difference. The Miniplex is 12W and has a built in powerscaling option and the Olde 800 is 25W.

I'm not giggin right now so the Miniplex would be perfect for home and jamming situations but I plan to start a band in a near future (dont really have time right now) and I can't afford two different amps. Which of the two should I get? Are 12W enough to gig? Should I get the Olde 800 and get an attenuator?

Check out the Fargen Miniplex or Olde 800. They're the same amp with different wattages (12 and 25W) and they're built to reproduce a JTM45, a Plexi and a JCM800. You can find used ones for $900 on ebay.

Here is a video, ignore the intro in spanish and check out the tone! (Im thinking of getting this amp too)
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i recently picked up a used ceriatone 18 watt clone. i haven't added the master yet. great amp that loves pedals.

not much less loud than a rocker 30, but maybe a bit more manageable.

actually, that may work well for you. good call thrashed.

Yea, I was thinking of the 18W with a powerscale mod so it would be more manageable. I've also been looking at the Ceriatone 20W Lead and Bass which from the videos on youtube sounds really nice.
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i would highly recommend a 18 watt clone. i built mine, and absolutely love it. killer for blues, mine has a master volume on it as well (i don't think all of them did), so you can get some pretty sweet tones out of it. i liked the regular version over the TMB, but if you want more flexible go TMB. you can't beat it for blues.

I've been looking at the Ceriatone 18W Clones and they look pretty good but I would have to buy the complete amp (don't have any experience building amps).
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i would think a rebel 20 or tweaker would work well. both are kinda dark generally until you crank them up a bit.

also a matamp little rock, would have to be used. or a matamp mini mat would work. i guess you would have to ebay to get those though down there.

can you try the egnaters?

Yea, out of the amps I've been looking at the egnater would be the only one that I could try (there is a store here in Lima which started to sell Egnaters last month but I haven't had time to go and try them)
How good is the tone of a Egnater Rebel 20 compared to Orange, Matamp, etc (dark and round sounding amps)?

I've heard that amp is really versatile but I don't know if it would be a step forward on my tone
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maybe fit powerscaling instead of a half-power switch? half of 18 watts is still gonna be pretty darn loud...

Yea, that's a better idea, I didn't know they had a fit powerscaling mod
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The 18W is like the real deal 1974. The TMB gives more control over your tone but it robs some tone in the process. The EF86 one is like a completely different amp, totally different gain structure entirely.
I don't know how close the Ceriatone 20W'er is to the actual Marshall 20W'er but if it's close then it won't be as good as an 18W'er. The 20W model was a real step backwards. The 18W'er has that real Beano type of tone to it whereas the 20W'er was a bit dry and lifeless by comparison.
Now I'm not totally familiar with the Ceriatone clones in particular, my comments are based on the differences between the things they are cloning so take them for what they are.

I just emailed Nik just to make sure.

Yea, I've heard that the 20W where cheaper versions of the 18w when they were discontinued but I don't know why, from the videos on youtube, it sounds a lot better than the 18W.

When you say that the 20W is a bit dry and lifeless, is it the same as the two videos I posted?
Anyone knows what are the differences between the different 18 watters (18W, TMB, EF86), the 20W Lead and Bass and the JTM45 sound wise? What different tubes do they use?

Since the ceriatone site doesn't have details about the amps I have a lot of questions. I'm looking for a amp for Blues, Classic Rock and some Hard Rock (ie Sabbath). I was considering a JTM45 but it would be too loud to get it into overdrive (I'm looking for something that can sound good at home levels), so I was considering the lower wattage amps from ceriatone and a half power mod.

I'm really diggin this sound out of a 20W Lead and Bass (low end and thick tone)

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A 5W amp will just keep up with a drummer as long as he doesn't play too hard and you never want any cleans.
Good blues amps don't have a Master Volume as a rule so if you want distortion when just playing with yourself you use an overdrive pedal.
This is what you want; it even has power scaling so you may even get away without the OD pedal. It is based on one of the all time great blues amps, the 18 watt Marshall.

That's a really interesting amp and I like the tone on the video but there aren't more sound samples :/ well does it clean up with the volume knob?
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should get you an idea. it is loud enough to play over a drummer, though it might not have enough headroom to stay perfectly clean (if it is a loud drummer). i really like the sound. every guitar i tested through it sounded good, even though vintage style pick ups sound especially well.

I really like that tone but would 5W be enough to play with a drummer?
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i'm not quite following you. do you think your orange isn't good at classic rock and stoner? you say it's the best amp for blues. it's quite good at classic rock and stoner too imo.

i get wanting a lower watt amp but you gig? and a 30 is like a perfect gig wattage. or are you playing small places with a drummer using brushes lol.

maybe you made a typo in your OP? i'm not trying to be a smart ass seriously if it comes across that way somehow.

Sorry for my bad writing (forgot to put the "not"s)

-I've moved to a smaller place and Im NOT playing in a band right now but I jam with friends so I'm looking for something low wattage but that can still play with a drummer

-I used to play Classic Rock, Hard Rock and Stoner and that's why I loved my Orange

-Now I mostly play Blues and Classic Rock so I want to change amp

Conclusion: I want to change my amp because I need a lower wattage and lower gain amp
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I think you'd be better off buying an attenuator if you like your amp.

I've played it through a friend's "ultimate attenuator" and I didn't liked the sound, it made the tone kinda, I don't have money to get an attenuator
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i recently bought a laney lionheart l5t after a long period of testing. its 5 watts (so it maybe not loud enough for your purpuse but cabinets are always an option) and its great especially for blues und classic rock. 2 channels, built in spring reverb, parallel fx loop. i think its quite pricey for a 5 watt amp, but imho its the best in its class. i tested almost every 5 watt against it. i live 15 minutes to Europe's biggest music store, so its always easy testing gear.

anyway i'm getting off topic. bottom line if you are looking for an low wattage amp (and not just a smaller sized amp) this one might be it. it can't do the Br00tz, but then, who cares if it sounds that good for everything else?

Thanks, I'm gonna check out some videos on youtube.

I have a Marshall 1960A Cab so it'll play through that. Is it loud enough to play over a drummer?
Since I've moved to a small place and I'm not playing in a band right now, I'm thinking of selling my Orange Rocker 30 to buy another, smaller amp. There is a guy who wants to buy my Orange for $1500...Which amp would be the best option for me?

I'm looking for lower wattage amp for Blues and Classic Rock. I was already thinking of selling my Orange because it's not the best amp to play Blues (although I love it for Classic Rock and Stoner).

I made a thread a couple of weeks ago about buying a Fargen Miniplex but I don't have enough money so I was thinking about a Ceriatone JTM45 or Plexi Clone with a powerscale and a master volume mod. I was also thinking about a Matamp Minimat 2 or buying an Orange are those compared to the R30?

Any ideas? Thoughts? Keep in mind I live in Peru so I can't try any of the amps.
Matamp Minimat 2 ?

EDIT: It also comes in combo but it's kinda expensive
I saw this series of videos when I was looking for a new amp and it helped me a lot. Since they don't have that many views on youtube I think they would be worth posting and checking them out. They're a series of videos of a guy playing through different low gain amps so you can compare the sounds and it also has a little intro with info about each amp. The videos are in Russian with english subtitles.

I really like the fact that it's the same guy playing through all the amps, although he switches guitars a couple of times.

Short: A guy playing through different low gain amps.

Part 1: Intro and Mesa Mark III
Part 2: Matamp LX
Part 3: Electric MV120 EL34
Part 4: Matamp V14 TubeTone Custom KT88 Mod
Part 5: Orange Rocker 30 vs. Rockerverb 50
Part 6: Hiwatt DR504 Custom 50 (Final)
Interesting article and pretty good news

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A Bassman and a JTM-45 are very alike.

Yea, I've read somewhere that he JTM4 is based on the Bassman's circuit, but what about the Plexi?
So I was thinking about getting a Fargen MiniPlex and sent an email to Fargen Amps with a couple of questions. Since I play mostly Blues Rock, he told me he can make a lower gain version with 3 different circuits. A 50s setting (Tween Bassman), a 60s setting (JTM45) and a 70s setting (Modded Plexi).

Is this possible? Can one amp get all of those tones? I can understand the MiniPlex, wich has 3 Marshall circuits (JTM45, Plexi and JCM800) but is it possible to also have a Fender tone with that amp?

From the videos I've seen the tones of the MiniPlex seem really good, specially the 70s tone so I'm considering buying the lower gain version if it really works. Here is a video of the Fargen Olde 800, which is a 25W version of the MiniPlex if anyone wants to check out the tones.
I love the tone of Two-Rock amps but they are quite expensive. What (cheaper) amp could give me tones close to those?
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the hell?

TS, what year exactly? Some of the 1980s Gibsons are pretty nice. Try it if possible, seriously.

It's from 1980. I haven't seen any pics but the guy says he has the serial numbers of the guitar.
I'm selling my Orange Rocker 30 to buy this amp but a guy told me he can give me a 1980s Gibson SG Deluxe as part of the payment. Is this a good trade? How good are those SGs (taking into account that I have a 1958 LP Reissue)?

I was thinking that if I accept it, I could still buy something like a Ceriatone Plexi or a Jet City.

EDIT: I'm looking on ebay and 70s SG Deluxe are selling at about $2000 but here is one from the 80s at $800. Anyone knows why there is such a difference?
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I have the book sitting on my shelf.

Yea, I also want to read the book. I'm really interested on the clinical studies done on psychedelic drugs and since I live in Peru, the most common here is DMT (Ayahuasca)
Has anyone seen The Spirit Molecule? It's a documentary about DMT and the description of the trips sound amazing. Has anyone tried it?

Here is the documentary of youtube
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I've played through one of the older models, pre-decade setting, so I can't comment on that, but the amp itself is top notch. Tons of good old EL34 marshall tone. It has a really responsive EQ, but it's still pretty simple to find lots of usable tones, doesn't require hours of tweaking like a lot of modern amps. My cousin had one that I used to play a lot, I was sad when he sold it.

Here is a link to a demo he recorded of his.

How much head room does it have? Do you remember how good it cleans up with the volume knob?

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that would depend on where you set the new master volume knob.

depending on the actual pot used, it could jump dramatically or have a nice even taper.

Would it be quieter than the Orange?
Has anyone tried this amp? How efective are the decade settings? How's the quality of the tone?

Here's the amp:
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Half power would be about the same wattage as the Rocker.
The master volume won't help either, you might still not be able to turn it up past 2, just like the Rocker.

If you like how the Orange sounds, keep it.
If you want your tone to be brighter and more Marshall-y, get the JTM clone, as simple as that.

I really like the thick, low end Orange tone but the Rocker is too loud. How's the tone of the Rocker compared to the Dual Terror?
I currently have an Orange R-30 and I like its tone but I've just moved to an small apartment and it's way too loud (can't play past 2 on the volume knob) so I was thinking of selling it to buy a Ceriatone JTM-45 with a half power mod and a master volume.

Which amp is better for Blues (Clapton, Buddy Guy, John Mayer) and Classic Rock (Zeppelin, Santana, Hendrix, Free)?

How loud would the Ceriatone be with those two mods?
Is it possible to do half power or switchable wattage mods to any amp? What about to an Orange Rocker 30?
What are some low wattage (18?) or switch wattage amps that will give me a tone close to a Orange R30? I have a R30 and I love its tone but there has been some changes in my life (Im not playing live anymore and I've moved to an apartment) and the amp is way to loud.

Any recommendations?
Damn...I really don't know what to do now because I love the tone of that amp and where I'm moving Im not going to be able to play too loud :/
I have an Orange R30 head with a Marshall 1960A cab but since I'm moving to an apartment, it's going to be way too loud. Which cab should I get for my orange? Has anyone tried the Orange R30 with an Orange 1x12 or 2x12 cab? Should I sell my head for a R30 Combo?

EDIT: I live in Peru so trying those cabs is impossible here.
Does anyone know a site that can give me a history of jazz with the most influential albums of each sub-genre. I've been reading several "History of Jazz" articles but what I've read only talks about musicians instead of specific albums. Any idea where I can find a good list?