the name of the song is phuking badass.

i listened to it quickly and it's sounding tight man. some parts seem impossible, or at least really hard to play on the given instrument.
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Haha don't listen to slayer, he obviously doesn't get good music.
The first riff is groovy as **** and the next riff is just damn chaotic. The off tempo djenty groove riff that follows is awesome.
The more atmospheric section with the pads was creepy, I like it though. Is it meant to serve as a chorus? The chaos riff again, presume this is the verse?
And then that first riff rips my face off again.
I like what you've got so far, really in your face fast paced groove riffage. Maybe have a slower section to break it up a bit?

seeing as i like most stuff you put on here, this just didnt appeal to me dude... it was like something out of human catapillar or something, dont hate on me for not liking this. i was honest. thats all that matters.
this is on the verge of garbage... no offence. im sure you put a lot of effort into this but i wasnt digging it at all. first off the guitars are to low, there is no melod, the slide arpeggios sound like shit, ect. some of the grooves were ok at best. im being honest, and im probably gonna be hated on for it.
its got some nice melodies that for sure
this is something i made a couple weeks ago, im not to proud of it but its ok at best. yes it is kind of repetitive.
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Haha wow, whats with the three threads with people posting all their songs as a whole when usually nobody does that? Seriously, I think that to make it more useful, its be sweet to have a file of the entire album, to hear how the songs can segue into each other and whatnot, because that really interests me, and itd get me to listen to a lot more of it. Unless thats impossible because the file will be too big. Oh well.

its annoying when they are all the same songs that have been posted before with *slight* edits also.
so basically you post songs youve posted before in one place?
no hate
honestly this was me experimenting with chord changes, but they all dont follow that pattern, i never though about it so i looked and 2 of the songs go from i- VI (or Em to Cmaj for a particular key) ill try to make the chord changed more original in the future though. thanks
its not a gp file? is it?
it wouldnt open, maybe you have a newer version of GP but i tried to open it in TuxGuitar and GuitarPro and i got a funny message

sorry the title was all we HAVE not had

if someone could figure out the tuning that would help me ALOT!
it probably just some sort of drop tuning
can u upload a midi
compress it to .zip....

edit: just tell everyone to save the midi's then import them into guitarpro, thats what i did
from the title of the album i thought the genre was going to be some sort of atmospheric ambient type music


seeing as its a cover i cant say much about it for what its worth its a good cover. there should be more rhythm guitar perhaps. and a breakdown

track 2
i liked the intro but its was kind of a generic breakdown (people on UG might bash the shiot out of you for that?) but i like breakdowns no matter how simple or complex they are.
bar 9 didnt do much for me. i liked the clean guitars near the end of the song. they had a nice touch for the song

i dont have time to crit the others i'll get back to you later or something

EDIT forget that last part. i heard song 4 and just had to say i loved it. i didnt like the modulation bits though. like at 31, 71,76
meaning its not here
im not using RSE.... take that society. i thought it was wierd how you said that musicians love their songs as a child as i find my songs to be poop. also the fact that musicians get tired of their songs after a while.

the intro was nice, the layering of the three guitars was phenomenal. the drums and bass were a nice addition when they came in. i felt that guitar 1 was getting a bit repetitive at this point. sorry. the strings added nice atmosphere to the this section. i felt the strings and the guitar clashed a bit at 129 and im not sure why. it doesnt sound right to my ears but they arnt doing anything unorthodox. it sounded much better at 145 but i still hear a fuzzy note that sticks out. 161 was nice when the guitar comes back with the drums. i liked 177. guitar 1 doing the octaves added a nice melody to it. i didnt like the cymbal at 193, it annoyed the shit outta me. 225 was wonderful with the ensemble strings. i loved how it slows down. maybe it should fade out to? just an option.

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i guess that makes sense, they dont change their music though, they just add more when they add updates to the game. ill try finding a song that resembles these songs. like i said before runescape also uses midi so that might be people think it sounds like runescape music lol
i edited nemesises version

i used tux guitar so the drums will be fudged

the file was to large so i had to compress it
thanks for the crit. it seems not many people have been returning the favour lately. so this is very appriciated. i made this name 3years ago,since then my taste in music has matured a lot. the channel i mentioned was not i have not heard of that but i will look into it. the channel i did mention is a canadian station (as im from canada) and its from a provider called shaw. the station is galaxie nature there is another one called galaxie spa which also plays soothing music. these pieces were inspired by composers and bioacouticians like dan gibson, bernie kraus, donald quan, bradfield, i added my own flare to some of them though.

i would prefer people to tell me what i did wrong over what i did right. due to the fact that i feel i need to improve these songs.

also i dont see how it sounds like runescape music. i play that game it doesnt sound like something i would here in the game, its probably just cause rs uses midi? i dunno
i liked the intro quite a bit. i think at groove the strums dont work well, but it is midi so it might sound better with real guitars. anyways the voicing of the chords throughout this song are quite nice and ambient. i love when that electric piano comes in, it sounds beautiful. the 10/8 time signature was quite unique. it sounded very natural though. the same with the 7/8 . i thought the solo was a bit lame though. the transition at 76-77 wasnt to great. but again the electric piano really added a nice touch in this section. 85 wasnt really my cup of tea. im sure other people might like it though. its a good work in progress so keep at it, i look forward to seeing what it sounds like when its finished.
omg amazing! but a link would be nice :P
all i have to say is that i loved this. the only thing i found a problem with was the conga got a bit repetitive. i didnt like III at all. this is gonna sound odd, but a long time ago angry_sock_monkey did a part for a compliation and main II at 164 sounds similar to what he did, i dont think you know who that is though. the solos were great. the phrasing was fantastic. the ending was kinda poo.
i probably wouldnt put this on my ipod due to the fact that its basically the same thing throughout the entire song. its not dynamic. its good for a first song. but you'll get better as you keep composing. dont take synestershadows comment harshly. its just that a couple of people have been posting music in this catagory recently and people get tired of the same thing when they get a lot of it.
i was sad that you got rid of all the fast arpeggio stuff from the original song

the drums throughout the song were great the guitar melodies were great on measure 22 it sounds really fudged up though. i dunno if its my computuer or the way you tabbed it. id keep it though, its funny. echo was a nice part, the delay effect added a nice sense of atmosphere. the djent part was pretty cool. although wasnt really djent. i dont think the transition from 64-65 works to well as its all evil. and then it goes pop happy. im going to agree with mr mean mustard and say that a keyboard part or two would do wonders for this song. loop point was nice, the drums were quite good here. i think the bass could use a touch up in some parts. you should definetly add a brass section to this. unless that would stray away to much of you vision of this cover though.
overall its a good cover version of the song. it could definetly have bits that would improve it in some areas though.
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although i thought this sounded really good, it wasnt very dynamic. there wasnt really melody in it. it was just 16th notes throughout the entire song. just look the entire thing is made up of 16th notes, no breakups ect. other than the whole note it ends on. it would be better if you added some instruments that play a melody or something. i cant see StS or AAL play something like this. i can see the StS influence though. sorry about that.

on the plus side, the layering of the instruments was fantastic. but change the instruments please. three acoustics seem to clash to much with each other. i changed the middle to a jazz guitar and the first to the ice FX and it sounds much better.
i loved it. measure 35 was probably the sickest part in the song. or 43. i dunno. i love djent so basically this song made me wet. 103 was sick but the part at 111 ruined it. take that shit out. i loved 137 the lead was very nice. the ending was abrupt but thats ok.
the intro was great the melody of the second guitar added a nice compliment to the first guitar, the synth bits made it even better, the transition was a bit sudden at 24-25 though. i wasnt keen on this riff that much. the synth bit at 41 made it sound really interesting though, in a good way. i liked 54, it made me wanna groove. the synth here didnt work to well to me. the solo at 78 could have been more interesting it was mostly a chain of 16th notes. i suppose its ok for an early draft. the synth solo was better. 102 was nice with the guitar and synth playing the melody together. i loved the acoustic part the followed, it was nice and subtle. the strings made it sound amazing. the guitar solo was a nice addition to this part also. 150 was an ok riff, i wasnt digging it to much. 170 wasnt my thing either.

overall its a good song, just some things didnt sparkle with me.
everything sounds fine. chemical hill sounds great. it sounds better i think, you did a splendid job. i dont remember what green hill sounds like so i cant really say much.
i thought it was fine compared to the other writers block stuff you put on here. that stuff was lame. but this was nice.
im loving the intro, its so nice a subtle, but the transition from 8-9 was a bit spontanious for it. i liked metal a lot, the bass made the song 100x better. the chords were quite nice on the part that you said were nice. on bar 19 the ensemble strings and piano play a sencond interval harmony that sounds a bit odd.

lol i just looked at the date, this is a tad old.
i dont see how sweeping slow and sweeping fast are two different techniques...
its not youre best piece, thats for sure