Light my Fire- The Doors
Eruption should be up there

Crossroads should be higher.

I am actually glad one list actually listed Do you feel like we do. It featured a revolutionary use of the talk Box

I personally like Rocky Mountain Way.

Maybe White Room should be up there also.
Rainbow- Man on the Silver Mountain
Led Zeppelin- Gallows Pole and Good Times Bad Times and Ten Years Gone
The Who- The Real Me
Billy Squier is pretty good. His Don't Say No album has a lot of good songs on it. He also had some other hits.

What about Eddie Money
The one Band that dosen't get as much respect as it deserves is the Lynyrd Skynyrd Band. For one, people don't spell it right ( 4 Y's). All people think when they hear the name is Free Bird or Sweet Home Alabama, instead of their great repitoir of great songs such as Saturday Night Special, Gimme Three Steps, Gimme Back My Bullets, or even You Got That Right. If you just picked up any one of the original linup's albums and listen to it, you would be amazed by the songs that are on it

Oh yeah Traffic and Triumph too.

And Sweet and Styx.

Molly Hatchet. Not Just Flitirting with Disaster and Dreams I'll Never See. Just listen to their Greatest Hits.
Not to mention the cool artwork.

And what about Bad Company.
The Outlaws- Green Grass and High Tides (Live on the Bring it Back Alive Album)-20:58

Free Bird
Lynyrd Skynyrd-Pronounced through Street Survivors

Peter Frampton- Frampton Comes Alive

Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon

The Who- Who's Next and Live at Leeds

Cream- Wheels of Fire

Zeppelin I-IV and Houses of the Holy and Physical Graffti
The Outlaws are prety good. I like their song Holiday and Stick Around for Rock and Roll. The 20 minute version of Green Grass and High Tides is pretty cool.
I don't understand why people do not usually include any of the boys from Lynyrd Skynyrd on any of these lists. Allen, Gary, Ed, and Steve should get some credit.