Writing as I listen.

Intro arpeggio thing is good. The flute is nice. Good build up. The riff at 16 is okay, but not really on par with the rest. Seems a bit stale. Thud at the end just doesn't do it. Maybe try placing that on a bit more offbeat timing. Pre-Chorus is nice.

Verse again is good, but not great. The 3/4th measure doesn't serve purpose. If you do that try playing around with the drums to make it add a bit of groove/flow better. Chorus is nice. Pre-verse is cool.

Verse 2 same as verse 1. Still like the chorus. Riff still not strong. Maybe better drums alone could fix it? Post-chorus now. Maybe make that flute a bit more subtle for this part or it's going to sound a bit overused. The heavy Riff thing is cool.

Bridge is nice. Like it. Bridge Epic feels well. Flute part after that is on spot again. Adds something playfull too it. Bridge Calm Riff, breaking thing is nice. This could be very lively with vocals. Nice dynamics throughout the song. At measure 116 now, nice part. This thing just keeps going on, the flow is nice. Bass part at 136 is cool. I like the oen dissonant sounding chord the guitar does. Measure 140 maybe turn down the flute a bit, it's becoming a bit too present again. Measure 152 part is nice, but I think the song could be a bit more cohesive if you didn't go so much all over the place, or maybe had a more general direction of the song (btw at part 159, I think the guitar part is a bit weak. Okay but not great). But the song could like use a bit more direction if you know what I mean? You're moving a lot of places but you are not really moving from a point A to point B. You are mostly changing timbres and styles but not really the feeling or mood of the song. Like instead of moving from point A to point B. Kind of hard to explain.

To give some examples of what I mean here are some songs which are in similar styles to your song that I believe have a nice musical progression:
Nightwish - Romanticide : Kind of has a completely seperate part pre 3:30 and post 3:30. But they still fit together and somehow kind of reference each other to make it one song.

Dream Theater - In the name of god : Starts with a pretty heavy riff that slowly moves towards that awesome wanky mid-part at 8 minute and then moves a bit back to the mood of the start and slowly moves to a grand big outro.

That's just from the top of my head two songs I believe have great direction and might appeal to your taste.

I'm not saying it's bad as is, but what I'm trying to say you could make it even greater if it had some sense of direction. You could also make it a shorter to give it more sense of dynamics/movement.

On the more detailed side of things your guitar parts are a bit bland at times. They are a bit too much just filler. I'm going to guess guitar is not your main instrument. Drums are also not necesairily boring but could be way more interesting.

So in general. Good song. Good sense of melody/harmony. If you want to improve work on the movement within the piece and work on your guitar/drum writing.

Also no C4C since I have nothing recent to crit on.
Doesn't work much for me. Sounds like they're all playing at a different timing. I think you need to synchronise the timing or something? Sounds like it's programmed to align coincidently rather then planned.

On Firefox
Quote by mickel_w
Well, the way I've done it up to now was record clean (the Guitar link interface has no such things as pre-amps haha) and used an amp simulator plug-in (guitar rig 5) to change the sound. Apparently guitar rig 5 is supposed to be a really good VST amp simulator, but I've also heard people praising the 'LePou' plug-ins. Just wondering, what VST's do you use in that cover? It sounds really professional, just awesome dude I'm gonna try out the pod - interface option, and if that doesn't work then I might sell my pod and buy the scarlett interface.
I'm gonna subscribe btw :P

I'm a big fan of LePou plug-ins myself too. The (VST) setup for the recording was:
BTE Vintage Overdrive -> LePou LeGion -> LePou LeCab

The impulse file I used on LeCab are "Travis Mesa Impulses". I don't remember where I got those but they are taken from a Mesa 4x12 that sounds pretty rad for the tone I'm going for. There was quite some post EQ I believe though. High pass on the lows to make room for the bass and the kick and I think there was also a scoop somewhere in the higher mids/highs. VST amps have a tendecy to be too fizzy for my taste.

I think Guitar Rig is more geared toward giving direct feedback for when you're practicing etc. instead of recording. But I'm not really sure on that. You could try using Guitar Rig's amp simulation and try using LeCab and impulses for the cabinet. Cabinet simulation is ussually the weakness of amp simulation, but impulse loaders definitely work for me.
Getting a better interface helps tons. Biggest problem is the lack of decent pre-amps on cheap interfaces/jack to USB solutions. Your guitar signal is very fragile and small it needs a big amount of amplification to turn into anything decent. This however is a very delicate process, and as such cheaper interfaces really botch this up. They will often colour the sound, remove frequencies and introduce humming or hiss. Now you'd think all of these could be fixed with after processing but you can't.

Lost frequencies can never be recoved since you don't know how they sound without hearing them, using a EQ to add frequencies is not the same thing. Furthermore hiss is simply a dealkiller for recording high quality audio.

I've personally got a Scarlett 2i4 which I'm very happy with, the pre-amps are killer and also do really well for vocal recording and bass recording. It's both more "spanky" and has much more bass present then my previous attempts (Digitech RP250 and a Maya USB40)

Going POD -> Interface might work, since your POD will act as the pre-amp instead of the USB interface. Plus the POD has some nice guitar tones I believe.

If you want to make "high quality covers" I don't think you can really skip out on a good interface though. Difference is rather small in the big picture but in my opinion it's part of the distinction between "medium quality" and "high quality".

I used a 2i4 on this video: so check it out to see what it's capable of. The guitars are about 80% VST and 20% actual amp.

Good luck with your covers!
Damn, tight playing. Pretty killer song. The guitar tone has lots of pressure. They moddeled the Engl's characteristic mid presence very well. Sounds better then the tones I milk out of my Engl to be honest :p. I'm a bit shabby with micing though.

The high mids still sound a bit fizzy though. Like transistor fizzy. Maybe try mucking arround with some different speaker emulation to see if one of them makes it more real? It's giving of kind of a Randall vibe though, not really disturbing, but could be a bit more buttery.
I'd leave the EQ out for the meanwhile and try different impulses and LeCto's tone controls. Find an impulse that doesn't emphasize the sound you don't like, like crabstampede said.

Also 50% of a kick-ass guitar tone is bass guitar in my opinion. Most good guitar tones sound thin without bass and heavy with a bass, so if you don't have a bassguitar you should except the fact that your guitarsound might be kind of thin.

Also, playing is a big part of your guitar tone. I have this friends and even if we play on the same gear his tone blows mine out of the water eveyrtime simply due to his superior playing technique.
Writing as I listen:

Intro is a bit sudden. But that's okay. Guitar tones takes about 2 seconds to get used to but then it kind of falls into it's place. The riff at 0:43 is cool. I like the major feeling. The transition at 1:04 is nice too. The part at 1:14 didn't fit the song 100% in my opinion (The chugs are fine but the part higher on the neck seems off). Chugs are a bit too thin/scratchy in my opinion. Could use a bit more oomp. The solo at 1:18 is a bit pitchy at the start but later not anymore. The synth background thing is cool. The riff at 1:50 is nice. The part after that is nice, nice diverse riff. The drums at this part like 2:20ish is a bit heavy ont he snare though maybe for the part. 2:50 that fast riff is cool. Solo at 3:14 is also a bit pitchy at the start and some notes. I might be a bit too strict when it comes to "pitchy", but I'm the kind of guy that doesn't use a tremolo because he's bothered by the slight changes in pitch due to resonation so you'd best ignore this. I'm just pointing out. The outro is nice very atmospheric. The video and song really add up. I like the background harmonics and the whole atmosphere of that.

Solid production, solid playing and solid song. You have some good tone in your fingers, your sound, your playing sound, sounds kind of Petrucci-ish. The way he gives note that mid-crunch, semi wahlike property I kind of hear in your playing. Kind of hard to describe what I mean, but it sounds like that mid feel is coming from your playing rather then from your gear.Definitely killer right hand technique. Some of the lead pieces gave me more of a Maiden vibe at times. Some of the leads sound a bit pitchy though though, or maybe just out of key. Like at the start from 0:00 till 0:10 just sounds a bit off, after that it's fine. And when the harmony come sin at 0:22 it also sounds better. Perhaps it's the distance between that lead and the riffing too big? Like the emptyness between that, frequency-wise, makes the small pitchyness seem worse. Maybe when playing lead next time you could try tuning the guitar to those particular notes to make sure they are perfect. Not sure if you already did that, but if you don't that might be of help to make it more perfect. Perfection is ofcourse definitely not a necisity in music.

Production is good though. Somehow the guitar tone took a moment to settle in to me, like the first second I was like. "Wat is dis?" but after that it sounded good to me. Production glues everything together well. Drum sound fits prefectly too. It matches your guitar tone with it's more old-schoolish metal sound in contrast too most of the overly gained,compressed, distorted sounds of current modern metal. It's more lush and crunchy.

Sorry for the stream of consiousness wall of text. I hope something usefull's in there.

Pretty guitar by the way. I'm not ussually into stratocaster's but the simple white and black combination is pretty.
Reading as I write:
Like the guitar tone. The drum build up is way to thin. Drum entering at 0:33 is also waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to thin. Vocal has a nice timbre, timbre fits the song well. They're a bit pitchy though. Nice riffing and stuff, but the drums are just not carrying it at all. Some nice stuff going on. Lead at 2:50 is a bit pitchy. Some of the notes sound off. Check your guitar intonation/tuning. Re-entering of the intro at 3:28 is nice. Instrumental part after that is nice but the guitar is a little pitchy again. Clean break at 4:33 sounds cool, you're clean tone is very pure. Entering of the screams at 4:40 is nice. Like the leads int he background. Guitar tone is very nice overall. Any chance on sharing the recording chain for that?

Song is pretty cool, you've got to watch your pitch though. Vocals were a bit off at times and lead too. One thing I do when intonation is slightly off in a solo is just Melodyne/Autotune that note. That way you can get perfect intonation without having to redo the take, since some takes are hard to redo. Better to edit and make it work then to throw away that wondertake. Also when recording leads try tuning your guitar for the notes you're playing. Most guitars are slightly off on the higher frets so tuning for exactly the notes you're going to play works wonders in getting perfect intonation.

Turn up the drums! Especially the kick and the snare need to be a lot louder. Preferably get a different kick sample. Also get a fatter/deeper tom sample, your current one does not really fill the purpose of adding those low tuds, for that effect also maybe add some verb to make those things really fill up the low end. Check this out for some better drum samples: Here it's a collection of sorts which has some really nice stuff. Including some actual samples Andy Sneap uses. What drum sampler do you use anyway? You seperatly sampled everything or you have a drumsampler including it's own samples?
Listening to : I used to know you: Intro is cool, good atmosphere. At 0:26 it kind of jars. Sounds like you are switching to a different theme to build up, while you were already building up so that would be unecesarry but then after that you also break-up the build-up and start building up again at 0:30. So it's like buuildup,builduNOWAIT,buildup if you catch my drift. Could flow a bit better. At 0:58 I'm getting a bit of a The Ocean - Pelagial vibe orchestration vibe. Kind of matches the atmosphere that that album has on the slower passages. The theme at 1:50 gets a bit tiring, the violin lead. You vary a bit after that but it's kind of like your staying too close. Could have worked if the background had a bit more buildup into something epic and large. Sometimes it seem slike you are trying to do just that but then it kind of breaks the flow. The part at 2:40 is cool, except that I'm kind of tired off the theme. Outro is a bit abrupt.

Overall the song sets a good atmosphere and the orchestration is pretty cool but the flow of the song could be a lot better.
Very retro vibe. Gave me a kind of distant Gorillaz vibe. Listening to Slice Through the Chaos. The lead part at 0:47 is nice. Creepy & cratch. Lyrics totally fit the style in my opinion. Both production and execution. That organ kind of thing at 1:20ish after the verse is nice. Well put together track, it has good mojo in every part. Like everything fits into the style/mood very good making it a really round piece. The break at 2:10 is nice. Oh that was the outro, alrighty!

Called From a Far: intro really sets the mood again. The bassguitar sounds a bit too fake though. Or well, a real bassguitar would have sounded better at this part. Vocals are too loud for the mix. The higher parts (falsetto?) are off pitch a bit. The vibe is good in this sing but the vocals don't carry it as good as Slice through the chaos. The lead at 1:50ish is cool. Intro noises are cool again but this song felt a little short.

Really unique style you've got going. I don't recall anything that sounds anything like it. Nice!
Thanks for the comments. The gong really added something in my opinion too James_Het_Rules. We were actually going more for a Wherever I may Roam loud powerfull gong, but that didn't work for the song so I made it more of a backgrond thing.

And yes Walpurgis, video shooting was a lot of work. It took two afternoons and one evening to shoot all of the footage needed. And then another two evenings of editing or something. It felt like we had way too much shots, but when the editing started we found out that we didn't enjoy a lot of the shots or that the lighting was off and stuff. Next time I think we'll work with some kind of story board or whatever so that we have to do less shooting and less editing. We had enough materials to show like 8 things at any moment.
Have you tried connecting/disconnecting the laptop's power supply? Recording can get really weird on laptops like that.

Does the ART tube thing work as an interface when you plug it in? Like is that the recording device? Because if you're using your Laptop's soundcard in any point of the chain then that'll probably be the problem. Computers don't have soundcards that are capable to do what you want for recording.
Damn man. That's a fat tone. Really like the sound. Guitars have that 5150 mid crunch. And the lows are great. Drum is fine too. I like the toms especially.

How did you do the guitars?
Neat playing. Gives me a good vibe. Took me one minute to realize that's your foot in the foreground. I don't have much to say because you did what you did very well ( I presume, I don't know the original piece). Tight playing.

I like the look of that blonde guitar too. Is that wood or is it painted like that? Can't really tell because of the video quality.
Oh My God, Seymour Duncan and Mayones just shared our video on their facebook , this is really awesome.

Thanks for all the comments guys! Especially thanks for all the tips you're giving me because all of the stuff you say is rather usefull and mostly things I didn't think of myself.

It's also very pleasing to hear your kind words because a lot of time and ultimately frustration went into this to get it just right. I'm very satisfied with the result though.

@Walpurgis, that's a sick bass solo. I like the dirty chords in the background up untill 0:50. The part at 0:50 reminded me of a Periphery song. I have no idea which one. The harmonies you do are dirty too, I like it. The part at 1:52 is fun too, I like the swing arround from all of that dirty stuff. Nice bass stuff. The background stuff is very interesting too. Did you just find a track to jam to or did you make all of that yourself.

The Powerball is an awesome amp. I own a Powerball 1 (Not the new black model) and I enjoy it very much. The video doesn't really do it any justice, because most of the sound still comes from the LePou plugin, I'm only using the ENGL's crunch to make it feel a bit more real. My cabinet and amp micing skills are still a bit meagre. But it's a really amazing amp and it's very versatile as well. It does some very nice cleans too and I enjoy the crunch myself. It does great in live settings (Altough I haven't played a gig in a long time sadly ), but I still don't know much about on recordings since I am still learning how to mic amps properly.
Writing as I listen. Okay judging right from the start, that's an awesome guitar tone. Really digging the sound. Sounds very polished the song. Drum is a bit quiet to my taste, or the guitar a bit too loud for that matter. Really nice production, sounds awesome. Very tight guitar playing nice stuff man. I really like the mid crunch those guitars are churning out. Sounds really natural and alive but still metal. I love the level of gain too. It's just enough to make it awesome but not overdoing it. Really tight crunch. Please tell me the chain on the guitars? What cab are you using? What MIC? Position etc.

Solo at 3:03 is cool. Kind of old school. Or well, hard to describe. It's a nice combination of old metal and modern metal. Meets up really well. I'm not really digging all of the vocals though. The kinda dissonant notes are nice on guitar but I don't enjoy them in the vocals that much. He has quite an awesome voice it's jsut his note choice isn't for me or something. Kind of reminds me of Nevermore somehow. That guy also is an awesome vocalist but the notes he picks are definitely not the notes that I would have wanted to hear if you catch my drift.

Cool song, and I love the production. Could you share some information on the recording chain for those guitars?

If you have time check out my song:
It's a bit more modern, and I didn't get a guitar tone as awesome as yours. But it's something.
Writing as I listen. Nice and beefy tone on the intro. The drum sound and style gives me a kind of Metallica - ...And justice for all vibe. The riffing also maybe a tad. Your guitar have some issues in the low end. I think it's about at 100/200Hz but it's really boomy there. Try compressing that or equalizing a bit out. At 0:45 there's more Metallica-ish riffing, altough this style gives more of a Black Albumish vibe. Drum style sounds very Lars Ulrichy. The riffing is pretty cool. How did you get that drum sound? It's really And justice for all-ish. I think AJFA also has a bit of a boom in the 100/200Hz sounds just like your song. Perhaps to compensate for the lack fo audible bass guitar.

Anyway pretty awesome song. Gives me a nice old-skool Metallica vibe.
Writing as I listen. Love your theme. I was expecting this to be something like the Austrian death Machine terminator theme cover. But I was proven wrong :P. The distorted tone at 1:07 is okay. I'm not feeling the drums though. Especially the drum part at 1:07 sounds very non drummerish or something, I can't really pinpoint why. The part at 1:56 is cool. Gave me a rather Dream Theater-ish vibe. Especially at 2:15 when you enter that synthesizer. At 2:30 there's more Dream Theater. I think you should work on your drum programming skills because they are far behind from your compositional and guitar playing skills. The song's giving a really cool Dream Theater vibe. I really like what you did with the song. The acoustic guitar sound is very good, loved it. The drum sound is a bit meh though.

In general it was cool, but there's a lot for you to improve on in the drum department. Then again you're probably more a guitarist then a drummer so this is not really the place to be judgemental about that.

If you don't mind something a little heavier, check out my song:
Hello, me and one of my friends put out a new song. We were really able to up the bar in my opinion. The mix is tighter then ever, song is good and the video is better then ever. The song is hard to describe but it's a kind of groovy thing with atmospheric layering and stuff.

Check out the song on youtube:
And be sure to watch it on 1080p

Any tips for improvements in any field would be appreciated because we're really trying to push ourselves to the limit with these things. If you have any tips on writing better songs, making it sound better or making better videos then speak your mind!
I find the number one thing holding record quality back is skill. Recording and mixing is not a skill you'll master overnight. Just like playing guitar it takes time and practice to get it to a desirable level. So recording CD quality records will mean that you'll have to get to the same level as the engineers who record those CD's. What's making it sound unprofessional is the fact that you're not a professional.


Show us a demo and there'll surely be people here who can push you in the right direction.
I think it's very usefull because it makes you aware of what you did more. The thing with writing and recording is that your ears get used to whatever you give them and eventually just accept.A fresh pair of ears is lovely to have arround in such cases, and while my dog and dad have a good set of ears they can't really give me any advice on the composition or mix. This is where you guys come in.

Also I think praise is helpfull at times because people often state something like "YEAH PART X". This helps me find out what parts my songwriting interest what people most. I'm writing for my own taste pretty mucj, but if incedentally can make something that people like that is surely a bonus.

I also believe that giving critique helps yourself because you become more aware of what a song does etc. And it's a genre-wide thing pretty much.
Quote by mattmakaha
Ooh, love that intro--those chords.
Wait....I was expecting a 7 string with those low notes, but I see a 6 string guitar there. What tuning are you using?
Solid mix. Well balanced. Drum programming is solid, but for my tastes I would bring up the drums just a tad bit, but that's just me.
Nice outro too. Could you go to my thread and leave a comment there:

It's a 6-string tuned to drop B. So we basically get as low as a 7-string. We have been thinking about going 7 string is, but we felt that a 7 string is not necesairy if you only want the extra low range. It only get's benefitial when you want the extra low range while keeping your high range.

Thanks for your comments again. Next song is going to sound killer with all your advice . We actually wanted to have the last song finished by now and we've written a very awesome song already, but we've had writers block for writing an intro for it for the last month..... We also might have a drummer on our next track so we're kind of waiting out how that'll go. Don't want to scare the drummer away with the new track yet because it has this wicked 11/8 over 4/4 groove that'll make his face go all Thomas Haake.
Listening to Time Distortion. Writing as I listen.

The intro is kind of okay. I kind of dig the tone. Gives me a kind of Nirvana very dirty vibe. You're hitting some aut-of-tune notes at 0:55s. The drumming at 1:10 is rather horrible to be honest. No other way to put it really, sorry. It sounds like someone is trying to be Meg White but is drumming for the first time. The song itself is getting kind of stale. It does have a kind of Jack White-ish vibe. A bit. But up untill 2:50 or something where I'm now it doesn't feels like you've really "said" anything. The lead parts at 3:13 are a nice little change. Altough they sound out of tune a bit. Solo at 3:40. Sounds not very coherent. At times it's okay but at times it just sounds like you have no idea where you're going. At 4:40ish now and the song is becoming a bit of a drag to listen to. It's way to long for the amount of content you have. Perhaps at 2/3minutes max you could have kept it a bit interesting but 5 minutes is truly too much.

The guitar tone is okay for what you do, and the bass tone is also kind of okay. I thought the mix wasn't that bad concerning you recorded that on an iphone. I think your song writing skills will need more work before investing time into production becomes usefull. Still for just 15 minutes a day for a year your songwriting skills are not bad. But if you really want to " bring back rock" or make any lasting statement your songwriting will need work. If you're going to do this in the "old-school" way you mentioned of not learning theory/anything but just noodling arround you will need MUCH more time then 15 minutes a day I think. Altough that method of playing does have a slight chance of spawning something "original" the chances for that are just so slim that you'll need to up your playing time to the very least 2 hours a day to get anything done. Another problem with that method is that you'll eventually get stuck within your own patterns (which you can not see yourself since you don't have the knowledge) and you'll cease being original music, while still stuck in the boundaries of music theory (which are just guidelines on writing songs, and even if you don't learn it your mind will start recognizing these patterns).

I would suggest going to route of actually "learning" stuff since from experience that gives the best results. And especially if you want to put out something original you should remember that "To break the rules you must first learn them". But then again you should just do whatever you like best.

So tl;dr:
Song is okay-ish. Definitely continue doing your thing if you have such a passion for music.
Writing as I listen.

Intro sounds brutal/awesome. The chords at the start are cool. And then we start metalling. Somehow it gives me a kind of Meshuggah - I (Which if you haven't heard you should definitely check out ) vibe somehow. Not sure if it's the tone or the song. At 0:48 it makes place for a bit more melodic vibe. At 0:58 we get a small break from the brutals with some low tones that could be mistaken as deep-sea parts from The Ocean's newest release. The return to the intro at 1:20 is very nice. Riffing thereafter is nice and heavy again. You're missing leads and or vocals at this point though. Do you have any vocalist/screaming friends? If so they could come in handy and if not you should make some. Part at 2:28 gives me a bit of The Ocean/sludgy feeling in a good way. And we're blasting of again at 2:48. Up untill now dynamics and flow has been superb, it feels like we're just starting out and we're at 3:00 already. At 3:15 we have some harmonic /chorusish discharge which is good. A bit more of a layed back riff at 3:24, which is nice for a bit. You don't have to stick your balls in people's faces all the time so to speak. The melodic riffs are cool. Back to that rock-and-rollish riff at 4:08 which is cool. Back to the chorus kind of thing at 4:20ish which is a nice part. I like the returning of the intro kind of chugs now and then, makes it feel like a whole. The transition into 5:00 is cool. A bit of Future Breed Machine at 5:13 for a little bit, nice. The layers at 5:22ish are good really add to the song lifting it somewhere. Wasn't expecting the 5:37 but it's cool. Bassguitar is moving places like it, seems a bit chaotic at times though. Like it doesn't really have any direction or doesn't follow a general line or anything. Perhaps make the bass try implending some chords (better) or think of a theme to do. Transition at 6:30 was a bit meh, could use work. The sweeps you do sound off-key or something. Doesn't really fit well. Solo part at 7:07 but the whole thing feels a bit improvised. You're not really hitting "wrong" notes but you're hitting notes that don't work as well as they should. Ending was a bit abrupt I felt. Could be a bit of a build-off perhaps or something. I don't know :P.

Song is awesome in general, the only transition that didn't work/flow was the one at 6:30, and the bass part before that should have some more form. As I said above, try and make it imply the same chords that are going on behind it. Or perhaps make it imply extensions of the chords behind it or something because at the moment it wasn't great. Same goes for the solo, sometimes you felt a bit out-of keys. Altough it sounded like you remained in key but hit a lot of not-so-great notes in key. Like you just layed those passing notes out while they should be left passing notes.

It feels like your lead playing is a bit under-developed in comparison with your huge song-writing skills. It feels like you're still falling back on blues/rock/pentatonic shapes that you learned while you were previously playing another genre (We all start out with Metallica/Iron Maiden/Something similar right?). Some ideas are good but it just needs a little more work to throw that previous stuff out the window. I can really recommend checking out some Gurthrie Govan lessons (Like this one on chromatics which was quite an eye opener for me ). Or maybe try doing some jazz improvisation to really get some different juices flowing. I feel like I'm kind of in the same alley as you solo-wise (Although you have better technique it seems :P), but I've been lately doing a lot of soloing / playing "Blue Bossa", which might sound retarted but it's actually learned me a lot, it has a change of keys in the middle section which really makes you think about being on the right notes. Or well really makes you think about what you play in general.

Anyway, awesome song!
Writing as I listen. Listening to Mind You.

Nice intro. The tone is really nice. At 0;11 there's a bit of an odd sqeak though, sounds a bit like you're clipping the sound or something? Not sure. it happens a bit later again. Might just be the dynamics of the guitar with those steel string. At 0:53 again. Okay back to the song vocals just kicked in. Rather smooth and slow, yet moving. The guitar tone is really beautifull. The vocals blend in well too. The little lead thing at 1:28 is a really nice touch, really digging that. The second voice at 2:40 is a nice touch! It's not really my type of music though and I'm kind of losing interest at the 3:00 mark. I enjoy the leads in the last part of the song they spice it up a bit for me.

In general the song has a really well preformed mellow vibe. The tone's are really beautifull and the voice is good too. It also feels like the combination of the two just blended effortlessly which is exactly what you want for this kind of music. The song is a bit long for my tastes, I mean 5:44 is something for progs songs with massive content, or really big building ballad's. The song would be better in my opinion if it was a bit shorter. Then again this is not my type of music so you can just disregard whatever I say since I have no idea what I'm talking about .
Hello there. Writing as i listen:

Intro is very chill. Like the bass sound. Somehow it gives me a kind of Hawaiian vibe might be your name haha. The lead sounds at 0:39 is rather 80sish it gives me a kind of "Time of my life" vibe. Altough that song is kind of fresh in my mind because of listening to the Panzerballett version a lot lately. The solo thingy at 1:20 is pretyt nice and still very chill and clam. I like the shizzle of the hats at 1:37, if those are hats. If it's something else I still like. The kick sound could come up a bit and be a bit less wool and more punch in my opinion. The difference between the snare and the kick really stands out because the snare itself is really crisp and clear while the kick is very undefined which kinds of jams. The guitar rhythm tone is a bit "weak", a bit to much on the fuzz sound rather then the "real amp distortion" side of things. I mean it's not bad but I feel it could be better. Maybe play arround with the microphone position a bit?

In general the song is nice, it's very chill and groovy. Really getting the vibe across. Production wise you're getting the vibe across but I feel there is room for improvement. Just some little details that could use some work.
Thanks for the info. Man those are some nice guitars you own. I'm still kind of in doubt with the pick-ups, but the thing is my friend who plays with me in every band recently got a Mayones which is absolutely killer sound wise, and he's going to swap out the SD JB for a Distortion so his tone is going to absolutely crush my Cort Mayones/PRS clone. So im slightly in doubt if I should go for BK, a cheaper Seymour Duncan or save the moneyfor a guitar. Do you have any covers on the pickups? Because they have some awesome humbucker cover's, but I'm afraid it'll change the sound. Any experience with that?
Hai, writing as I listen:

Intro sounds rather mysterious. A bit like an omnious quenstion mark. It does sound a bit sloppy-ish somehow but I can't actually pin point why. Perhaps organic would be a more appropriate word, but the way that the delay doesn't match up with the timing at makes it a bit sloppy somehow. I like the combination of the muted guitar with the insane amount of delay.

BAAM 1:08 stuff is going down. Sounds awesome I like the ammount of texture and layers, it just seems so full and you really smeared the bass frequencies down which sounds pretty awesome on my speakers. Makes them really move some air. At 2:00 I'm feeling a bit of an Animals As Leaders vibe which is always awesome. I like how you return the theme. The lead at 2:20 I don't dig as much as the rest, especially that like more blues-rock solo thing you do at 2:30 with the three tone repeat line doesn't really fit the atmosphere of the song. The part pre 3:00 is very awesome. The part at 3:00 is also awesome. I like where the bas guitar is oging at 3:20 and the ska-kind of rhytm thing on the guitar combines well with the tone you're using. Reminds me of vildhjarta and the likes. But at 3:50 you're all like BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME MAN. With their kind of groove and their use of blast-beats very nice. 4:00 is still giving me a BTBAM vibe. And the 4:24 is also kind of BTBAMish with a little return to the theme which is awesome. Really digging the song. At 4:50 the clean tone and the harsh tone don't really "blend" well in my opinion. Not really feeling how you wanted that to work. Also how is this 5:20? Time really flew by which is always good. I like me some good long prog tracks.

SO to sum up:
The music is most definitely very killer. I'm hearing some Animals as Leaders, a hint of Vildhjarta and a healthy dose of BTBAM. And I mean when you combine stuff like that there's not much that can go wrong those 3 are easily one of my favorite modern metal bands so hearing something like all 3 of them is cool. Guitar playing is very tight too, altough perhaps it would be better if the delay at the start lined up with the timing, or maybe triplets if you'd wanted to be a bit proggier because it makes it sound a bit sloppy in my opinion. That doesn't make the song less awesome though.

Production wise, it sounds cool though. You're giving me a Animals as Leaders vibe production wise. Only thing I can comment on that is that perhaps you could make it "breath" a bit more. Like create some more space for the individual parts somehow. It's beyond my scope of knowledge to tell you how so this comment might be a bit useless but I'm just putting it out there.

Listening to some more of your tracks on your soundcloud, most of them are prewty cool. That riff at 0:45 in Dark Matters is really damn tasy and groove. I'm going full Jens there.

Completely offtopic: how do you like the Bare Knuckles? I'm thinking of upgrading from my Seymor Duncan Custom to either a SD Distortion or Bareknuckles. The price for a Bareknuckle is kind of steep though so I'm still a bit in doubt. Where did you upgrade from to the Bareknucke? And how was the improvement.
Hey thanks all for your reactions, opinions and insights. It's really lovely to read all of your kind words (:.

@Jready, yeah the video probably needs more work, but we still need to get used to filming and such. We're hoping to be able to use a different camera for next videos and do some more interesting stuff.

The sound we do at 1:05 is a rake with muted strings. It's like we move our pick over the strings so that upon touching the pick acts as a fret. But a really high up fret so it makes a high sound. Altough that will get you really close to the sound played, we went the extra mile for the recording and used a screwdriver for the sound :p. The metal over metal really gives it that sharp piercing edge.

@Rockfan7 , haha my friend just put tape over his inlays (He a long long time ago, bought the Kirk Hammet LTD model, with the cheezy skeleton head inlays. But by now he's not into Metallica any more so he decided to just tape them off). And yeah I agree with that party being muddy but that was really hard to mix because you've got 6 guitars competing for the same frequencies (rhythm is quad-tracked, and there are 2 guitars for texture) so eventually we just settled for this because it was such a pain in the ass.

@bdof No problems for the review. I enjoy doing reviews and to be honest I don't really put that much time into them, I just write down anything that comes to mind while listening. Which for some things is a lot. Thanks for the compliments on the tightness, we actually quad-tracked the thing which was quit do-able with 2 guitarists since we both only were responsible for a tight dual track. And then that dual track had to be tight with the other guy's playing, but we've been playing together for 5 years or so so that's not a big problem.

I'm not very familiar with Trivium's material, but I've already had older songs from completely different projects/bands I did compared to Trivium so perhaps I should check them out some more since they seem to have some overlap. And yeah the song might have been longer but we were going for a kind of short proof-of-concept thing. We wanted something we could easily finish and polish, and something that would be a bit digestable to "outsider's" to the genre because our primairy listeners at this point would be our facebook friends haha.

The song really got a positive buzz going which really made me happy. Got-djent (Website that writes news about anything djent related) shared the song as a "headline" which I'm pretty proud of . My friend (the other guy in the video) also sent the video to Textures guitarist Bart Hennephof (he tries adding every musician he enjoys as a facebook friend) and even he said the video was nice, which is quite a feed to be proud of too.

Tl;dr: Thanks for your reactions. You'll be hearing more from us. Feel free to still share your thoughts on the song/mix/video so that we can make upcoming tracks even better.
Ah nice very tight playing then (:

Do you know about mastering? If the sound is clipping just throw on a compressor and a limiter (in that order, on the master track). Try to make the compressor get everything below 0db , and play arround with the knobs untill you have a loud track (without pumping or loss of all dynamics). Then use a limiter to make absolutely sure nothing gets above -0.1 db.

Better yet just read some mastering tutorials because it's a whole seperate skill to master. It's quite a pain in the ass, but if you just start out with a comp and limiter you can atleast prevent clipping.
Hey there writing as I listen.

Intro part is awesome. It's very melodic and nice. Your technique is very clean and tight. The part at 0:57 is very cool. I like the chord thing at 1:00. Whole thing sounds more Peripheryish then it does Bulbish to me. When doing Bulb stuff Misha ussually is much more "djenty" then when he writes Periphery stuff. I liek it though. The part at 2:28 is really nice with the drums. The whole songs is giving me a bit of a Metalcoreish vibe. It's kind of like progresive metalcore or something. Like a really melodic version of Veil of Maya's riff style minus the low chugs or something, if you catch my drift? But with a much more lead then riffing focus. Or well different type of riffing. Perhaps that comparison doesn't make sense at all.

I can't really comment much on the recording because you're basically doing a cam recording. SO instead I'll listen to the soundcloud version and will critique your mix a bit:

Writing as I listen again. The guitar seems to be a bit too much in the back. It's kind of hard to really hear the details somehow. Your guitar tone itself seems to be alright, I guess if you'd turn it up a bit it'd fix it. The mix could use some more clarity. Perhaps a little EQ to really give both the guitars (Since you've ussually got like one doing rhytm while another does lead) their own place in the mice. Like giving one the low mids and cutting the hi mids and giving th eother the hi mids and cutting the low mids. Perhaps some a fairly agresive high-pass on the leads would work to clear up some space down there. The drum sound is good. I feel like that especially the rhythm guitar could use a little bit of work in the clarity department. Give it some more highs and perhaps tone down the gain just a little bit? I don't really know how you'd go about fixing it. The cymbals also are a bit harsh at times. I think due to the missing highs elsewhere your mastering stage blows them up out of proportion if you get what I'm saying. Also do you have bass guitar in there? Because I couldn't hear any, so perhaps turn it up in the mix a bit/put in some bass guitar. Some gnarly basguitar interlocking with that nice Superior Drum puncy kick could really push the quality of the mix over the edge.

Productionwise it could be a bit crispier and sharp if you get what I'm saying. But the music that you make is truly amazing! I'm going through your videos and soundcloud stuff and pretty much everything is awesome. I really like the clean parts of Castle Bravo and all of your work is just awesome song-wise. I think if you up the production quality just a tiny bit (And you're almost pretty near to being awesome production wise too) I think you could really get somewhere with that stuff.

If you want check out my song , some feedback would be awesome since you've really got your stuff down.
Writing as I listen!

Nice intro riff. Giving me a nice and trashy riff. Somehow a bit of a Sylosis vibe. At 0:28 you get more into a general bit less-modern more old schoolish trash sound. I'm at 0:50 and I'm starting to really miss the bassguitar by this point. There's like this gap in frequencies between the guitars and the kick. The kick sound get's tiresome to listen to since it's very very clicky. I'd suggest changing the kick sound to something less clicky "obvious", the kick could use more presence in the low end and less in the high end of the mix. The part at 2:40 is very nice by the way, sounds very cool and brootal. I'm at 4:04 now and the song itself sounds really cool. Production wise it needs some work though. The guitar tone itself can be okay but it really needs a bassguitar down there to fill up spaces that you haven't cover yet. A guitar will never sound awesome in a mix if there's no bass guitar below it. The drums also aren't great soundwise. Change up the kick and get maybe trysome different EQ on the toms or make them a bit softer, because the toms weren't that great for fills in my opinion. Again a bit too much in your face. Also did you double track the guitars? Because the guitars feel a bit lacking in power so perhaps that's the problem. Always double track rhytm guitars and pan one left and pan one right. Then again perhaps you have double tracked it and play tight enough for me to not notice it and the missing power comes from somewhere else (Like the missing of bass guitar).

The guitar tone itself is good though in my opinion. I always like less-gainy sound. You really have some guitar playing chops to get such a tight tone with so little gain.

In Memory of:
The intro riff is nice, and I like the snare roll at the start. The part at 0:28 with the chords and riff combines is nice. The trash riff at 0:37 is nice and trashy. Some nice and trashy drums. The chorus kind of thing at 1:00 is really nice again. The trashy bits at like 1:19 seem to be missing some power again. (Oh wait one of my speakers just broke so that might be the cause haha). Riffs are nice but perhaps you could use some more leads? Or vocals, because although the songs are nice they don't really grab my attention all that firm. The drumming at 2:22 seemed a bit odd with the pauses. The lead at 2:40 is nice. I don't really find the song Metalcore, it's just oldschool straight metal. Which is awesome to hear for a change with everyone either going the prog direction, the metalcore directionor the modernmetal direction these days. And we're back at the chorus thing at 3:37 which is nice. I like the outro!

The song(s) feel a bit dragged out though. I mean a song of 4:43 and 4:01 would be good if they had vocals or more lead, but currently they either require some more changing up or some vocals/lead guitar to really have enough "attention grabbing powers" to keep you into it for 4 minutes straight. But perhaps the addition of a bass guitar would make it sufficiently "brutal' to keep being awesome longer. Sersiously you need a bass guitar/a bass simulator. It'll make your guitar sound insta-awesome.

Production wise the same comments of Raid count for In Memory Of.....

Feel free to check out my song if you have time
Hey! I'm going to write as I listen so it'llprobably be a big wall of text sorrya bout that.

Here we go. Damn heavy as **** intro. Really enjoying the low end nice and heavy. The cymbals need a bit more presence though, at this part. The bass guitar is very gnarly and is really nice. 0:47 very nice and heavy. Gives me a kind of Metallica vibe somehow, don't know why. Definitely in a good way though. I like your snare sound. The kick could perhaps be a bit less clicky because it's a bit too present now (But then again you might be going for that). The bass guitar tone is reaaaly nice it's really making everything so fantasticly heavy. The song is nice up untill now. I'm at 2:00 and bam you add some nice leads too. The lead is subtle but effective. I'm not sure on the drum switching to the KICK-SNARE-KICK--SNARE thing at 2:00 it felt kind of cheezy to be honest. But still nice though. The double bass part at 2:40 is kind of cheezy though the song is starting to feel a bit dragged out. Like too much repetition or something. But vocals or something could really fix that. The repetition of the riff at 3:17 is nice though because that's a nice riff. The 3:26 repetition with the crash is head-bang worthy. Gave me a slight FIve Finger Death Punch vibe.

You're guitar playing is very tight for only playing 11 month! I don't think there are much people that get to recording quality playing in 11 months. I mean the stuff is not very complex or anything but you played it very tight which is the most important thing in a song. I mean it's better to play a bit simpler stuff tight then playing complexer stuff bad. The riffs are very tasty though and the use of those kind of outsideish chords at 1:14 etc. is just really tasty. Nice song! Production wise you might be able to work on the kick sound a bit but I got no other things to comment on because it's just good at is.
A song me and a friend did. Some mixing advice from you guys would be awesome. C4C if you think my advice would be valueable but I'm not that big on the mixing thing yet.

Stuff used:
Cort KX-Custom and ESP LTD THALL Running into a Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 running into Quad tracked LePou LeGion and SoloC (Soldano clone). Using Messiah impulses and this Mesa Boogie pack I found somewhere.

Bass guitar: Trillian Bass. One track low passed and one track high passed and destroyed with a LePou LeGion. Both running through a Compressor together.

Drums: Cymbals are Steven Slate. Except for the splash and the hi-hat for which I used drumkit from hell. There's a little bleed of DFH's snare and from SSD's Kick (I liked the bleed to make it feel a bit more real). Rest of the drums are just triggers. One "High Kick" which I high passed and used "Decapitator" on (Kind of compressor that makes it really clicky) and the low kick which I EQed a bit (Messiah Pack kick).

Mastering is a random concatenation of Ozone Maxizer, Ozone EQ and Ozone Dynamics I have no idea what I'm doing there.
Writing as I listen.

Intro sounds good and funky, like the guitar sounds and the multiple things going on at once. The drum enters nice and slow adding a nice backend. The bass tone is also good and enjoyable. The little solo thing at 1:00 is classy. Like it. That little run at 1:18 is a nice touch, the kind of minor-harmonic sounding thing. Solo wise it's more of a Hendrix thing then a John Frusciante somehow. It's like funky in a different way then John'd do. The more walking bass at 2:30 is a nice touch. It really gives me a kind of Motown vibe. Very old school vibe kind of thing. I like the little dynamics at 3:28 with the guitar in the background being a bit smaller. The drums starts feeling a bit boring at this point. Did they ever vary? Sounds like they've been just doing the same thing all day. Could use some fills / more dynamics to create a bit more of dynamics in the song (The little drum stop near the end is nice but it could use more of this kind of thing).

Overall: Nice song. Enjoyable listen. You have a very nice bluesyish tone in your fingers but unlike some players you have a lot of precision in your fingers as well which creates a really nice tone at the start of the chain. Combine that with your nice sounding Fender and it's a pretty killer tone. Production wise, it's good and the guitar tone is really tasty. The guitar ideas/overall ideas are really good too so, well done!
Writing as I listen.

Simpler Days/Cold nights ( I think I missed the transisition so I accidently critiqued these together):
The ticking clock is a nice touch. The clean guitar parts is nice. The tone is a bit "Sterile" like you ran it into your PC DI and only put on some delay. It almost feels like it clips some times. Could also be EMG's? Or pickups that you set really high/hot. The part at 0:36ish were you do the kind of "ticking clock arpegio" is nice. Perhaps you could have elaborated on that and use that to build the song somewhere because currently you introduce nice ideas and then just kind of slowly fade away to another idea. Feels a bit too improvised. Didn't really fel the outro.

Trench Warfare:
The clock keeps on ticking. Ooh mysterious sound at 0:19 and suddenly bass guitar. 0:21 the metal enters. Riffs are nice, but the sound is kind of lacking (Then again it's a 4 day project so I'm not sure if I'm allowed to complain). BUT the tone sounds like you just put your amps rec out/multieffect unit straight into your PC's (Crappy) sound card which doesn't do much for the tone. In hind sight that's probably what also happend at the previous 2 tracks and made the tone a bit "sterile" there. If you really want to go this route I'd suggest you look into Cabinet simulator because it ussually takes a lot of the "Digital fizz" away and turns it into something usefull.( If you're at loss where to start with cab simulation I'd suggest checking out this thread's second post: about Impulse loaders and Impulses)

The song itself was nice tough, it gave me a Iron Maiden vibe somehow. And that's good because I love me some Iron Maiden. The bassguitar tone was pretty good actually. Percussion wise the drum "sound" wasn't really good. It was a bit far back in the mix and missed some punch, and what the drum played could use some improvement. Some more "Simple" straight "snare on the three" rhythm with a 4/4th cymbal going might have be a bit less "chaotic" and powerfull for the metal thing you got going.

Production is good enough for the first two tracks, but is a bit too lacking in the heavy part of the last song (Except for the bass guitar which was real good). The song's themselves are good but could use a bit more "direction" as in you could try making it go places betters/a bit more dynamic.
Hey writing as I listen!

Intro really sets a vibe fast. The little sound at the start was good. What was that sound? Like a guitar scrape with echo? Pianos coming in now sounds very "epicish" and atmospheric. Especiallyt with the background noise. Bassguitar going in now, nice. It's giving me a good vibe somehow it kind of reminds me of "La Dispute" especially now that the vocals come in. I'm not really well versed in this music though so I might just be generalizing the whole genre, so sorry if I do :P. But I like La Dispute so that's a good thing. The drum is nice too, the tone on the Hihat and on the snare is really good. The kick also hooks right in with the bass guitar. Sounds good. I like the vocals at 2:20 it's like "emotional" (In a non emo but genuine way) but it still has this small "tingle" of melody that really takes it some nice places. Kind of reminds me of old-schooler punk that way. The more brutal part at 3:10 is nice. Perhaps the vocals could be a bit less "Sharp" at this part. It sounds rather harsh (And ofcourse screams should sound harsh, but mix wise it could use some more low mids / lows to give a bit more punch and make it a bit less raspy). The double vocals were nice. The end was a bit abrupt but fitting since you just ended with like the climax. Perhaps you could put osme more emphasis on the last "Pam pam PAAAAAAM" because it's like only after I heard it I was like "OH WAIT THAT WAS THE ENDING CADENCE". If you get what I'm saying. Sorry for the wall of text. The art of the thing looks nice too by the way. The whole thing kind of glues together nicely. Sounds good, once again really gives me a kind of La Dispute vibe but in a different way. I thought the vocals leaned a bit more on actual melody then La Dispute does, which I enjoyed because it has these small "micro-melodies" or howevered you'd call them where the overtones of the voice somehow match up to something pleasant (yet dramatic).

Tl;dr: Nice song, really got a vibe going and kept that vibe up throughout. Production wise it's really good in my opinion. It's like I didn't even notic ethe production so it's just good.

Feel free to check out my song if you have time:
Writing as I listen:

Ok so that's them MIDI guitars. Perhaps this song would be more suited if you posted it in the Original Tablature section. A lot of people post their Guitar Pro's there. It sounds kind out of place in "Original Recordings" since you didn't record anything.

Anyway back to the song I'm at 2:00 in the meanwhile. The intro was rather atmospheric in a grim dissonant way which was quite nice, although it's very hard to feel atmosphere when you're hearing the Guitar Pro guitars. I like the reprise to the intro at 2:30 felt really in place there. Oh the solo you did at 1:30 was kind of random, will need to hear that on real guitar to judge that. The solo at 2:55ish is a bit more coherent but could perhaps still use some work. I feels like you're trying to cram 100 themes into one solo, and it doesn't really flow well. The Left/Right thing at 3:20ish is a nice touch. The start of that solo feels odd with those pentatonic riffs in there. This song is not suited for pentatonic soloing some more outside / evil tones would be better. The outro doesn't really sound as an outro felt a bit like an abrupt stop.

In general the song is Okay I'd say, but it's hard to judge with the Guitar Pro / SSD combination. Perhaps it would be better if you either posted the guitar pro of it in the Original Tablature subsection or recorded it whole to comment on here. (I suggest the latter because recording and mixing is fun). It might sound odd but I would have found it easier to give usefull comments on the song if it was completely Guitar Pro since I'm very used to the MIDI sound but this half MIDI, half SSD drums makes it unfamiliar and hard to assess so sorry if my advice wasn't very usefull.

But anyways you're heading in a nice and grim landscape songwriting wise, and I'd be curious to hear where you take your music. Some details could use some polishing tough because sometimes things didn't completely "connect".

If you want to give your opinion on my song that would be awesome:
Writing as I listen. Intro sounds cool, very atmospheric. It feels a bit like one of these "Smooth" tracks. The guitar tone fits rather well there. It feels a bit like a realy sexy saxophone. I'm at 1:00 the part you introduce there is pretty cool, the whole thing has quite a 80s feel somehow. It really takes me to like 80s fantasy movies and the way they set atmosphere with dolls etc. instead of animation. The solo you're doing there is nice. At 1:30 it gives me more of a fluid Satriani/Vai feeling. The "picking" sound of your tone sounds very smooth. The kind of "harpichordish" thing that you start at 2:20 gives me them 80 feels again. It remains very atmospheric throughout and I'm feeling a slight buildup here with the faster soloing going on here at 2:40. All the notes you hit are very fluid and tone is like a running liquid. Pretty nice. Perhaps you could make the tone a bit better by making it a bit less "harsh" on like the highs. It kind of feels like you just an amp simulator / FX processor and didn't put on a cab simulator so that would be room for improvement to make the tone feel a bit more "real". The little key interlude somewhere at 4:00 is nice. The guitar comes in nice, could perhaps be a bit more of a "spectacular entrance" there but the current thing you've got going gives no reason to complain really. At 5:08 it felt a bit if you were improvising with that first lick first and then it kind of felt like you didn't really know where to go at from 5:00 / 5:13 leaning a bit much on the pentatonics. The outro is nice could perhaps be a bit "less" abrupt, perhaps more of a building down thing with perhaps a bit longer part without solo.

So to summarize short:
Very nice atmosphere and nice song. Production wise it sounded good, guitar tone is really good already for this type of thing but could benefit from being more "real". Get a cab simulator (Like an impulse loader or something, that stuff is free to get everywhere), or if you already have a cab simulator play arround with some different impulses. Or if that actually was a real amp play arround with your microphone position.

I didn't read the creation myth by Tolkïen but I can imagine this going well with one of his stories. However in the description you talk about a "Battle" but I couldn't really feel a battle in this song. It felt way too "mellow"/"smooth" for a battle. But then again I'm not sure if there is a battle in the part of the story/the story you did.

Anyway nice.

If you want you can check out my song: but it's completely different from what you're doing so I'm not sure if I'd be within your taste, so if you don't like it there's no harm done.