It fits, but its a small fit, if I push it in and hold it there its fine. I've never had this problems with my other Zoom's so I thought all sockets would be the same size...?? lol
Zoom G2.1u multi-effects...
When I plug the 9v adaptor in it switches on and then the adaptor falls out and loses connection. I know this is basic stuff but does anyone know any low-tech hacks or anything to solve this or am I going to have to get a bigger adaptor connector thing :P

Cheers in Adv.
-Scum-Bag Carrol-
Errm, it should be fine but OFR are known not to to properly fit the mounting studs of licenced ones, take the strings, springs and bridge off your guitar and leave the mounting studs in. Then take it to your local guitar shop and ask them if they could check if an OFR would fit, if it does buy one, but try to buy one by Schaller made in Germany (it will say "made in Germany" on the bridge block. If all goes well then you should have better tuning, flutter effect, sharper responce and yes it will withstand heavy-trem use...In fact more than your current licenced one. And the reason for Schaller is because I've found it to be the best so far.
You may need a truss rod adjustment, doubt you'll need any new springs but you MAY
If not its just a simple balancing act with your floyd, also BFMV use D standand and Drop C, and yes they will work, i use 11-54 for it.
What guitar i should get with £270...(GBP if you don't know what the £ is ;])
I play anything but I'm in a band that plays real heavy stuff e.g Machine Head...
I love V's and just...need abit of help...
Cheer in Adv. people!
Well honestly?? You can't really go wrong with strings, for £5-£10 try ernie ball or dunlop (the signature series are pretty good both Zakk and Kerry King). But if you pay lyk £15 you can get Elixer which last for months!!!
But its really your choice you can't really go wrong...but if you play standard tuning get least!
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fernandes sustainer
If you could tab it here for me or something that would be great
Also sorry if it's the wrong forums I couldn't decide which it went into...
Any help is welcome!

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Metallica - Some Kind of Monster(book)

because it's good and because its Metallica!!
Mesa Boog triple rect. ^.^ awesome amp
Try tightening the truss rod a fraction to stop the rattling because it maybe be loose. If that doesn't work tighen every nut and bolt you see and if that doesn't work see a guitar doc (yeah I copied the guy before me ^^)
Then yes...Don't see why not
I do...
Anyone else?
I don't learn anything from them I just like to watch and laught at him ^.^
Whats your fav bit if his lessons?
but e-guitar is better
That headstock....=SSSSSSSSSSSSSS
ESP LTD M1000 or EC1000....for the metallica and maiden anyway
Or a fender strat like adrian smiths from maiden in the video to run to the hills
Just simply don't buy and report it if possible?
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Duuh, i've been playing Dead Rising so no big deal
Can i say BFMV without gettin shot?

but the most talented?...hmm...Iron Maiden
Yeah it's pretty easy, do some research on the internet before you get your tools to your axe?
Or just get it done my your local guitar store and see if you can watch them or something?
Using heavier gauge strings will have more tension than lighter gauge, this heavier tension will cause the bridge to raise and mess up the action, inotation ect...This could be fixed by adjusting the tremolo springs on the back by tightening them pulling the bridge back down, Then you re-tune and adjust until it is perfectly inline with the guitar body.

Need more info?...Just ask
G string if your want to play Nirvana.....Sorry....

But on a serious note, I think Kurt used Ernie Ball, it says it on the packet anyways...
Umm, listen to a different genre of music for a while?
ESP LTD EC1000 no doubt!
Studio isn't as good IMO and the ec1000 comes with better neck picks and 2 more frets!! and look better also IMO
I prefer raven picks, there like tortex just faster and easier to grip and sounds better and alot more durable....And Dime used them ^^ also it turns your sweat into glue and you NEVER drop your pick
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He would really want to hold it pretty angled. Having it parallel causes the pick to clip more, which isn't too fun.
Well I hold it parallel and lossen my pick so its "sweeps"/"strokes" the strings but still enough force to hit the note
its mostly about muting though
Just take your time dude!
You've clearly got the passion and dedication which is more than alot of people!
Just practice! Go the same thing for an hour?...see if you can speed it up?...if not keep going slow until you can?
Just keep your passion and dedication as high as it is! You will be good someday! If you practice everyday for atleast an hour I can promise you will be good!
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true but he likes the feel of the razorback which it has, and it doesnt have his tremelo so its jsut for him, in all hoestly i want his guitar haha, i want a tremolo so much more fun to use
Also no neck-thru neck and i fink the DB is probably if not most definatly wrong but....
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No trem?!?!?!?...............No cool graphics or bevels either!
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ahh that's a good idea, never really crossed my mind. I'll look into it. thanks
No problem! Try it on a old starter guitar...perfect it and maybe suit up a better one?...V's are fun to do and if your really bored upgrade pick-ups and hardware and stuff?
Either the ESP or Ibanez...
I suggest the ESP because of the EMG's and original floyd rose and better looks for shred and metal...Although the Ibanez may have a faster neck...try both the ESP and the Ibanez out and let your fingers decide!
Masking tape....spray paint....razorblade....
I know how to and what-not but I don't have as much time as you to post it all on how to, Kill some time and research it...YouTube is a good place to look...anyways yeah research it, do it properly and have fun =P
And its not so bad if you screw up, but its pretty hard to.
Yeah, or instead of masking tape make some stencils and make custom graphics and stuff?

All just ideas!

-Scum-Bag Carrol-
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wow i just noticed that. how are you supposed to play comfortably with that thing?!?
How would you play comfortably if it was moved??? and yeah I've just extremely awkward!
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I think he'd be like "that was some strong acid I took..."

HAHA! +1
What dya think Hendrix would say about it?
Lol that gibson reversed explorer......NO!! BAD GIBSON!!