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In all honesty, if you can make a song work with two verses, do it. Never try to change your musical ideas to fit what everyone else is doing. And I'm personally a fan of one guitar sounds, with a good bassist, there's no need for a second guitar.

*High five*
Yeah, the bassist and I agreed that I'm gonna be in charge of the guitar parts and I'm gonna make them as creative as I want. If he dislikes it, we'll just leave him out of it.
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Two guitar parts can bring a song to a whole new level but it can also over complicate it. Your friend doesn't sound like a very mature musician with such a black and white approach. Just how it comes off though.

Yeah, that's sort of how it is.
I'm alright with having a rhythm guitarist. It's just that my friend has been playing for 4 months and can pretty much only do power chord progressions. I've been playing for 4 years and when I try to come up with cool riffs and he always says they don't work for the song when the bassist and drummer say they're great. All of his songs are just chugging chords and whenever I try to do something creative, he refuses to accept it.
Thanks everyone, it's been really cool seeing other peoples insight on songwriting.
Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of our biggest influences and that's the kind of sound we're aiming for.
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Why should you care what your friend thinks?

We're in a band together. He's the rhythm guitarist and I'm the lead.
My friend and I have gotten into several arguments over two major points of songwriting. I'm just curious what other people's opinions are on these points.

1. Do songs need a 'hook' to be memorable?
I wrote a poem about a friend of mine who commited suicide and it's just two verses with no chorus or anything. It's just a poem but I wanted to write music to it and turn it into a song so that I could always remember her when I play it. My friend says the song needs a chorus or else it won't be catchy/memorable. I completely disagree on this point. I don't care about catchy choruses as much as I care about the emotion that's put into the song. That to me is far more memorable than a line that gets stuck in your head.

2. Can EVERY song have two guitar parts?
My friend believes that any song in the world can be improved by having two guitars instead of one. I think that one guitar part can create a simpler sound and that's what our band is going for, but he adamantly believes that there needs to be two guitars going at all times.

What are your opinions on these issues? They've been bugging me for a long time and I want to know what other people think.
No World For Tomorrow - Coheed and Cambria
The song is extremely fitting AND has an epic riff.
I bought a 1990 Gibson Les Paul Studio from my friend's dad for $700 last summer. Yesterday I played a different Gibson Les Paul Studio at the Bridge of Harmony by my house and I noticed that it was pretty much half as heavy as my Les Paul. I've heard that Les Paul Studios are supposed to have body cavities to lower the weight. I've always been amazed at how heavy my Les Paul is. I weighed it once and it came up as 10 pounds.
Is it possible that my Les Paul Studio is actually a Les Paul Standard that had the name plate switched? Is there a sure way to tell the difference?
I've been using one amp for the entire time I've been playing and that's been a Marshall MG I got from a pawn shop... and based on what I've heard, UG hates MG's... lol
A few months ago I found my dream guitar, a Les Paul Studio, and I've been looking to upgrade to a tube amp. My price range is up to $700-800. I tend to be drawn to Marshalls, but I'm not overly picky. I play everything from Chili Peppers to Led Zeppelin to Lynyrd Skynyrd. The amp would mostly be used for gigs. Any suggestions?
My cousin's friend played guitar and I was mesmerized by it. So I asked my parents for a guitar. They bought me a cheap one saying I'd quit within two weeks...
3 years later and I'm in a band getting better everyday.
Today my biggest influences are John Frusciante, Jerry Cantrell, and Jade Puget.
Based on videos I've seen from their Youtube channel, the guys from Tantric are really chill and rather funny.
I use an Ibanez RG120 that I got at a pawnshop for $100. They're usually around $200 new. It has 24 frets and can get a pretty decent range of tones, and for some reason I can play better on it than any other guitar I've ever touched.
Pleymo (Heard about them thanks to Rock Band)
They're pretty much a French version of old-school Linkin Park.
Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace
He's a good looking man..
11 pages and only one post for Jerry Cantrell?
Ah well... He's my favorite.
I think it's impressive how he can switch between blues to rock to almost metal guitar playing all within an overall grunge style.
John Frusciante, Kurt Cobain, Kirk Hammett, and Mark Tremonti round out my other favorites.
Goodbye to the Machine - HURT (Can't wait!! )
New Killswitch, Alice in Chains, and Priestess should be good too
I think Lostprophets too?
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Pokemon is so overrated nowadays. It's the same game released every single time but nostalgia fags keep paying attention to them.

Hey, the original RBY/GSC games were awesome.
I liked Ruby and Sapphire too, but after that I lost interest.
And what's wrong with nostalgia?
I felt like reviving the thread to update all the people who gave me advice.
Unfortunately, I got the crap kicked out of me because I thought the tourny was in three weeks... but it was actually last Thursday. All my guys were in their 40s and everyone else had lvl 70 guys.
But! Now we're upping the ante a bit and doing a G/S/C tourny. I'm starting on gold and I think my team is gonna be:
-Heracross (If I get far enough I'll switch him out with Tyranitar)
I have exactly one month to train the hell out of my team.
Any new suggestions or training tips? I just started out so I'm open to better team ideas.
The solo of Nutshell by Alice in Chains will always be my favorite.
Such a great song...
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What's the item policy?

So far as I know, it hasn't been brought up.
The tourny will PROBABLY (not 100% sure) be done on Pokemon Stadium, which would eliminate the item aspect.
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So this is coming from a Pokemon geek who owned, played, and pwned at every Pokemon game until The DS Games. Who the hell wants 400 + Pokemon? Anyways,

Nidoking = I don't remember him being that great, try an Onyx or maybe a Rhydon
Kadabra < Alakazam (if you can)
Primeape = Favorite fighter
Kingler = Again I don't remember him being that great. Try either an Articuno if you got him. I remember Psyduck and Gyrados both being pretty good too.
Arcanine = Hmm, sounds like a good idea, but if you had a Moltres, go with it. Or maybe a Rapidash
Dragonite = Definately keep

Good ideas.
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Is mew banned too?
i'm pretty sure you get it, cause i remebered i had him

Not really sure. I think they're treating it the same as Mewtwo.
What I find funny is we're all seniors and most of the guys in the tournament are jocks from the football team.
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Why would you play blue when you can play the superior diamond?

I didn't make the rules...
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Where is the zardz?

Evolve the Kadabra or you die.

From what I've gathered... ALL 19 of the guys picked Charmander as their starter.
And I didn't want to conform with them.
And yes, I will try and trade my Kadabra with my friend.
A couple weeks ago a couple of guys in my grade started playing Pokemon Blue and it spread to all their friends. Pretty soon it developed into a full on tournament.
The rules are:
-No infinite rare candies or stat increasing items.
-No Mewtwo
-All pokemon must be self caught and trained.
-Original Red and Blue versions ONLY
-Elimination style matches

The tournament is in three weeks and we got 20 guys entered with a $5 entry fee.
I'm thinking my team is gonna be: Nidoking, Kadabra, Primeape, Kingler, Arcanine, Dragonite. Winning $100 would be pretty sweet.
Any ideas for improving my team?
Wish me luck.
45 by Shinedown.
It's a simple tune but I find it very inspiring
Someone should make an Admiral QuAckbar...
Damn... I missed all the fun..

Edit: I'll take a lime green bitch, Reva.
Can I join the green duck army?
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i appalude you.

Ignore the virgin nerds, my good sir, and reign supreme over that chicks vag

Thank you good sir.
As your sig indicates, UG does indeed need more people like you.
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I'm sorry. *pats on back* I won't really shoop your new woman.

Side note: You totally look like one of my friends...made me go

Yea, I know.. stupid move..
I should've posted a picture of my ex..

Really? That's cool.
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I have started the thread! Let The Pit unleash its creativity on her!

You guys suck.
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*runs off with picture to photshop*

Aww, come on guys. There's no need for that...
Alright, I finally got a pic of her and posted it on my profile.
It's not gonna be there long, so enjoy it perverts.
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ohhh, i thought we were going to touch each others penises

That comes later.
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KiSA, Where's Foley, MN?? Is that like an hour away from the cities? cuz, if so, I think I might just give your new gf a test drive.

Just Kidding Man!

Not really

You better not!
I wouldn't mind meeting up with you in a motel room though.


And playing guitar of course.
Oh! I forgot!
There was a 40 year old black guy a few doors down from us who hit on my gf's 15 year old sister several times while we were there. We were fairly certain he was high on something too. He left us alone after awhile though.
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I don't care if you didn't "do much"....just give me some MUDAPHUCKING PICS!!!

Maybe if I'm feeling nice I'll put a picture of us up on my profile soon.