Ransacked my heart and infiltrated my soul
I got in over my head,fell through like a sinkhole
Left stranded for dead with all the words left unsaid
On my dreams you tread whilst the voice in my head
Is screaming out for answers

Ask me how I’m doing then spit in my face
Im at a predisposition to the darkness and to your disgrace
So name a time and anyplace
I’ll slam the brakes,seize the world and begin to brace

Your questions have answers that you already know
Artificial and untruthful,can’t hide it, it shows
Through all the carnage and bloodshed,
Don’t ask how I’m doing
Ive Told you once and Ive told you twice.
Im already dead.

You’re the pin in my grenade that Im gonna rip you out
If i decided to let go now would you ever come about?
You’re the trigger in my gun that screams for my touch
Tell me to pull, Ill ask how much. Would the guilt be too much?

Your questions have answers that you already now
I see right through you, can’t hide it, it shows.
You can lay in my bloodshed and reflect on the carnage
And spit on my heart thats battered and tarnished.
Don’t ask me whats ahead
Ive told you once already
Im already dead
The lyrics are pretty personal. Been through such a hard time lately and not to drop too much information but there was a suicide attempt a few months back. When your whole world flips upside down, it can feel like the person you were before can never "be" again. Life changes and sometimes you have to let go of all the negative ties to the past. I underwent crazy self destructive tendencies that were not a part of my character in the past. It felt like a separate entity was controlling all of my decisions. Severe depersonalization would be an accurate description of how I felt. I think sub-consciously, the driving force behind the destructive behaviour was to literally kill the person I was before so I could move on and start fresh as a new person. Thinks that would have been considered "Crossing the line" in my life before were miles behind me in the distance as I pushed boundaries and wandered deeper and darker into a place I've never been. The overdose was eye opening. Im glad such a personal topic didn't come across as something written too horribly! For someone who just writes guitar riffs, lyric writing is a new challenge for sure.
Verse 1

Pursuit onto shadows down cold, dark roads
Loss of self, empty shell, Fear induced an episode
Shunt out the light, I will fight and stay true to
Our Unbeaten path i Reign down to find you,
Dead end ahead ,Thoughts to bend and break then plan to mend

Cross the line and Hear him instruct
It feels so good to self destruct

Verse 2
Where Confusion Induced illusions ,
They feel new, was it cause they all hid from you?
Stripped of senses, Let Sub conscious condense his
Feelings he’s felt, brought forth the hell that burns the cards he’s been dealt
Along side transparency, you over see what i wish i could be
Encrypted answers are near, Confused they still watch in fear,
A plan no one sees, I unfold at ease
To Cauterize a presence, Ignite it, no pain since

A fresh new start , ill reconstruct
It feels so good to self destruct

Note. Might condense the verses and make pre choruses out of some of the content as they are very "wordy". I Will have to determine when I see which song I put them over.
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Hey guys! Im doing an english project and I need one item to represent each of the seven sins! Lets see what you guys can come up with.
For those of you who don't know the seven sins off by heart here they are..
It doesn't have an effects loop
It does do it on both channels
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I was jamming with my band the other day and my orange amp started cutting in and out. It was the same sound as if you had a bad cable but I checked the cables and changed guitars and it still kept cutting in and out. What's could be making it do this? The amp was a floor model and ive only had it for two months. If its the tubes would it be the pre amp or power tubes?
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It's definitely too big of a volume drop to be something related to finger strength.Should i replace the power tubes or pre amp tubes?
So I own a Randall RG50TC tube amp and for about a week now I noticed it hasn't been as loud as usual.I brought it to band practice and i almost had to have the volume cranked when usually i don't need it past halfway.Is it a power tube dying maybe?
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No it does it on both of the pick ups and I tried it with just the amp plugged into the outlet and it still happens.
Yes it still does
I have a Boss Ge-7 in the effects loop and my guitar runs straight into the amp.
I have a Randall RG50TC tube amp and when ever i turn the volume on the distortion channel i get a crazy feedback.Even if I keep the gain below half way it still does it.It doesn't do this on the clean channel though.
Could it be the tubes?I had it re tubed around August-September of 2009.
I would of done the same thing.