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We go to a community and they have Jesus. We go to another one and they have a king. Who is gonna show up in the next one, Elvis?

Pete, the pirate captain.
Tbh I didn't like this episode and not even in the way you're supposed to
I think the second death thing will happen but not in that scene

I think the episode will end with the scene where Negan guts Spencer like a fish
They've done worse already so I don't see why that'd be an issue
lol y'all if you watched the Right Hand Man clip it gave it away clear as day, Maggie dies

Rick has all the blood and guts at his knees (and on his face) so it would have to be the person to his immediate right. Not only that, you can hear Glenn whimpering in the back, crystal clear. Plus the whole dumb miscarriage thing is a dead give away.

At the very least it without a doubt isn't Glenn since Glenn is the furthest away from Rick than anybody else and there's no way his skull exploded that fucking badly lol
The people on this site truly are pathetic and the forums have gone to complete shit. Literally the only reason I occasionally check in is for the film thread and that's been dead af anyway. The "community" on this site is garbage and like wow do I feel stupid as fuck for ever taking this shit seriously. I've made a few good friends from this site but I regret everything else and am fucking mortified I wasted my adolescence posting here. Peace.
Can you address the allegations about you ruining UG?
Sup Ali still being petty I see
This is a really bad idea can y'all just leave the forums alone they were fine before tbh
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kinda love what's happening over there and i hope something similar happens in britain. I'd shit myself so hard

As far as I can tell the clown thing originated in London fyi
Sugar Ray's cover of Abracadabra is one of the best covers ever tho at least
Well just for that I hope you pick a poisonous plant and are allergic to fish >:
That is a factually accurate statement.
Why am I not a choice in the poll??
Nice works on the micro level but will kill you on the macro
This is been happening for years in various places, I think the first time I heard about it it was like a big thing in London

It's a pretty fucked up thing to do tbh, I would legit laugh if one of these dumbasses got shot
Dicks out for Harambe is dumb but the more general Dicks out for _________ meme that spawned out of is great and is my fave meme in a long while
A little over 2 months maybe

I'm probably about to lose my job for real tho tbh. Mental illness has really taken a toll on how many spoons I have and it's def not enough to do my job effectively anymore. Tbf to me they also cut my hours and expect my department to look just as good so whatever. Fuck them.
Whoever votes yes is a fucking moron tbh
I love how the Russians broke this site beyond repair when they updated the forums, almost every time I try to refresh a page or open a new thread or something the site crashes and I get the "shit happens!" page lol
Charles gets an intimate look behind the curtain of my life

I feel bad for him frankly
eGraham the h stands for hmu

Banjocal tumblr lol
Evan become a mod lol

This is what UG has become in my absence smdh

jk Evan ur fairly cool
There's literally no one I'd rather see play Carol more than Brie I'm so happy

Now we just need a Captain Marvel + Rocket Raccoon duo film and then I can die peacefully
For real fuck that Ezekiel casting holy shit

But Shiva omg yes 😍
It's more of a I just don't give a shit about the life of a cop thing
I'm not saying I necessarily enjoy it, but I'm also not saying I don't enjoy some Ice-T either
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Your shitty opinion is just as responsible for our great societal imbalance as the one that leads to increased aggression towards people of color.

This is the dumbest fucking thing I've ever read on this website and I regularly read my own posts
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i'm gonna go ahead and say that i don't mind.

Yeah lol
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Are we talking a girl's butt or a guy's butt or just any butt?

I think he was talking about Evan #goodpalgazjoke
Cute girl dicks pls
If you're going to pick up actual Japanese culture by watching anime (which is a ridiculously stupid idea), your best bet is Gintama
Tangle looks exactly like sniplefritz
Have you not read any of my old posts lol

I want to move on with my life but I have this tumerous old me growing out of UG that I want to obliterate in case of anyone ever finding them and embarrassing me greatly
Orson can you please delete every post I've ever made and also anybody's when they quoted me, k thnx
Dear Russians,

My UG IQ isn't 69 anymore and that is frankly unacceptable and I demand you manually change it or I will report you for crimes against me and make Orson ban you all.

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I've had enough drinks tonight to tell you that you've been a whole lot less shitty lately than you used to be. Keep it up, kiddo.

It's mostly cuz I don't post here anymore
Oh what the fuck my IQ isn't 69 anymore honestly fuck the Russians they are making this site unusable I'm gonna fly to Russia and pick a fight with zapp
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but you don't like anything.

goddammit now i have the song stuck in my head.

No you're just dumb and like dumb things and I'm smart and like smart things
I swear I'm the only person alive that never at any point liked Mr. Brightside

And I feel good about it cuz it's a trash song