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heck yeah its gonna be heavy its gonna be in Drop A tuning and the opening line of the CD will be like Worship god

and then the pope just does a freakin brutal breakdown

Had to sig that, if you do not mind

Also, judging by the picture they have of him, hellz yeah it'll be heavy, he's got his badass face on
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no, you have to create a new user account, search for midget porn, and spin around three times.

k, how do i do that first part?
I run Ubuntu
I had Hardy Heron, and it was solid
I tried to run an update to Intrepid Ibex, and when I finished, everything was kind of broken
Now, I was informed that using an Ubuntu Live Disc, I can mount my hard disk from the Live Disc, and back-up my files that way
It will not mount my hard disk. It asks for the Live Session User Password
what would that be?
Do i need to create an account on the Live Disc, or what?
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I already have a job and I pick up my neighbors kids. But i still need more money, are there any other things that i can do?

are they really that heavy?
like, to the point that it's impressive enough of a feat to be PAID to do it?

donate your body to science?
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to be fair, some strings will last longer than a month without sounding horrible. It all depends on string brand (Elixers last a long time I've heard), string guage (thicker strings last longer), whether he has a fixed bridge or a tremolo (fixed or blocked bridge will double string life, in my experience), whether he washes his hands before playing, whether he uses those string wipes.

i don't wash my hands before playing, or use Elixers(except on the acoustic), and i don't wipe my strings down... and i've had my current strings on my geetar for prolly around 10 months.

and yes, i do play every single day, for at least 2 hours, so they get used... i jsut like the sound of worn in strings better than new, so i only change when they break
RockBox FTW
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So to the two guys who go the school with her, is she a slut or anything like that?

actually... i don't think i
ve ever even seen her TALKING to a guy...
she's uber nice to the fellow girls... but not to the guys. might be a lesbo haha
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Okay, so since you go to the same school as her, tell me, is her voice really that ****ing annoying? I just saw a commercial with her and I wanted rip my ears off.

Short answer: Yes
Long answer: Uh huh

just as squeaky and nasally as on the commercial, times like, 5

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Damn both of you came through. Is she seriously ugly in real life or do you just dont like her?


for me, i dont like girls who come up to me knees, look like squirrels, and are so freaking built that she could kick my ass without breaking a sweat
but that's just me
but yeah, the whole craptastic personality and what-not are a turn-off as well... dont know how much that contributes to the overall ugliness
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w00t, delivered
thats pretty awesome so did you bone her yet

why the hell would i do that?
i dont screw woodland creatures....
id break her in half, and get arrested for murder

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Get me a yearbook pic and I'll believe you. And how does a teacher's parking spot safe?

give me a couple minutes while i fire up the scanner...
but stay here, i can get it to you
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She is such a ****.
She goes to my school as well.
In real life, she's a self-centered, midget sized, mousy looking girl with a big ego.

She was in my group for a project two years ago,
and flaked the whole time!

Our school drools over her and gave her a teacher's parking spot because they "feared for her safety."
When all that a teacher's spot does is give you a guaranteed parking spot, really close, everyday.

But trust me,
she's hella ugly.
I almost accidentally kneed her in the face last year...

Sorry for the rant.

she is a BITCH
i go to school with her, and she is rather full of herself. Snotty, and stuck up
Don't get me wrong, she's an AMAZING gymnast... but come on, her in Iowa theyv emade her a god, pretty much

which i guess that makes sense... NOTHING cool ever comes out of here, except for Slipknot and corn.... but still. Hate her. Looks like a squirrel.
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Playing guitar takes two hands. Fapping takes one. From this, I can only draw the conclusion that you have 3 hands...
it reads those, if those are the ones you were trying to think of

i like it, but i dont know if it plays the song
cause my soundcard is fried, so i cant hear anythin anyway
i've got me GTKPod, and i'm wanting to put some videos on.
I've ran the videos through some programs to encode it to the proper extensions and whatnot to get them to be compatible with the iPod, but when i attempt to load them on to the iPod using GTK, it does not work
a message comes up, that i do not recall at the moment
but if it helps, which i'm sure it does, i'll find that message again as soon as i can
thank you folks
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you know, sometimes leaves are brown.

or yellow
hell, i've seen red leaves
I cannot play the bass for beans
The bass is really one of the most versatile instruments there is
In the band i am currently in, it's pretty much all resting on the bass, cause the guy is wild amazing

But as a guitarist, it even makes me a tad pissed when people rag on bassists
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I got a A in my Enlgish College class soo meh! LOL i know, my grammer sucks as bad as that guy playing GH.

Relevance please?

But yes, Guitar Hero and what not HAVE bred some dumbasses who think that the real thing is just as simple.
I have found that that is not the general consensus though.
The majority of folks play it for fun, 'cause it's a game. They still don;t think they can play the real thing.

And i also cannot play those games for poop
But it is fun to sit there with a real guitar, and play along with all the songs while other people use the plastic ones
Whatever happened to punctuation?

I would say just don't turn everything up to the fullest,
Or buy a pedal for your distortion.
Don;t change your situation to fit your dream
change your dream to fit your situation

or maybe that's horrible advice
i'm no good at this
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^ It's a scoliosis with the convexity on the right side. Ie, the spine is curved to the right.

see, now this was helpful

suggestions as to preventing further bending:
don;t lean to the opposite side
because then you could get stuck
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Icy hot?

I miss that...

but yeah, i dont even know what this mestoscolosisapica or whatever even is
People = ****
Most of the Iowa album, actually
Replace marble with chocolate
I;ve done it
not only does it indeed feel good, but its delicious
but then you;re a mess afterwards...
but worth it haha
i would have to hear it, but it sounds as though you should just that exact thing with the bar as you would the ruler
just give a good, firm tap
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nirvana did a version of that. idk what the lyrics are, they may be different

way to read the post
save up MORE money, and buy a Moogerfooger
no idea what the hell they do, but then you can honestly tell people
"Hey, i have a Moogerfooger"

You'll be the coolest kid on the block, trust me
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need the cash and need the space i only have a small room and its full of bass' i play this one the least so its going to have to go

good reasons...
if i could play the bass worth a ****, id buy it
Why would you sell that?
It's gorgeous
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Guess what? you're a complete tool.

Stop using Windows
that's what i did after i had four trojans all at once

Ubuntu is superb, let me tell you
you do NOT purposely hit people in mosh pits
thats just stupid
Tough game, right there
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He uses the digitech whammy octave setting 8.

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I can't believe Young Frankenstein hasn't been mentioned yet.

that's not a horror movie
unles si read incorrectly, we're looking for scary movies, that are supposed to be SCARY, but wind up as funny

although, Young Frankenstein is in my top 3 best movies ever
The original Ammytiville Horror, which i probably did not spell correctly

The new The Shining

and of course: Cabin Fever
im not the only one who has had a tick there!!!!

but i just panicked, and tweezered the son of a bitch right out of there
from as far as i can tell, the head was not still in there...
im sure the side-effects of that wouldve shown up by now, what with it being two years since it happened