im lisening to nothing
why is it?
i really love black metal like immortal, canibal corpse, and mayhem and **** like that
hey whats going on?
hey guys im bak! is destroy_techno still around???
I just noticed that i know you!!!! i got you as my friend ^_^
ohhh haha
how did you know what i am?
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Ah, I do enjoy buggering with people's heads.

Hello, stranger. Get yourself an avatar and a sig.

i don't know how =(
can you show me?
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My erection, still.

I live in the country which is pretty much Political Correctness central, remember. And it was back in the early daysw when I didn't know anyone, hadn't seen the banter and so on.

furiously masturbating?????...
hey wat everyone doing?
then why you mix them?
does cheez its & sun ships taste good mixed togerther?
hey wats up?
how is crying manly???
so wat do you have so far for being manly?
so you guys are dudes trying to be manly?
so wats up with this manly stuff?
hey wats up everyone?
so you can play one?
7 strings are really cool never seen an 8 string don't think i would know how to play one