I Can't Help Myself-John Fogerty
Machine Gun-Hendrix
Can't You Hear Me Knocking-The Rolling Stones
Fat Old Sun-Pink Floyd
Statesboro Blues-The Allman Brothers Band
Did it have any Wah in it because I think you are thinking about White Room by Cream off the Wheels of Fire Album. It is in 5/4, and it has that funny intro sound. It is from the late 60s. It also has no real chorus.
I think it is the Best British Blues Album Ever.
Down By the River-Neil Young
Cry If you Want-The Who
The Way I Choose-Bad Company
Don't Say No-Billy Squier
Feels Like the First Time-Foreigner
True Fine Love-Steve Miller Band
Cry For the Bad Man-Lynyrd Skynyrd
Live Bullet-Bob Seger
One More From the Road-Lynyrd Skynyrd
Fire And Water-Free
Call Me The Breeze-Lynyrd Skynyrd
Brighton Rock-Queen
Those Were The Days-Cream
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Its just got a great sound when Allen Collins plays his first lead with the wah pedal and he mixes it all in with that one scale but lend a helping hand is also good when Gary Rossington does the outro lead with that phaser and that super clean overdrive and if anyone knows what else he uses please let me know

Most likely The Needle And the Spoon off of the album Second Helping
Strange Days-The Doors
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No love for "michelle", need all my friends, or "hide you face" ?

Pretty good early recordings by Skynyrd.

"Ain't Too Proud to Pray" and "You Run Around" Are also Good.
Strangers-The Kinks
Black Country Woman-Led Zeppelin
Sweet Little Missy-Lynyrd Skynyrd
I Hate doing the popular Skynyrd Songs in this thread but...

Love is Coming Down-The Who
I've Heard that the Visual Sound Jeckyll And Hyde is Pretty Good.
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About a girl - Nirvana

Dude, Nirvana isn't CR.

Let it Rock-Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band
Black Mountain Side-Led Zeppelin
Can You See Me-The Jimi Hendrix Experience
I'm Starting to figure out that On The Hunt is becoming one of my favorite songs. It is off one of the most underrated albums in all history, Nothin' Fancy.
Sick Again-Led Zeppelin
Railroad Song-Lynyrd Skynyrd
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I really like Pronounced. And here's Street Survivors...Find a place you wanna buy from, and have at it...and I am really mad b/c I totally forgot it was the 20th the other day...I owuld've done something like, listen to FreeBird a couple more time.

I listen to Free Bird at least 3 times a day. I have 5 different versions.
I Ain't the One-Lynyrd Skynyrd
Pronounced is a great album. Second Helping is a close second. But a very underlooked album is Street Survivors. It was released exactly 30 years ago on the 17th. I really wish I could find it so I could buy it, even though I have already listened to all the tracks.
Some Girls-The Rolling Stones
Good Night-The Beatles
Lets Spend the Night Together-The Rolling Stones