This is so fake its supposed to be if your a women your pointer finger is bigger but if your a guy your ring finger is bigger
i literally stared at your avatar for 10min
your the kinda person i look for in the pit
I would rather be a women cuz they can get away with murder with a lil flash of the boobies
THATS MY GUITAR!!! its the exact same except i put some EMG's on that BIOOTCH!!
stop being a little...uhh nvm....just fight em
A pack of cigaretts...
jeez I dont know who they are but they seem to be influenced by GREEN DAY! haha
yea dude i just got one its badass and i didnt know what to get either but if you give them a idea they will do the rest for you heres mine when they finished

I think I speak for everyone when i say gym teachers
thnmx for the help
okay pit so i wanna get this tattoo but i need a sketch of what its gonna look like and dont know how to do the photoshop thingy so if you can PLZ help i need these to pics to go together somehow and look good together i was thinking of putting the bat in the center of the guitar but dont know how to do it soo PLZ HELP!!

haha these are so wrong but funny
i feel your pain i gave up trying to get it out so now my guitar is constanly make a noise when i pick it up i learned to tune it out
hmm ..


* laughs and points through bus window at you *
is your sig from the movie wanted?

I think it is
i go to the pit
she started to cry.

...fukin emo
not the face but a little lower than the neck
i bet you are a stoner ha
i just lost my favorite hat at a slipknot shoe
the title is pretty self explantory

mine would be hinder/bullet for my valentine

I looked at searchbar and found nothin but if there is just say it and I'll delete it
turns on recorder

Daughter: daddy please dont leave me
Dad: dont worry honey im never gonna leave you

girl drops box

end of movie
umm ...dude...your
thnx Ill look into this
I kinda just press em

but Im new to that to sooo maybe not the best advice
me and my friend were messing around one day and I played a couple pwer chords around the neck and he whipped out a solo that went perfect with it...then i tried to solo when he played power chords and it sounded like crap the notes were not going together at all I asked him how and he said something bout a key or somethin

so PLZ help with this all I want to kow is what its called and how to do it!!!
slipknot,trivium,coheed and cambria

I dont get it either
a pound
dude thats awesome did ya stop
i lyed to em thats why i got another day
pots not bad for you ....i think

and they make you take a shower
woah I had the crazyest 2 days of my life. I spent a day and a half in jail for possession of marjuana. crazy sh*t right anywayz it was fukin scary i always thought that when someone said dont drop the soap it was a joke but its really like that....i didnt get raped or anything like that but still its weired takin a shower next to some other dude who is constantly starin at you.

the whole point of this thread is for me to ask you have you ever been in jail or came close to it???