the mars volta.



jimi hendrix.

blonde redhead.

the flaming lips.

led zeppelin.

should i keep going? the choices are endless my friend.
Dude. It seemed so plausible.
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Oh god, imagine if he grabbed your ass cheeks with those orange claws of his with the claws gripping your skin tight, leaving red marks, while his long orange tail with the flame on it thrusts into your tiny black anus. His flame leaving burn marks on the inner surfaces of your hairy crack! IMAGINE THAT!

And yet...after all this fail to disappoint me.


And yeah dude...I also think it's 5 meters.

But getting back to topic...You know what made me feel old the other day?

Going to a bar....and not getting asked for id.

MY GOD! That is massive!

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That's pretty much impossible to identify. We need pics.

Hahahah this made me chuckle....but he's totally right dude. We need a LOT more ****ing info.
Dudes, it may be because I'm super high the thread name an amazing song name?

Again guys, If it doesn't make sense, ignoooreee me!

Also the guy who said he hates himself p[lenty in the first place, haaha I can't stop laughing!

And well I hate my selft verry much in all of the peoples.
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This. If you really love someone you shouldn't have to tell the world. In fact, I hate it when people have to show off their relationship.

And no, it's not because I'm jealous.

Wow dude, relax!

I'm EXTRA-high

And I know this is going to seem mellow and shit, I gotta say man, what's with the hate of love?

Yes my main preferred influence is Funk, but that's not why I'm asking that.

Again. I'm if it doesn't make any sense....IGNORE me....
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Got to go with Tool, Metallica, The Mars Volta. Im a die hard Chilis fan, but I have to say...meh. They make good music but they dont make generation defining music. It can be emulated easily. Now Tool in the other hand have outstanding music. Although technically simple, its not the easiest music to emulate, and God knows no one in that band can be replaced. The Mars Volta speak for themselves. Their music is ****ing insane.

I hate to say it, but personally I think we're living in the rap/electric-house generation. If you cant bump and grind to it then the majority of the population (non musicians I should say) dont give two shits about it. If its not that, we're living in the screamo generation. Almost all music now a days has someone screaming, or growling.

Thats just my opinion.


I'm a die-hard fan of the chilis as well and although I disagree with the Chilis not being generation defining music...well yes and no. I feel Frusciante redefines what melody and feeling are in a band.

Yes I'm a big sucker of Frusciante.

I love Hendrix, Deftones, Tool and TMV in such a way that there just isn't anybody else that has influenced me at such other level than them. So I would definitely put the latter 3 in an era where what defines youth is not a genre but a mixture of different styles that create an exquisite melting pot and a huge path for next generations to come.

And you're actually quite right. Electric/Rap music is what definitely defines the 00's by majority of population...since a big minority are musicians.
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Yeah who needs friends? Model boats ftw

Hahahahah hooly shit. This made me laugh so ****ing hard.

You sir, are tremendous. You shall be in my "Favorite Posters" group.
Yeah thanks dude.

Actually Frusciante and Hendrix are my main influences, xD

EDIT: Let me check your stuff.

EDIT2: Niiice shit!

Since most if not all you don't know me and since I've never done this I would like a C4C for my song "Waterfalls Of Millenia" which was recorded yesterday over 4 or 5 hours.

I actually play all the instruments.

Oh and...the quality is a bit crappy if not complete shit. This is mostly due to me recording on a Plantronics headset.

Leave your thoughts.

You gotta realize there's 6.7 billion people in this world (At least that was the last countdown I saw) and that only a handful of musicians are chosen to be famous....either it being that they're very talented or that they somehow hit a spot.

To be honest ZZ or whatever could be famous...for a couple of years. The way I see it, and I don't mean to sound cruel or anything...she wouldn't be remembered afterwards.

There's just so MUCH COMPETITION!

EDIT: Plus, American Idol isn't really a "Talent" show....for me, the persons that win most of the time are nothing out of the ordinary.

Like that dude with grey hair that won a couple of years ago...where the **** is him now?

To sum it all: YES! she is good, more than average. Nothing really astonishing though.
45 Tops. That's what we used to charge, before we sold our shop to GC....DAMNIT TO HELL WITH CAPITALISM!

Wow nice man.

It gives me a Kooks feeling.

Very much like what I'm trying to accomplish now with a couple guys .

I will play both man, thanks for that info, I didn't think of that :O
Yeah, I've thought about that too, but see that's the thing what's the difference between these two?

The OM has a 3 piece wood back, which to me sounds more elaborated.


Tough decision. If anybody knows anything that might be crucial for a decision please do not hesitate in posting here
^ Yeah me too xD.

The thing is that the wood on the backside of the OMC is a 3 piece which to me sounds that it might be better, but I have no idea.

I'm having trouble deciding between two Martins.

I'm finally getting my hands on a quality Acoustic this summer and I would like some opinions on which one to get, since I know nothing about acoustics.

I'm going for Martin as the brand purely by influence. I've played a few in picnics and beaches and have loved them a lot. Mainly because the guitarists I admire use Martin when they play anything acoustic.

My influences are: John Frusciante, John Mayer, Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix.

Ok so the two models I'm talking about are:

Martin DC16RGTE Aura Cutaway Acoustic Electric


Martin OMC16OGTE Acoustic Electric Guitar

Thanks much!
Mmhmh...I use a Vintage '87 Squier all standard and Orange Amplification.

I think (seeing the equipment I have) that you need to change your amp, and nothing more....

You can check my small cover of Soul to Squeeze, I have not problem getting bassy lines and bright crystal clear highs.

I mean I don't know about the Peavey or the Behringer on your list, but I see you have a Line 6 (and NO I'm not about to bash Line 6! I use an M13!) maybe you need some warm tubes for that warm clean tone.

BUT that's just me.
I did not know about them.

They're pretty good, thanks for showing them to me!!!

I like the whole style and ambient they create.
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^you can find GOOD halfstacks in the range, but the combos are generally going to be more bang for your buck. and we are aware that a quarterstack is easy to carry around, but were just trying to get people a good deal.

This man speaks the truth.

I have a half-stack. I spent around 1200 bucks on it and couldn't be happier.

To be honest ANY type of NEW half-stacks below the 800$ mark will suck!

Now, if we go's a different story, STILL you might not get a better deal than a perfect, brand new combo.
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Although Religulous was a bit entertaining.. It's one-sided and annoying.

True, it does not give any options but only criticizes.

I still think it is simply BRILLIANT.
I'm sorry if I'm out of line or lost in translations but,

What the **** is this?

I'm an atheist btw.

I'm just asking because I THOUGHT we had a religion thread...

EDIT: NVM.....!
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Why should the life of a stranger that doesn't concern me sway my decision in the slightest?

And I'm an atheist, so I just wouldn't believe in him and he'd disappear.

Kudos to this!

My exact thoughts.

Atheism FTW and also people need to buy Religulous ASAP.
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That's not sexual harassment; it's sexual assault.


He's right, what the **** is wrong with you?

Also I prefer the "Hoochie Mama" phrasing. :O!
Well, you'll need to check your speakers my friend.

In the back of the cabinet, where the speakers have the big magnets, it should say the OHM rating.

Now, you still need to read the head's manual because there are some heads that only support one 8 OHM Cable, that is the 2 speakers need to be connected in parallel.

By the way, it does have 2 outputs but I think they're in and out. You could find out before hand, because in Avatar cabs, the 2 outputs are in and out, but it doesn't matter where you connect the head.

Hope this helps.
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I love funk. The bass is so damn sexy and it can easily be mixed with other genres.

I officially love you!
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The blues. It's just the truth.


I love the blues! I GOT ME SOME BLUES!

Seriously, **** I love the blues.

Eternal points to you, my friend.

EDIT: My fav style is a mixture Trash Funk and Blues.


It is so beautifully natural, expressive and earthly that makes my pipi tingle whenever I play something by Frusciante, Hendrix or Vaughan.
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Yeah, they have a sponsorship deal with the Stones.


I know, the sad thing is I eat it a lot..and I can't get NO satisfaction
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Who the hell is Mcjagger?

Oh my god, do you mean Mick Jagger?


Dude. McJagger, the new burger from McDonald's.
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Brad Pit is only 1.75 lol... he's really short, even though his films always try to look tall

Wow are you a ****ing hollywood buff?

Suck me, please.

How is this helpful or funny TS?

Oh ****. You're an 09'er.


I'll help.

This thread is now about fancy feast.

Since I got the job I have I've gotten a lot ****ing remedy this I try to go out as much as I can possibly the point that I drink every ****ing day...I have a full job and it's not a regular one either....I work at a data center and they ****ing push me around all day.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it appears you're suffering some form of cabin fever...different though since you do have a life outside your room.

The weird thing is that it appears to happen to everybody somehow. A friend of mine got bitter and bitter since he got the job he had. So I guess going out and living life a little more may help. This is my suggestion...
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I don't know what I'm doing here.

Sorry for calling you GuitarDude
The pit runs through my veins!

I hate it because their "original" designs are not so original (I read the consumerist a lot and hot topic has been accused more than once about plagiarism).

BUT the band t-shirts are ok.
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your're kidding me, right?

Dude, never question the wisdom of GuitarDude.
They're your friends, not your girlfriend dude. GET THE **** OVER IT!!!
Mhmh why would you even say that TS?

If you struggle getting a band together, look in yourself and see what you are giving back to the members.

Am I misunderstanding your question?

EDIT: Not to be an asshole, but I listened to your samples and frankly you're too sloppy to play blues. I don't have any samples but that's because I'm too ****ing busy to actually record some....maybe I should just to prove my point.

Again and I'm really being honest...Just see what you can give back to a band.

Also: I always struggled keeping members together, practicing, etc. For me, a member is much more valuable if he really wants to play and be with a band, than a guy that is a GOD but really gives a damn about taking a band somewhere.

AGAIN:::::::I'm not perfect but this is my point of view.
Are you sure you are a dude?

You sound like you want to loose your virginity to prince charming.

Bang her, get it over with. GET bragging rights.

He can sing and I really like some of his 80's albums. But he molested children, whose parents were a bunch of ****ing idiots cultivating the whole scene so they could get some money.

The whole situation is pretty much ****ed.